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u/sgdude1992 · 2 pointsr/IASIP

Flexible dieting principals/calculator:

App to track food intake:

Food scale to portion:

Workouts are push/pull/legs split 2x per week (6 days per week total). Best outlined here:

Feel free to message me with any questions.

u/chiefos · 12 pointsr/IASIP

I have a feeling this book may be awful, but I'm going to buy it and read the shit out of it.

here's the amazon link if you're lazy like me-

u/peachspecial · 2 pointsr/IASIP

In the IASIP self-help book, Dee has a relationship chapter on her dating system called "SINNED" (Dennis backwards)

S - "Size him up" (His wallet, not his dick)

I - "Isolate"

N - "Now Bang Him"

N - "Neutralize Sexual Advances"

E - "Empty All Accounts"

D - "Dee Wins"

You can actually read quite a few pages of the book if you click on the "Look Inside" book preview. Enjoy!

u/SnatchDragon · 2 pointsr/IASIP

Any chance you can give us an excerpt of any kind so we can get an idea of what it's like?

edit: actually amazon has a "look inside" for it

u/NyPoster · 2 pointsr/IASIP

There's an album with most of them:

I love the "On Your Bike" one too.

u/CapeGod · 1 pointr/IASIP this is probably the closest you’re gonna get, without the pink inner lining. Plus it’s only like $100 off amazon.

u/rburp · 1 pointr/IASIP

> always sunny book


u/fingwalkingparadox · 1 pointr/IASIP

Interesting. I found this after some googleing. There is a lot of similar stuff out there that examines philosophy in the show.

u/please_respect_hats · 6 pointsr/IASIP

Definitely. It's not an expensive look. Just need some long johns, and his shirt which you can buy here.

u/NunsOnFire · 1 pointr/IASIP

Speaking of his jacket, I've always loved that jacket. I don't know how official this is, probably not at all, but I found this on Amazon. It's been in my wishlist for years, never came in stock.

u/kweeche · 3 pointsr/IASIP

It has to be this one. It's the only poster of significance I can think of.

u/ronimal · 3 pointsr/IASIP


Edit to add: u/N8-E-ICE did this first and provided a link to where they got it.

u/kawaiipiranha · 1 pointr/IASIP

My big issue is that they're selling the soundtrack.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

If they're selling this music, wouldn't that mean that they've got rights to it?

u/Cornthulhu · 6 pointsr/IASIP

I used to have this figure of him years ago. It was fucking rad until I accidentally broke one of the arms off.