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u/tweetjacket · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

If you REALLY want to be thorough you can invest in an ultrasonic cleaner. I don't use one so I can't make a specific recommendation but it would be something like this:

FWIW I found third party retainer cleaning tablets like Retainer Brite more effective - and less expensive - than Invisalign's cleaning crystals.

u/jayaldrich26 · 1 pointr/Invisalign

TBH I work with people too and in college. I've taken them out for food and some people were like "wtf I didn't even know you had those". Like for real bro, don't even sweat it. You didn't pay all this money to feel anxious about other peoples opinions. Wear them with confidence. If you want them to look brand new all the time consider investing in a machine that cleans them. I'll put the link below. The first link is the machine. The second link is the tablets I use in the machine to clean the aligners. My buddy was doing this and I couldn't believe how clean his look even on the 10th day. We both change trays every 10 days and I always feel like around day 7 they start getting kinda gross. Ever since I bought these even on day 10 they look like day 1 clean. On the grand scheme its worth it because most people are given a retainer at the end to wear at night and this machine will clean that mouth guards for sports, jewelry, etc.


u/depraving · 1 pointr/Invisalign

I just started too but I'm about a week and half ahead of you. Few things I found through lots of looking:

Put your new trays in before you go to bed, you'll miss a lot of the tightness and ache while you sleep. Worked well for me, I just put a new tray in and they don't hurt at all the next day... for me at least.

I had issues getting my trays out too, maybe because I have long nails and all. It also felt like it was starting to mess up my nails struggling with them. Looked around and found this: It's so much easier for me to take them out with this. I just hook it in on the inside of the tray towards the back and once I get that loose I have a much easier time just pulling the whole thing out. Depending on where your attachments are, there might be easier place to pull them sort of thing.

And in terms of getting used to them, I'm not too far in, but I had a retainer that I wore at night before this from having partial orthodontics done as a kid (ugh I wish they finished them) so the trays themselves really don't bother me. Not sure if you have rubber bands, I think those are more annoying just because they dig at my cheeks and make it harder to talk but pretty used to them already too. I think the worst for me personally is when you take the trays off and just have the rough attachments gouging your cheeks xD not cool. On the bright side it is motivation to keep the trays in as much as possible.

u/Godswood2 · 1 pointr/Invisalign

This is what I have. I use it morning and night sometimes with a retainer brite tablet, sometimes not. Either way I feel like the aligners are perfectly clean once through the cycle.

I recommend.

u/disneyanonymouse · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

Amazon! $6 and they worked like a charm.

Aligner Chewies for Invisalign Trays - White - 3 Chewies per Bag

Edit to say I didn’t need more than 3. So this was the best deal for me.

u/evenman27 · 6 pointsr/Invisalign

This guy right here. It's a bit pricey but two 5-minute cycles (flipping them over in between) gets them almost completely sparkling, and that's without the special powder it comes with, which I have yet to try because I'm always satisfied with just water.

u/CLGbigthrows · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

I would recommend Aligner Chewies! Sometimes we don't do a good job of making sure the aligners are fit snugly on our teeth so even if you have them on for 2 weeks, your teeth might not have shifted the way it should've. At least, that's what my ortho stated. Chewies are cheap and I just chew on them when I put my aligners back in. My opinion is that they're worth the (small) investment. Two Chewies have lasted around five months so far and they're still in good condition. You might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere on the Internet too.

u/shananies · 1 pointr/Invisalign

I recommend white foam it will penetrate under the attachments and helps clean your trays.

