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u/IC_Shopper · 1 pointr/InstacartShoppers

these are pointless to have. when you have big orders (or big items like cases of water, toilet paper and paper towel) those things will take up space and you'll be thinking about where to put them. if you got 2 orders you simply use two carts to make it easier. if the second order is small enough to fit in the top and bottom of the cart then you only need one cart. if you got 3 orders you put the smaller order on the top and bottom of two carts and the other two orders in each cart. it's not rocket science.

if you want to spend money on equipment your better off buying a few of these in different colors (i have two of each color for a total of 6) and a dolly like this

u/CasherTrading · 1 pointr/InstacartShoppers

I use a cheero Power Cube 12000 mAh. It works well but being a few years old, I've been looking to see how much better battery packs have gotten. I can't see that they've improved in output really, but certainly lighter/slimmer options out there.

u/vapeducator · 2 pointsr/InstacartShoppers

If you can use a power outlet or extension cord, get this RugDoctor Carpet and Upholstery spray wetvac. It includes the handheld spray vac attachment that's needed to get into the tight spaces of a vehicle. This is a great rug cleaner for home use, so it's a good long term value even if you don't need it for your vehicle very often.

If you want an entirely battery powered vacuum that you can leave in your vehicle to quickly pickup any spill, then I suggest either Hoover 3 Gal wetvac or Hoover 6 gal wetvac, along with two one-gallon plastic pressure sprayers, one with plain water for rinsing and the other for a detergent soap mix to cut and lift staining liquids before they have a chance to set, spoil, mold, or smell.

The bottom of milk cases in stores are saturated with spoiled milk. You have to sponge clean the bottom of every gallon to prevent the transfer to your vehicle, and even that might not be entirely effective. Probably need a couple layers of news paper on top of a plastic tarp, to prevent milk and newspaper inkstains.

u/KaleMercer · 0 pointsr/InstacartShoppers

OMG!!!! Good Idea thanks

I've been using "instacrates" and i might be able to do something like this. I look so much better when i walk up to someones door with these instacrates. I

u/elangomatt · 10 pointsr/InstacartShoppers

Do any of you guys use a grocery bag carrying tool at all? I got a Grocery Gripps carrying strap from their kickstarter a while ago and I feel like it makes it way easier to carry groceries. It is basically just a strong fabric strap with a loop on both ends but I think it is really handy. I just feed the strap through the grocery bag handles (except for fragile stuff) and then I can carry the weight of the groceries on my shoulder instead of having the bags digging into my hands.

(Disclaimer: I'm not in any way affiliated with the company that makes the Grocery Gripps I linked to, I just think it is a good product!)

u/Fitzilicious · 1 pointr/InstacartShoppers

My experience was different from these accounts in that Instacart would not allow me to begin working until I had the bags in hand and approved. I also just started this year so things may have changed. To be compliant, bags had to be able to fully close and I needed a total capacity of about three and a half grocery bags, something north of 6000 cubic inches I think?

Anyhow, Costco orders destroyed those bags in a couple weeks. I have seen posts advocating that only Costco actually requires the bags, but IC support has repeatedly advised me that they’re required for all stores. The “Remember your cooler bags” pop up is probably why this rumor persists but I don’t doubt that Costco was the driving force behind the requirements and why the policy was started.

Regardless, since I’ve gotten past the bag hurdle, I picked up bags that do not close, but do hold two full grocery bags each with decent insulation and the proper durability. I highly recommend this set: Grab and Go Bags

u/julianbhale · 1 pointr/InstacartShoppers

Yeah, definitely use an Anker or Aukey fast charger. I use one of these and it keeps my Note topped up all day.

u/LadyJulieBug · 1 pointr/InstacartShoppers

Everyone has different experiences. Don't let downer jerks get to you (why is he even in this sub?)

My husband gave me the option to use his cart (it's a foldable 2x4 vinyl cart that he found at Costco) but I think it's more cumbersome than it's worth. Most of my batches haven't been huge (though I've had one or two with a few water/soda cases) so the ones you see posted here tend to be rarer than normal batches.

I grabbed "Grocery bag handles" for the larger batches that I have. I haven't had to make more than one trip from car to house since I started using them and nearly every customer has said that they want their own.

These are the ones I have but there are lots of styles and types out there.

u/Im_Just_Rob · 1 pointr/InstacartShoppers

This is the one I have (this is NOT an affiliate link either) you can get cheaper ones but I wanted to make sure it didn’t fail me when I needed it.

The instacrates you can get from Costco usually, I’ve never not seen them there. Also, they’re only $7.99 at Costco and double that from amazon.. Hope that’s what you were after..

u/peapie32 · 2 pointsr/InstacartShoppers

Here’s the link on amazon.

Magna Cart Personal 150 lb...

Sorry, it’s $35 not $30. The handle folds down and the flat part you load stuff on folds up. I’ve put 3 cases of water on that thing with no problem. Best investment I’ve made for this job.

u/Coffeeislife78 · 2 pointsr/InstacartShoppers

Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart Grocery Laundry Utility Cart with Wheel Bearings

u/Overstrewn · 1 pointr/InstacartShoppers

I get plastic, unless my ALDI has run out (which they often do on a Saturday).

As for my personal bags, I had some insulated bags already that I use, a cooler, and a 5 pack of these IKEA bags (which I can't recommend enough): I haven't yet had to use all five, but they will hold several plastic shopping bags each (or a couple boxes of La Croix)