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u/CBDzNuts · 4 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

I’ve made pretty good drinks using EZ Caps and Juicy Juice. It’s no moonshine in terms of alcohol content, but it’s easy as hell and the drinks are delicious

u/mustache_ride_ · -57 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

Which is why if I'm walking somewhere sketchy I palm this:

But hey, you keep carrying that big knife that makes you look like a thug if you get pulled over by the cops. I'm sure you know what you're doing.

u/Clive_Buttertable · 2 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

Sorry but that’s just not true. You can buy this, or muriatic acid, at any hardware store

And plumbers don’t use it because a snake is way more effective. Plus it’s harmful to your plumbing.

u/D0esANyoneREadTHese · 50 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

27 dollars for never having anyone steal your food again. Worth.

u/MeNoGivaRatzAzz · 1 pointr/IllegalLifeProTips

Actually, Never Seez works really good for this. It won't harm anything, but she probably won't notice it for a while, and it will get EVERYWHERE. It's just graphite, though.

u/CryptoKer20 · 2 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

Sweet! Ordered this and comments say it should solve the problem.

u/AmericaWet · 1 pointr/IllegalLifeProTips

First result on amazon lasts 2.5 weeks, also OP has physical access to the car that they would be attaching this to so guess what...

they can recharge it.

Edit: fixed link

u/XxCxHxAxDxX · 8 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

Look up "hacking neighbor's bluetooth speaker".. play porn at full volume once you're in.

Or.. drop a giant bag of dandelion spores in her garden and slowly watch them takeover. (

u/BrFrancis · 4 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

Well.. Given that most every 3d game has some sort of physics and stuff isn't supposed to go through each other...

This maybe could be considered covering counter-strike... But then you need real time networking as well...

u/BackSeatGremlin · 1 pointr/IllegalLifeProTips

Mix in as much of this as you can without making it inconspicuous.

u/sivoboceze · 194 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

DON'T use vaseline for ground glass joints, it will screw you. Use a legitimate vacuum grease like this.

In addition, it's going to be near impossible to get safrole yourself, especially if you're in the US. Not only is safrole now listed as a known carcinogen, so there are no non-drug uses for it, any sale of safrole is heavily monitored by our boys at the DEA.

Even though you can synthesize safrole yourself from non-suspicious chemicals, it makes the whole process unprofitable.

PM me if anyone has questions.

u/roytoy1678 · 1 pointr/IllegalLifeProTips

Pissing in it is beginner shit. Use this instead.

u/Alfique · 2 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

Mad Dog 357

Holy shit this stuff hurts

No joke, 3 drops ruined an entire batch of taco meat

A quarter pound of pain

I may or may not have painted a thin layer across my former bosses keyboard and mouse. Wish I could have seen the moment that cock sucker rubbed his eyes.

u/SweetDaddyDelicious · 26 pointsr/IllegalLifeProTips

You can pull the valve cores out of the valve stems, or just loosen them so they leak. You aren't actually damaging anything like slashing the tire, but you are still going to ruin their day, and they will most likely be too stupid to know what the problem is. They will get a tow to a tire shop. If the tire shop realizes they are dumbasses, they should screw them from there. The tool is at every parts store or walmart. I keep one in the car.

u/TheFatKid89 · 1 pointr/IllegalLifeProTips

I just want to expand to the flat tire idea I've seen elsewhere in this thread. All tires use a valve stem to let air in and out, in the mechanic world when you change tires you use a little tool that takes the valve out of the stem, meaning all the air comes out and there is no way to put any back in without replacing the valve with the same tool.

Point is, you can empty every tire in under 1 minute, and he can't just fill them back up since the entire valve is missing. If done at the right time this can wreak havoc on his life, and be expensive if he has to call for a tow or similar. And since most people don't realize the valve can come out, he will most likely be forced to pay a tow and repairs. Rinse and repeat as often as you want to fuck with him.

The tool itself is cheap as hell too. Here's a link for $2 on Amazon. Though you may be able to find one similarly priced at a local auto shop.

Slime 20088 4-Way Valve Tool with 4 Valve Cores