u/Jenopedie · 3 pointsr/Invisalign

I was nervous too, just got them yesterday! I didn't prepare and I suffered LOL. I recommend 100% dental wax prior your visit, nail filer, toothbrush, toothpaste on the go & floss!! I have a hard time taking my trays out so I also bought a clear aligner removal tool. Link

u/Wieb27 · 1 pointr/Invisalign

I have been very happy with M3 Retainer and Denture cleaner. I drink beer with my trays in and have had zero staining. I clean my trays morning and night (I'm very picky about them being clean):


u/nopaleslocos · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

Got the Magnasonic and can’t recommend it enough. I love it and you can choose the amount for the cycles (shortest is 3 min) Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer for Eyeglasses, Rings, Coins (MGUC500)

u/madamebiteypants · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

Yeah sure! I’m in the UK so I purchase my Retainer Brite on Amazon ( with a sonic cleaner (

I let my trays soak every morning while I get ready for work. I do find that every few days I do need to brush my trays properly, there’s only so much that Retainer Brite can do.

Don’t get me wrong, the trays still yellow slightly by the end of the week, but honestly I hate brushing my trays so for me Retainer Brite is a godsend. Especially in the morning when I’m always running late!

u/tharsun · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

I got the Colgate ones at the start of my Invisalign for eating out/travel and they've been great (and cheap). Colgate Value Travel Toothbrush, Soft, (Colors might vary) (Pack of 6)

Then again, I've also used the GUM ones that you don't like and found them to be alright, so YMMV.

u/Jen-o-cide · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

It works great. We pop a tablet of retainer brite in there and you're good.

u/SirRyann · 15 pointsr/Invisalign

Orthokey is hands down the best $10 I ever spent. Makes getting the trays out 100x easier - can do it on the fly in 5 seconds if needed.

u/DeltaVey · 1 pointr/Invisalign

It shouldn't hurt that bad- meaning there's a pretty good chance you should be using a different method. The more it hurts, the more pressure you're exerting on the tooth/attachment/invisalign retainer. Disclaimer: as the attachments wear down over time and your teeth straighten, it will get MUCH easier. This is the worst part.

Go slowly, and start at one of the back sides. Grab the inside edge and rotate it slightly towards the outside edge while pulling - it should pop off easily. Repeat until you get to the middleish, then repeat for the other side. Just don't pull hard enough to break the retainer.

Also, I recommend these. Takes a bit of playing around with to figure out the best way to use them, but then it's so much easier.

Invisible Braces - Aligner Removal Tool - Outie Tool

u/Satanta · 1 pointr/Invisalign

No, I actually bought it because it was the only sugar free and alcohol free mouth wash I could find but it's specificity targeted for people with dry mouth. Have you tried a dry mouth rinse before? Might it's worth a shot? You could check out the Amazon reviews for it

u/Passwordkm · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

So my ortho actually complimented me yesterday on how clean my trays still were as I took them out in her office. I’ve just been using these cleaning tablets I bought on amazon: Retainer Shield antibacterial cleaning tablets and when I’m about to pop my trays back in, I squirt one pump each of this whitening/breath freshening foam in each tray: EverSmile Whitefoam. When I’m out and about I just use a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Oh, and don’t forget to brush your tongue!! My breath/trays smell HORRID if I forget to clean my tongue especially before going to sleep. I hope this helps!!

u/xxcalicat · 1 pointr/Invisalign

I got a Smartie remover from Amazon UK. £15, but well worth it. Link:

u/AwryPepper · 1 pointr/Invisalign

They are these cylindrical plastic things that you chew on that help trays sit better, like these. Ask your ortho to give you some!

u/Clockwatcher930 · 1 pointr/Invisalign

Try one of the Outie tools like this one on Amazon

Clear Aligner Removal Tool by ORTHOKEY - Invisible Removable Braces - QTY 4 Blue

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Invisalign

But you also gotta think- how long are you gonna leave them on there? You need to eat eventually, and eating with them in is not an option. You need to be able to brush your teeth. The pain you are feeling is just tenderness and soreness in your roots. Nothing is broken or fragile. And at the end of the day no one can take them off for you. You gotta take them off with your own 2 hands and get used to that feeling.

