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u/curtisimpson · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

I bought two Cinch controllers for PS4 at the start of BO3, and both were broken by the time IW came out. One actually arrived broken and had to be sent back immediately for repair. I do NOT recommend.

I'm currently using the Horipad FPS Plus. It's a licensed controller with a single remappable button on the back left (I use it to jump). I will admit that it's not quite as good of a button placement, but for under $50, it's great! It also has hairpin L2/R2.

Here's the Amazon link

There are a few good YouTube videos out there as well (check out "GameGazm TV" and "Cannot Be Tamed").

u/Brian25savannah · 3 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

TP-Link AV600 Nano Powerline ethernet Adapter Starter Kit, Powerline speeds up to 600Mbps (TL-PA4010KIT)

This might help, I’ve heard it’s better than WiFi although I’ve never tried it. 100mbps is plenty, I don’t think the extra speed will help if you’re still on WiFi.

u/Flea420 · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

You really, really should do some research buddy.

$60 version does NOT come with MW.
Only the $80+ versions do.

And honestly like, you know, 2 separate discs for each game for the console users? How old are you to not understand this concept?

u/Pizentu · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

Ask your Grandmother to go on Amazon right now and buy the Legacy edition. Its $50. You get both games for $10 less than the price of the one game. Search "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition" on Amazon or use the link. Make sure she chooses the correct version (Ps4/Xbox1/PC) for whatever you want to play on

u/OvenFullOfKidKidneys · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

If you can solder make a scuf tbh

I am an electronics refurbisher and I have had scuf like products come in before and a lot of the time they end up being a controller with some holes drilled in it with paddles and a board you can find online for like 15$ and do yourself

u/PleySteshon · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

I've been dreaming of having scuf controller for playing mainly on CoD series. But $200 isn't cheap for controller... Recently I stumbled upon a post here about PS4 Strikepack, which is cheap made plastic add on to controller which gives extra 2 paddles for mapping. Only $40US dollars. WTH? I'll try... and got one from local Gamestop. Ever since... I'm using one of the paddle as jump, for jump shots... my K/D has improved from 0.2 to 0.5!!! I'm no representative nor advertiser. Just wanted to share how much simple paripheral add on can improve gaming.

But... I have to admjt... this can be OP and unfair to one's who don't own one... but for anyone who sucks in CoD can definitely benefit from this. And... let not limit it to CoD players only. This can be helpful to all other games.

Another features this addon gives are some mods... which I strongly disagree adding this feature first place... and anyone using this addon should never use them. Many features will get you banned from PS4 multiplayer as they are not acceptable. So please note this post is NOT for someone who wants to exploit gaming environment.

Amazon had this out of stock for some time:

u/__SiPhi__ · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

I got an ASUS 24 for like $130. First weekend with it I dropped 4 nukes in a 6 game span

*Edit: It's 23 inches. Link

u/SpiLLiX · 2 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

no it will not make a significant difference tbh so don't expect to all of a sudden become much better.

Anyone who tells you so would be incorrect because there's no way the human brain can perceive 3ms.

That being said i would still probably get a normal gaming monitor if playing this game and other console fps is important to you. because what you have isn't even 1080p which is the standard res for these games.

this is what most professional players use and what is used at most lans/tournies:

u/aPhukenNoob · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

BenQ ZOWIE 24 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor - 1080p 1ms Response Time for Competitive eSports Gaming (RL2455)

u/hdsix · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

Check out the Strike Pack from collective minds. I picked one up on release to avoid the necessity of dropping a couple hundo on a Scuf. Its out of stock right now but GameStop locally might have them in stock. I've not tried out the mods and don't have any plans too as it defeats the entire purpose of the game imo. As far as paddles are concerned they're incredible. Very ergo and nicer to use than the scuf paddles imo.

PS4 Version

u/Filthschwein · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

U can build your own for less than $20 usd. this is what I used to build mine. till I found a scuf for cheap on Craigslist.
Here's the tutorial.

Edit: link wasn't working

u/evils_twin · 2 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

Just so you know, that external drive has one of these in it, which might be still in tact. You can put that into one of these and plug it into your xbox and it will work just the same

u/LoadedGreen · 2 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

Buy this, its the official esports console gaming monitor.. 1ms response time and its $198.

u/hunterdeal · 4 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

I cannot imagine IW just using reports as a reason for any actions, I would think (and hope) that they would be able to have some data to review and determine possible issues.

As for your comment: so I'm pretty sure mods aren't available yet for current gen consoles - Collective Minds can prove you wrong for $50.00 you can get a big old heaping of mods see link

u/SgtSarcasm10 · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

On amazon, there’s just IW for about $12, and the “Legacy Edition” that comes with both for about $20 used. They might’ve recently started doing this, but either way there are definitely two different versions

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Standard Edition - PlayStation 4

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - PS4 Legacy Edition

u/oCreePz · 3 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

This one here:

Intel BX80662I76700 Core i7-6700 Prozessor (3,4GHz)

The menu is laggy, i played two games my fps were at 10-80.
Its extremely laggy even at low texture settings :(

u/xMd3w · 5 pointsr/Infinitewarfare

You can either switch to bumper jumper layout which is in your ingame options.

Or you can buy a controller from a company that puts buttons on the back. Personally i've used scuf, battlebeaver, and cinch and they dont last very long or the controller goes bad.

I've been using the ps4 strikepack now just for the jump paddles on the back. The great thing with this is you get everything from what the big companies offer for only $40. And if your controller goes bad you dont have to buy another $150-200 controller. You can just unhook it and put it on another $50 ps4 controller.

u/w2sjw · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

If you are willing to give up one of the USB ports on the front of the PS4, this little guy will cause the console to instantly dump all chat audio to it instead of your speakers/TV.

I've been rocking one with nothing plugged into it since my PS3 Slim. Blocks chat audio on EVERYTHING...

u/Moose_Juice_Jr · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

I've been using this and it's made the game really easy. Not just snipers, but every single GUN!!








u/Guerrilla_Time · 1 pointr/Infinitewarfare

> 5 months in BO3 is still $59.99 new.

uh, no. that is just flat out wrong. Did you look? First 2 places I searched and 2 of the most search places for games.

Amazon $40

Walmart $40

Supply and demand for a game that many are going to sell once they get it will drop the price down very quick. That's basic economics there.