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u/PhxSentry · 3 pointsr/Jarrariums

Cycling the jar is the culprit, i have a 5.5 gallon tank with just RCS for breeding. there was a lot of initial curves I had to over come. they will jump to the top if the water is really bad, (no oxygen, high ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates) It took my filter on that aquarium some time to cycle but one day i went to test the water and everything came out perfect so give it some time.

When it comes to the established aquarium, I would take some of the gravel, or a little of the ceramic media from the filter (if you have some) and put that in the jar to help cycle it. A large majority or the beneficial bacteria is in the filter and substrate, not the water column. taking some of the gravel or filtration media, will speed up the process. I have done this a couple times with success, and I have friends who beg me to crack open my Eheims and give them some of the ceramic media :p.

As for the RCS, they will die no matter how perfect your tank is. My parameters are all right, temp is stable, tank is parasite free, and its only RCS, and every once in a while i will see a pink body at the bottom. I fear that online breeders are not keeping their tanks genetically diverse enough, i feel that in time, we will see weaker and weaker cherry shrimp simply due to extensive inbreeding. Dont be afraid to buy shrimp from multiple people to help keep your future tank stable and happy.

If you don't have one already, i HIGHLY suggest you invest in an API Master Test Kit, Amazon has them the cheapest i believe. It will last you quite a while. I use mine several times a week to test my tanks and jars. it will really help you see whats happening during the cycling process.

No matter what don't give up. I know people like to throw an entire jar together and get the their Fauna in there in day one, but this can be disastrous unless you are able to watch the container extremely close for the first couple weeks. Dont be a afraid to start fresh, let it cycle for a couple weeks and then ad your RCS. good luck!

u/IfYouAskNicely · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

Full tank shot here
Although that picture's kinda old, have a bit more stocked in there now. I should upload some more of the tank as it currently is.
Full stock list: 3 sexy shrimp(2 females and a male, with the two females releasing eggs every 2 weeks), a pom pom crab, a red bumpy crab that I don't know the species of local to San Diego tide pools. Corals: LPS(Trumpet and frogspawn, used to have a hammer but it got killed by a newly introduced chalice corals sweepers in the night, need to be very careful with frag placement with a tank as small as this). SPS(Pocillopora, potato chip coral, green one I forgot the name of), various gorgonian species, Leathers(toadstool and kenya tree), green star polyps, and last but not least the various colors of mushrooms I have meandering and multiplying on the bottom of the tank, probably forgot a few. I also recently got a maxi-mini carpet anemone for my sexy shrimp since that's what they host on in the wild but they don't seem to like it any more than the corals, lol.
Lighting is this
I have a little piece of tape on the tank to mark the water level, and I top of to that point with RO/DI to compensate for evaporation, usually every few days I'll top it off.
Been stable for over a year now I'd say, with a few of my corals showing rapid growth(they apparently really like bloodworms) in the past few weeks.
In regards to dinner, sorry bud I got a girlfriend already :p
And again, no sump ;)
Also, my sexy shrimp literally gave birth again tonight but I actually got to see the female release them. I thought it was a gradual thing where she released one baby than another, but it turns out she actually swims into the water column then releases all hundreds at once! Looked like a firework, really cool to see. I want to try and capture it on video at some point.

u/Paleclimber · 3 pointsr/Jarrariums

This is my first jarrarium, so I followed what best practices I could find through Reddit as well as the recommended Walstad PDF. Since this is my first time, I figured it was best to not analyze every single detail and just get a jar going. Best to learn from experience!

The night before I soaked the potting mix in water and attempted to clear as many of the twigs and sticks as possible. It was a bit difficult since I didn't have a hose, but it still worked. I let that mixture sit overnight. To start the jarrarium, I placed roughly 1 1/2 inches of soil lightly patted at the bottom of the jar with 2 root tabs to hopefully give the plants a good start to the tank. I'm unsure whether or not the root tabs were absolutely necessary, so I'd like to hear any thoughts on this and if others have done it or not. Hopefully this soil was close enough to the recommended Walstad soil;however, I was unable to find any locally. Once the dirt was placed, I set the zebra rock in the tank and then began the planting process.

