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u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/JapaneseWatches

About a year ago, I bought my brother a Strapcode Super Engineer II 22mm bracelet, as he has a good number of watches in that size. He absolutely loves the thing, and uses it quite often.

I, too, was quite taken with the product, but I guess I always had something else to blow my spending money on, as I never got one for myself.

Until now, that is. I adore this bracelet already.

It is flawlessly machined (brushed with polished sides), gorgeous and just oozes quality.

As fond as I was of my original ORIENT Mako, the end-link situation relegated her to NATO territory, and I really am a bracelet kind of guy.

Then I bought the MakoUSA and forgot about my other watches for a while (those solid end-links did the trick).

Last week, a fellow redditor was looking for bracelet suggestions, and I offered up the Strapcode as a possibility.

Realising that it was time to get one of these beauties for myself, I did just that...and here are some photos!

The thing really is top-drawer. Easy to install (I don't mind straight ends at all and the fatboy spring-bars that are included fit precisely) and a joy to adjust (I dig the screws over friction pins), I have literally not one complaint.

Highest recommendation!

u/ArsenBala · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

I have been on the look out for this Orient Daydate homage as I believe it’s been called. I figured out a model#: 2EV03002G and I found an old listing on before they took it off. I would love to know if someone has a source for where I can buy this watch. it’s absolutely stunning and it’s the only non Rolex day date that I enjoy looking at. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

u/rpreslar · 4 pointsr/JapaneseWatches

This isn't much cheaper than a GMT Master II, but boy is it pretty. Seiko also make a few kinetic GMT watches, like the SUN025 and the SUN019, which I've heard good things about. You can check out watch videos on youtube for a quick look.

u/polypeptide147 · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

this seiko 5 is a great watch. I have this one and wear it almost every day. I have small wrists and this looks great on them. It is dressy enough for when I wear a button down but also looks great with just some jeans and a t-shirt.

Whatever you get, please let us know!!

u/LFCDane · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

You could always go for a Chronograph, although it doesn't have the rotating bezel.


You didn't mention if it had to be a machanical watch? If you're OK with some electronics I'd go for one of Citizens Eco-Drive watches, like the Brycen ( or a divers with rotating bezel like the BN0150-28E (


Eco-drive is powered by the sun, so no batterychanges ever.


If you prefer a purely mechanical watch I suggest the Alpinist. It doesn't have the rotating bezel like a diver (although I has a compass) you get an incredible amount of watch for your money:


Seiko has a similar technology to Eco-Drive called solar.

u/Jack_Carver93 · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

this is the link to the watch from the seller i used.

World Order Inc.

they have great price, and the quality and speed were great.

edit, they doo have the SKX007

u/406mm · 5 pointsr/JapaneseWatches

Amazon link

Graduation present from my parents. Quite snazzy, it is a tad busy! I've also got a leather strap and a 2 piece NATO on the way.
Probably going to pick up a SKX007 next. My pop has got a vintage 6309-7049 which is the same pretty much and I'm quite partial to Seikos as it is!

  • Model number SNA411
  • Part Number SNA411
  • Model Year 2014
  • Dial window material type Hardlex
  • Clasp Fold-Over Push-Button Clasp with Safety
  • Case material Stainless steel
  • Case diameter 44 millimeters
  • Case Thickness 13 millimeters
  • Band Material Stainless steel
  • Band width 21 millimeters
  • Band Color Silver
  • Dial color Black
  • Bezel material Stainless steel
  • Bezel function Slide-rule/Calendar/Date
  • Special features Luminous
  • Item weight 15.84 Ounces
  • Movement Japanese quartz
  • Water resistant depth 660 Feet (200M, 20BAR)

    Other variations of the same watch include: gold SNA414, white and blue SNA413, and rare all black SZET003.

    There used to be a website all about these watches. It's offline as of early 2016 so here's a link to an archive.
u/IMeasure · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

It is a snap back, it's a little tricky depending on how tight it is. To do this properly you need a [case knife] ( or a sharp screw driver. You will find a small lip/cut-out under the case back, there is only one, so have a close look. Use the knife or screwdriver, it will fit into the Cut out, give it a little twist and it will pop off. Swap out the battery. Now getting the case back on can be a bit tricky. It can take a fair amount of force and you have to keep the caseback parallel to the case. This is made much simpler if you have a [case press] (

Or take it to any jewellery shop that sells Watches and they will do it, but the price can vary a lot ($10 to $20), but where is the fun in that?

u/GreyFox422 · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

Citizen BL8000-54L on a The Grey NATO Grey Nato. Easily my favorite watch and strap in my collection.

u/former_retail_worker · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

Such lovely watch, can't justify spending that on this watch so i've opted for the DW-5600E-1VER and ordered a metal bracelet from ebay. Cost me £170 in total.

u/mating_toe_nail · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

You can get old-style g-shocks for like $40 if you want something a bit tougher than OP's:

u/flavorburst · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

Those first couple of watches you linked will be limited edition. I haven't seen them available to purchase yet, but here's a bit of information on them.

A couple are on Amazon.


The Turtle divers seem to be coming on the market slowly, you can occasionally find them on Amazon but I haven't seen a reliable source for them, at least in the US.

u/dymogeek · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

Looks like a Seiko Pilot Chronograph of some sort, but I'm not sure if the exact model. Looks similar to this one, but not exactly the same.

u/EZ-Bake · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

This was the watch that first popped into my head, followed by the Seiko SNN079P2 (no longer in stock on Amazon, but here it is for reference):

Nearly every review complains about the size being smaller than expected (42mm).