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u/MrPhi · 215 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

You don't need school to learn how to do that. It's true for most things in life but it is even easier with computer science.

Want to learn C ? No school will ever teach it better than the book The C Programming Language (also called K&R) by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie.
Want to learn C++ ? You should start with C or C# or Java and then go for Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup.
Want to learn Python ? Go to and pick a tutorial.
Want to learn Javascript ? Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke.
Want to learn HTML5 ? Maybe have a look at or W3Schools
Want to learn Java ? The Java Programming Language by Ken Arnold or Head First Java by Kathy Sierra.

You need two things, time and will. You'd be surprise how easy it is to learn all those things if you like it and if you have a dream project.

edit: Woh, thanks for the gold. :D

u/nitrous2401 · 3 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

Man, wasn't it so good?! I just found out it's turning into a movie, but idk how well that would work. I got the audiobook for it, and Wil Wheaton narrating it was goddamn perfect! I think that's the best medium for a story like this that's heavy on internal narration.

Also, I'm currently reading/listening to Off to be the Wizard, by Scott Meyers. Somewhat similar, but extremely enjoyable, and the narrator on this audiobook is damn good too!

u/freedomfun · 2 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

If you're interested for your own interest and not for college, I'd recommend starting with books written for a general audience like

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics


The Armchair Economist

Spin Free Economics

Lastly, Lives of the Laureates offers biographical accounts of 23 Nobel Laureates in Economics. I find it interesting since it offers insights into the minds of the Laureates, their intellectual process, and some of the most important contributions within the economics community.

I also often recommend Economics in the Afterlife to people since it shows that economists have no shame and economics can really be applied to anything.

You could probably find PDFs online of some of these books if you were so inclined.

u/WittyOriginalName · 1 pointr/InternetIsBeautiful

Well the number one rule is to try to touch the html/css as little as possible. Store references to html nodes, pull nodes out of layout if you're going to modify them heavily, use timeouts if you have a long running operation, use requestanimationframe for dom manipulation, etc.

There are more, but those are the big ones off the top of my head. You want to STAY in the javascript space as much as possible.

There are some great articles about making the javascript itself performant, but I found this very short book to be really helpful:

It's a couple years old but absolutely still relevant.

u/Sheilaaliens · 2 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

Great community effort :) Much like the plutonium reviews on Amazon.

u/Grace8543 · 1 pointr/InternetIsBeautiful

Neither of these comments involves a diagnosis that is contained in the dsm, so there is no diagnosing going on. Anyone who says they can't leave their daughter for an hour knows this is a problem. The average layman would make the same observation as this is general knowledge. Its very understandable and not terribly uncommon in PTSD. I have just such a case right now.

Attempts to understand an insulting and inaccurate attack on line are not exactly clinical practice and when you insult people you can not really expect anything else. If you had just expressed your doubtfulness on the speed of EMDR or done a quick google search rather than asserting your limited knowledge as an authority we would not have ended up here.

This has been fun, but not really that fun. And I am in the middle of a day off so want to move on with my day. Let me leave u with just a few thoughts. The results I get are not gotten by all EMDR therapists, but are common to all those who persevere to really learn the skill. And not all client can get these results, but I have already said both of these things.
I hope you will pick up the Shapiro book. Its been out since 98 so no longer cutting edge but u should be able to find it at a used internet bookstore cheap.

The cutting edge stuff now is called brain spotting and its even simpler to do than EMDR and developed out of EMDR. The APA just recognized it over a year ago and are allowing training in it to be used towards state licensure. Since it is easier to learn and to do it may be even faster than EMDR. But finding a practitioner is unlikely at present. There are none in my county. Soon as I get a need for further cont ed credits and a few grand extra I'll travel for 3 weekends to get the training. If you really want to update your knowledge that would be the direction to go in. And Francine's latest book is a guide to using self tapping as a self help skill. The authors of this post may be interested in that.

In another 10 years, it is quite possible that traditional therapy will be rare and too expensive to do. EMDR, EFT, and Brain spotting will have forced it out. In 20 years, its highly probable that traditional therapy will exist only for the very wealthy and the very sick.

u/239847234 · -1 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

Here's an article on the on going studies:

Here's a write-up that should help explain the logic. This specifically addresses your question:

Health expert Jonathon Bailor wrote a NYT Bestseller called. "The Calorie Myth":

Last, health coach Sam Altman regularly tracks and blogs experiments in eating. Here is a link to his 5000 calorie challenge where he overeats while his waist size goes down and he doesn't add fat. Key is WHAT he eats, not the caloric content!:

Thanks for asking. Msg me if you want to chat more about it. I've got lots of n=1 and anecdotes as well.

u/dluminous · 0 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

Yes I have read that article several times; your point simply solidifies my arguements. Have you read about the multiple agreements between Britain and the Arab states in WW1? You cannot simply start reading about WW2, the effects of it afterwards (Jewish displacements, state of Israel) without knowing what went on in WW1.

Read this and get back to me as it explains very clearly the effects this has today.

u/Shaebutton · -1 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

:whispers: Oh shit. This is wonderful. Thank you. :/whispers:

Might I recommend you include a link to Shapiro's book that is essentially a manual for running through EMDR yourself?

I completely agree with the therapists that have commented that self-administering can have negative consequences. However, I am so grateful to have this as a 'refresher' for lighter work, for people that have been led through it properly before.

Again and seriously, thank you. Well done.

u/effyoucancer · 1 pointr/InternetIsBeautiful

I put in 'From A buick 8' - Stephen King and got Nobody True by James Hebert ( Which I will be very much looking forward too.

I did however get a Dr. Suess book as the 3rd recommendation lol. Just fucked.

u/skullturf · 1 pointr/InternetIsBeautiful

I looked in the British Library online catalog, and I found "Mathematic of Physics" by J.H. Avery, but that appears to be a typo, because I also found this on Amazon:

u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

The show is more 'real' than actual real life, where prices are inflated. (that is to say, the target of the irony is reversed for me)

We believe the characters are working/middle class because a t-shirt 'means' a comfy casual thing that costs very little. The "symbol" is more real to us than the "actual thing" itself.

Real life prices that are laughable and subject to imaginary forces of 'brand value.'

Cool sweaters with prints on them are cheap. That specific sweater with that specific print is priced too high because 'specificity' is the only thing boutique or luxury companies can offer. Since luxury brands are now made with the same cheap labor as affordable goods are, the strategy of maintaining 'wealthy' market has changed. (the [the book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster] ( is a great intro to this idea..)

In the age of H&M practically every single look can be replicated for (american) middle class prices. The chinese teenagers are the last 'working class' in the old sense -- their labor is exploited for fast fashion, we are the beneficiaries of that. That reality is less disturbing to me than the 'lie' of expensive 'designer' stuff. Seems insulting to me to pay even more for the same basic looks.

Which is why the concept of these websites are obnoxious to me. They should be replicate-the-style websites, not buy-the-specific-item sites, but those partnerships/spnsorships is how the sites and the wardrobe departments make/save money.

u/Yuktobania · 36 pointsr/InternetIsBeautiful

Holy shit, look at this one

It's literally a fake USB flash drive with tons of fake reviews padding it. This kind of shit should be illegal.