I always use my thumb nail to pull down on the inside of one back tooth. Then I can sort of peel off the tray from one side to the other.This is easier than trying to pull off the whole tray, both sides, at one time.

You may also want to buy an ortho key to help get them off in the future:

u/mrzennie · 4 pointsr/Invisalign

I use the iSonic every morning with a Retainer Brite tablet. Trays have stayed nice and clean. Once I'm done with treatment and using nighttime retainers, I plan to continue using this baby every morning.

u/glenniegirl · 1 pointr/Invisalign

my nails are thin and split down the middle, can't have acrylic nails and can't remove the trays with my nails. Here is my lifesaver:

I seriously was panicky because I couldn't remove the trays with my nails. This tool is well worth the money. I found one for $7 and ordered two just to have a spare. Now getting the trays out is so much easier, still painful (i just finished week 1), but easier.

u/loxandchreamcheese · 3 pointsr/Invisalign

I have this one. I use it 2x a day with a denture tablet when I am home and it works wonders. If I am traveling or at my boyfriend’s apartment I just use a denture tablet... doesn’t work as well but does a good enough job for my trays on weekly changes.

u/MarshallBanana_ · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

Dental Duty. It's what I use and works like a charm

u/cp_trixie · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

Yes this. I do a couple of cycles as I do the shower thing in the morning. Dinner time, I soak them in this retainer stuff and give them a quick rinse/run over with a toothbrush before putting them back in.

And I do coffee almost every day, etc, with them in so... it seems to be okay?

u/Shawnago · 1 pointr/Invisalign

8 top, 4 bottom. used to have 4 more on the bottom that i got to get rid of with refinements. it only takes a few seconds - do you have an ortho key or anything to help?

u/bootsdo · 1 pointr/Invisalign

I just keep the tool in my case. Maybe I’ll learn to do it without the tool, but for now it makes it easy and I always have it with me.

u/althormoon · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

I use one of these ultrasonic cleaners in the morning and at night, with just water and have never had any buildup or discoloration or other cleanliness issues. Some people also use it in conjunction with denture cleaning tablets but I've never felt that was necessary with weekly changes. I let it run one 5 minute cycle, flip both trays over, run it for another 5 minute cycle then run cold water over it for a few seconds and I'm good to go.

u/Uphor1k · 11 pointsr/Invisalign

Use your chewies, get an Orthokey. I'm on tray 13/22. I switched from weekly to bi-weekly swaps and the pain when changing trays decreases immensely.

Good Luck!

Edit: they sell the chewies on Amazon too.

u/ignorantspacemonkey · 1 pointr/Invisalign

Probably not. They are not the same material use toothpaste and brush to clean them or this EverSmile WhiteFoam Invisalign Cleaner & Tooth Whitener - 2 Pack (60 day supply)

u/tracy829 · 1 pointr/Invisalign

I’ve been using this product I found on Amazon and it works great! SmartGuard Premium Cleaner Crystals – Removes Stain, Plaque & Bad ...

u/IT_BROMO_NERD · 1 pointr/Invisalign

You need to get Retainer Brite for sure. Use A three month supply is <$15. I soaked every day and never had odor problems.

I also got one of these to soak them in. It has a little basket inside so you can pull the aligners out with out having to fish around in the stuff.

New tablet in the morning, soak while you shower, soak again with the same stuff during dinner.

As for the booze, depends on your poison, I guess. For beers, not to big of a deal to drink with them in. Hard liquor is normally mixed with something sweet so I wouldn't recommend a night of drinking mixed drinks while leaving the aligners in.

As you progress, you can get a little more comfortable with having a "cheat night" (ie; not having them in for the night) but it should be the exception and not the rule.

u/awkwardly_normal · 5 pointsr/Invisalign

Mine gave me one type, which was like a hard plastic stick I bite on.

I didn't like those as much so I bought some rubber(?) ones on Amazon. Like these

u/Bazodee286 · 1 pointr/Invisalign

Is this the key?

