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u/icecreamobsessed · 6 pointsr/Jan2019BabyBumps

Mom guilt is a total real thing. Don't beat yourself up over things that aren't in your control. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks, and then my daughter got diagnosed with IUGR at 36 weeks. I felt so guilty my whole 3rd trimester, I made myself pretty miserable. I kept thinking that I had done something wrong and how my kid wasn't even born yet and I was already a terrible mom. It's not your fault and you are already a great mom! Just do your best.

On a lighter note, here are some things I loved and plan to use again (sorry for the length!)

  • Gerber prefold cloth diapers make AMAZING burp cloths. We used them for EVERYTHING. They are super absorbent and work better than any "burp" cloth. Put them on your registry, even if you don't plan to use cloth diapers.
  • The rock and play is marvelous. We got one for our shower when it wasn't on our registry. MAN. Were we dummies. Thing is freaking magical. We ended up splurging and buying an auto rocker which made our nights much easier. We kept the other and used it as a spare.
  • They make easy swaddles with velcro like these : The nurses at our hospital swaddle babies 24/7 so they were pros at it. Unfortunately, my husband and I weren't pros and had a hard time. Even 3 months in, I had trouble making my baby into a baby burrito. I plan on bringing swaddles with me and using them directly in the hospital.
  • After delivery, I was given the works to feel more comfortable. Pads, witch hazel, dibucaine, tylenol, etc. However, I'm a bigger girl and the pads given to me at the hospital were pathetic. I had to double up on pads and even then, had to switch every 2-3 hours. I wore 2 pads, my underwear, and the snazzy mesh underwear they give you. I still bled through some of my maternity pj bottoms which was embarrassing. After coming home, I bought these amazing pads. They are extra long and thicker. They also have wings to secure to underwear. I will 100% be bringing these to the hospital with me.
  • Buy bulk size 3 diapers. Your kid will spend the most time in these diapers so you should stock up on this size. Most people will buy newborn, size 1 and maybe size 2 diapers for your shower. DD has been in size 3 diapers since 6 months and is over a year old at this point. ALSO, you can return/exchange diapers to almost any store that sells them without a receipt. I exchanged tons of diapers at target and wal-mart once we decided what our favorite brand was.

    Please feel free to ask any questions! We are happy to help here. :)
u/joh_ah · 9 pointsr/Jan2019BabyBumps

Expecting Better is okay, but good to read with some skepticism. The fact that Oster is an economist, and not a doctor or a biologist really shows in some sections.

Before reading her book, I'd read some of the same primary literature she cites, and I was so surprised at what she wrote, I had to go back and check that I hadn't read the paper wrong. (I hadn't.) I also did some searching and found that the doctors/biologists that study alcohol metabolism, fetal kidney development, etc. noted that her explanations of the biology there were incorrect. Same with some of the info on e.g. salmonella.

I personally found her analysis of CVS vs. amnio to be lacking. (I think this summary from the Cochrane reviews is better.) And NIPT technology has also advanced, so that info is a bit dated. This article from the New England Center for Investigative reporting is a good layperson's summary of NIPT.

Those are just a handful of examples. It's not to say that the whole book is wrong....there are some parts that are okay. (E.g. The info on chemical pregnancies, unisome + b6, and caffeine.) But it's not a book you can trust blindly.

Women like this book because it says, "Have that drink", "Have that sushi". And Oster had one pregnancy and nothing went wrong--great for her.

But having experienced a loss from something rare, and participated in a parent perinatal loss support group full of parents who lost their kids to something rare, I really understand why doctors encourage women to error on the side of caution. Sure, chances are that nothing will happen to you, but that 0.5% is somebody and your doctor wants to minimize the chances that "somebody" becomes you.

The Mayo clinic book (2nd edition) is from 2011, but most of the information is still current. (Again, the genetic testing technology has changed a bit.) About 1/2 is pregnancy stuff, about 1/4 is labor/newborn care/breastfeeding/post-partum care, and about a 1/4 is special case stuff (genetic testing, VBACs, pregnancy loss, etc.) I like that it has an alphabetized "symptoms" guide that covers everything from "bleeding gums" to UTIs and explains what to do. Bonus: you can get used copies for cheap. (Or get from the library before buying.)

As for refined grains (white bread, white rice, potatoes, pasta, etc.), this is in part a glucose/insulin regulation thing. Women who develop gestational diabetes maybe be told to eliminate these high glycemic load foods from their diet to manage their GD before moving to medication. But this is more relevant in the second half of pregnancy. In the morning sickness stage, they basically tell you crackers, toast, etc. is fine if that's what you can keep down.

u/PasDePamplemousse · 1 pointr/Jan2019BabyBumps

Anyone with two kids already have a recommendation on a 2 kid stroller?

I was thinking something f like this, because my daughter will be 2.5 and she already really doesn’t like sitting in a stroller and I think it will be good if she wants to sit or stand...

u/babynursebb · 6 pointsr/Jan2019BabyBumps

I like these:

Taste like nothing to me. The gel surround makes it much less of any taste on the way down

u/RoseGoldStreak · 1 pointr/Jan2019BabyBumps

Looked at that book, ended up ordering this one

u/onlinekatiestuff · 2 pointsr/Jan2019BabyBumps

I’m obsessed with our bamboo mattress pad, because I’m such a hot sleeper. Now I don’t wake up in a pool of sweat anymore 👍

u/vera214usc · 2 pointsr/Jan2019BabyBumps

I was doing keto for the last month and I think that contributed to me finally getting the BFP. Once we knew, my husband said he didn't want me to continue eating keto since I'm not supposed to be trying to lose weight. I've since ordered this book but so far I'm just eating normal food.