In regards to the plants, I wasn't complete sure what selection of plants I wanted so I went with a mix of background, mid-ground, and foreground plants. I knew I really wanted to go with Dwarf Hair grass, so the others were just plants I had seen before. I started the planting process by placing the Vals in the back of the jar, Anubias on the right, Dwarf lily on the middle-left, and Dwarf Hair grass on the front-left of the jar. Placement seems off right now and the jar seems a bit bare. I'll let the tank cycle before considering whether a rearrangement is in order or if other plants need to be added. I'm definitely interested in adding a floating plant, but I'll need to do research before moving forward. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Once the plants were in the dirt, I poured roughly 1 inch of gravel in the back, and 1 inch of sand in the front. Water was treated with SafeStart and Aquasafe before pouring it into the jar. The pictures in this post were taken roughly an hour after I poured the water, which allowed the sediment to settle. There is still dirt floating on top of the water so I'll have to do a few small (10%?) water changes in the next coming days.


All plants were ordered through Planted Aquariums Central

Nymphaea stellata (Dwarf Lily Plant)

Eleocharis parvula (Dwarf Hair Grass)

Vallisneris spiralis

Anubias coffeefolia


Zebra Rock from Petco


2 gallon Anchor Hocking Jar

Natures care organic potting mix


Bulb (9W 5000K 800 Lumens LED Bulb)

Petco Aquarium Sand and Gravel

Seachem Flourish Root Tabs

u/mollymalone222 · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

Oh ok, well, while it was still probably unfortunately something from the stream. It's also possible that once one shrimp died there was no bacteria in the filter to take care of the ammonia. You can read up on the Nitrogen Cycle on the r/Aquariums sub off to the right and there's probably also some info under the tabs at the top. You'll need to get a sponge filter for the bacteria to live on. That's what handles all the stuff that builds up in an aquarium. I'm sort of surprised there were no problems from this before, but at the same time, shrimp have such low bioload, I'm also not surprised since they don't produce too much normally. An easy fix for your situation is to grab a Fluval prefilter sponge like this and slide your airstone inside, making your own sponge filter. It's inexpensive at Petco/Petsmart, like $3. But, since you only have 1 shrimp and a few snails left, it's very important to keep what bacteria you have left in your tank going until you add something else living to the tank that will produce food for the bacteria. I suggest you keep "feeding" the tank a little bit of food every couple of days. And that you also grab a bottle of beneficial bacteria at the LFS like Seachem Stability which is very good for keep the bacteria going in a tank. Just dose a ml or two every couple of days to keep things going too.

You should probably also continue to do small regular partial water changes every 3-5 days to get rid of whatever toxins may be in the water that killed the dwarf shrimp from the waterway. (just add the water back in gradually/slowly) And you may ask at your LFS for a mild treatment for the tank before adding anything new.

Good luck!

u/Rufi0h · 2 pointsr/Jarrariums

Haha I think I bought the exact same bowl (bubble ball 12) yesterday and a super similar piece of spiderwood. That means we both have great taste.

What light are you using in that. I was thinking about using this light.

Does everything look super magnified in the bowl?

u/RandomTuba · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

The 2.5 gallon Anchor Hocking jar seems to be very popular. I've seen lots of really great setups using it. I don't have one but I did check one out in a brick-and-mortar store. It's really heavy weight and big enough that you can have a lot of flexibility. A little bit of substrate isn't going to crack this sucker!

I've been looking at which has some really interesting shapes and sizes. I think they mostly do wholesale so most things don't come in single units. Even when you adjust to a unit price, some of these are really pricey but if you see something unique, you can hunt goodwill/garage sales (which some people enjoy) or you can just pay the price for the size/shape you want.

Couple of examples:

u/doggexbay · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

Cool, thank you so much for the reply. I bought two pieces of cuttlebone sold for birds, actually, because I read elsewhere that they were fine for snails, and broke off a smallish chunk and put it in the tank a couple of weeks ago. It did float for a day or two but it's happily nested in a back corner now.

pH is testing right around 7, which is a tad better than it was before. Our mystery got out of the tank one night and chipped its shell pretty hard when it fell, so I've been kind of paranoid and overprotective of it since and want to be sure the water doesn't get too soft.

u/OsmanthusJelly · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

I've been doing my research. :) Ordered the Aqua Clear 50 as you suggested and I am buying ammonium chloride and a testing kit off Amazon. Also signed up for aquabid. :)

I considered Dr. Tim's bacteria but I decided to do it the slow way instead, because why not.

I found out the type of fish tank I wanted to do is the low light low-tech tank, so I'm reading up on them right now. I read about this scientist who makes fishtanks where you don't have to change water for months at a time when I was a kid. Apparently she writes books on the subject.

Going to do some more research and try to get this right.

In terms of how I siphon water out of the fish tank, will something like this work?

I decided to use Miracle Gro topped with some kind of sand for my substrate. Will this suck out all of my substrate?

u/pdtrader99 · 2 pointsr/Jarrariums

My brother made it for me, I’ll have to ask him to be sure but I’m pretty sure amazon.

