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u/SuwanneeValleyGirl · 27 pointsr/InsanePeopleQuora

Tacking these on for anyone watching.
They're just as effective and easy to use as the $15 ones at the store, just without the fancy packaging and housing.
I've even seen them used at doctor's offices and hospitals.

It seems strange at first, but regular testing is an important part of taking care of your own health.
Even if you use birth control.

u/ZorbaTHut · 2 pointsr/InsanePeopleQuora

For what it's worth, we got this monitor and it's worked pretty much flawlessly for a year and a half. Range isn't amazing but is plenty good enough to go from one side of the house to the other and down a flight of stairs and it charges off standard USB Micro. The only issue we've run into is that the battery was kind of crummy and stopped holding a charge after a year, but a replacement battery was literally $9 and I just don't care too much at that point.

No Internet connectivity, of course, but besides that it's just fine.

u/Hexmonkey2020 · 3 pointsr/InsanePeopleQuora

Put ones in every day drenched in blood. Sometimes add a severed finger or an eye. That’ll stop them. Also if y’all need to get any blood for this blood