Clear Aligner Removal Tool by ORTHOKEY - Invisible Removable Braces - QTY 2 Blue

u/FeyreoftheNightCourt · 1 pointr/Invisalign

The orthokey was a life saver!! I keep one in my Invisalign travel case and one by the container I use to clean it...

No more gagging during removal and it saves time!

u/Aaeolien · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

Lot of people use Retainer Brite. Added link for convenience. Works well.

u/johnnydoe22 · 1 pointr/Invisalign

This is probably the one you're thinking of. I'm going to probably buy this one and use the denture cleaner tablets I already have. I just want to see if other's have done the same thing basically.

u/Basketframe · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

Not sponsored. I love this thing - nightly 3 minute clean.

Magnasonic Professional...

u/BlueberryPoops · 4 pointsr/Invisalign

This is a chewie:

Basically, it's a tiny pool noodle that you bite on if your teeth are being a bit stiff and don't want to shift for a new aligner so you've got an air gap. Since it's a bad idea to chomp a tray directly into place because it can get damaged, and impossible to even gently clench when you have an open bite, the chewie becomes a squishy thing you can bite on instead until the tray gets to it's spot.

If the tray tracks perfectly, then you are right, you don't need the chewie.

u/kayfras · 1 pointr/Invisalign

iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dentures, Retainers, and Mouth Guards, 100-120V

u/runtrirun68 · 1 pointr/Invisalign

Amazon sells the carrying case: Invisalign Aligner and Retainer Case (Black and Blue Slim Magnetic Case)

u/redbluewhiteorange · 1 pointr/Invisalign

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer for Eyeglasses, Rings, Coins (MGUC500)

u/PopDownBlocker · 1 pointr/Invisalign

I've only read about chewies on here. My ortho actually gave me a thin silicone tube to chew on when switching to a new tighter tray. Amazon has them, but the reviews are not great.

I would definitely wait and ask your ortho at your next appointment. I wouldn't want to risk sleeping with random objects in my mouth while clenching my jaw. It might leave your jaw sore from constantly clenching at only one specific part of your teeth (where the chewie is).

Maybe ask your ortho if you can sleep with an off-the-shelf mouth guard on top of your invisalign trays?

u/Alex_G_AOV · 3 pointsr/Invisalign

I use this and add half of one of these once a day when I wake up. Never had any issues with staining or odors so far.

u/thewishmaster · 3 pointsr/Invisalign

I have this one:

(Not an ad, it was the cheapest one I found at the time that seemed acceptable)

u/bbj123 · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

I just got these. They're essentially the same ones I got from my Ortho

u/TsitikEm · 5 pointsr/Invisalign

iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dentures, Aligners/Retainers, Dental and Dleep Apnea Appliances, and Mouth Guards, 110V (tank no longer removable)

u/onedepressedmf · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

I feel you so much D: I’m on day 4 of my first trays and I can tell you how much I was crying and in pain when trying to take the trays out the first day. I researched and learned many methods. One is that there is a tool that helps you to remove the trays. Link: tool. The other that I’m currently using is the gloves to help me remove it. I also learned the hard way not to take off the tray in the front but to take it off on the back and inside of the trays with both hands if possible. Using the glove and taking it off from the back has helped me to take the trays off even though it is still painful for me. I hope you find your way to take off your trays!

u/littlepiskie · 2 pointsr/Invisalign

Much, much, better. I was getting a few sore spots the day after (where the attachments hit my cheeks, but maybe 3 days after, they started to disappear. And I'm not lisping anymore :D

I bought this one:
but I was reading that others use a crochet hook. :)

I also was doing my chewies for 5-10 minutes every time I put them on, it helped with the uncomfortableness. But I hate the chewies (I gag after a while), so I am trying these out:
I'll let you know how they go!

I just put in tray 2 this morning, and so far so good. It feels a little tight, but not uncomfortable! Good luck! I'm here for support if you need it!