EDIT: yup, amazon.

u/zelbo · 4 pointsr/Jarrariums

I've had pretty good luck with these.

That was a quick search, should be able to find a better price if you look around. I got mine for about $14 each.

u/z1200 · 2 pointsr/Jarrariums

Certainly. Petco and Petsmart carry them too but I’m not sure about prices. It will be fine for a couple weeks probably, but eventually it will want some food. I think maybe flourish tabs would be a good option.

Seachem Flourish Tabs Growth Supplement - Aquatic Plant Stimulant 10 ct

u/megashitfactory · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

I've been using this nano filter on a ~2 gallon tank and it's been amazing. Not sure if you have a flat side to stick it on, but if so, this filter allows you to adjust the flow. It's great.

u/Ralierwe · 4 pointsr/Jarrariums

Nuisance algae, seriously. The same as with sun light.

For corals, you will need 10,000-20,000K white, and 430 and 460 nm actinic.

Like this, only 20W, will work for tanks under 6 gal/24 L. It has to be replaced every 6 months, becoming costly.

LED, this or this doesn't need replacement, but it's hot and intense, hang it around 14"/35 cm above water level.

Corals will need water flow, at my knowledge, the nature of a beast.

HD kind of lights, bottom light for corals: 25W daylight CFL. Corals will have not optimal colors, as in clean, balanced, well lit environment with a flow, but they do grow (I did that with flow and feeding).

u/okdotdotdot · 2 pointsr/Jarrariums

There's a $40 off amazon. You might find the same cheaper on eBay but shipping will take longer from Hong Kong. Zoo Med Nano 10 External Canister Filter, up to 10 Gallons

I personally use this $12 for my mini aquariums.
Elite Underwater Mini Filter, UL Listed

But I have shrimp and fish livestock. Love that model, been using it for over 10 years.

u/Imakedo · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

Not everyone has a water test kit but if you take a water sample into Pecto/Petsmart they'll test your sample for free and give you a read out of your water parameters.

Here's one listed on Amazon for $22.54

u/tapetum_lucidum · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

Anyone use this lamp? I have it saved for when I do start my jarrarium because I saw it recommended a while ago.

u/_ilikecmyk_ · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

I read this 2.5 gallon one works well:
Anchor Hocking Montana Glass Jar with Fresh Sealed Lid, Brushed Metal, 2.5 Gallon

But I haven’t used it myself so I can’t really confirm...

u/sarbear-k · 4 pointsr/Jarrariums

Thanks very much! It's this one: Lominie LED Aquarium Light, Asta 20 Nano Dimmable Planted Tank Lights 6500K with Gooseneck for Plant Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank Refugium (Planted Version)

u/Chainingcactus · 4 pointsr/Jarrariums

you can try this not sure if it’ll test O2 levels, but the snails may just like the light

u/cpare · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

This is the light I picked up, it's awesome, but the neck may not be as long.

u/PM-ME-YOUR-SOURCE · 1 pointr/Jarrariums

The best Jarrarium substrate IMO.

Composed of crushed lava rock, its porous, Ph neutral, and you don't need to wash it beforehand.

u/Innisbrook · 20 pointsr/Jarrariums

• Aqua soil substrate

This bulb from my local hardware store

• Marimo moss ball

• Dwarf hairgrass (tissue culture)

• Hemianthus Callitrichoides ‘Cuba’ tissue culture

• 4 adult shrimp, lots of babies.

• 2 Nerites

This jar

The rocks I got from my local greenbelt, the plants and animals came from my local aquarium shop.

u/joshiness · 3 pointsr/Jarrariums

Does the windowsill not overheat the jar? If you plan on adding the Betta, I'd worry about heat fluctuation in the jar without a heater and being near a window. Also, I'd look into a filter, I used this one for a 1 gallon Jar.


u/amberingo · 2 pointsr/Jarrariums

For a small jar/bowl like this, it can be relatively cheap depending on what you want!

The bowl was $20 at Michael's, though they're constantly having sales (and there's ones similar to this for cheaper elsewhere). I use a mini sponge filter (~$4) and a small 50w heater (~$10). Regular sand substrate would do fine, but you can always go for dirt and other substrates. I opted for Fluorite black sand with a regular sand cap. What makes or breaks it is 1. the light, and 2. whatever plants and things you want to put in. The light I'm using was ~$40
( but works really well for a small planted tank. And depending on what plants you want, you can go crazy and develop a real plant-buying addiction, which I'm guilty of. Regardless, there are lots of cheap plants you can buy too! The plant in back (rotala) is relatively cheap.