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u/Barnbutcher · 1 pointr/Jessicamshannon

I know I'm pretty late to be commenting on this post but I feel like you might enjoy reading one of my favorite book, if you enjoy reading, I suppose.
You may have already checked it out but if not will you please please give it a shot? If you can't do it for yourself, I would be especially grateful if you.
would do it for me, the stranger on the internets.

u/MrDominus7 · 73 pointsr/Jessicamshannon

I looked around for an answer to this, and the only thing I've been able to find is an excerpt from a book called Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam's Most Infamous Prison suggesting that U.S. intelligence agencies picked up on it at least:

> “When U.S. intelligence agencies reviewed the video before it was aired, they appreciated more than just the commander’s courageous statement. He had also covertly relayed information about the conditions in Hanoi. The blinks that seemed so strange to television viewers were, in fact, very deliberate. Unbeknown to his captors, Jerry had blinked in Morse code.”

Also read a cool tidbit from a WaPo article

>In his memoir, Adm. Denton recalled devising a communication system for the inmates involving coughs, sniffs and sneezes. Such noises, because of the men’s poor health, was not readily discerned by the North Vietnamese and allowed the POWs to maintain a spirit-sustaining sense of community

u/eatofmybitterheart · 3 pointsr/Jessicamshannon

This particular image is from The Thanatos Archive, but you have to be a paying member to view all the images:

However, there is a fairly inexpensive book that the owner put out which has some of the best photos from the archive:

The there is the Burns Archive, which has some (watermarked) images online:

However, the Burns Archive is incredibly vast in comparison to what that page shows. The post mortem photograph books are fairly expensive. I have both the Thanatos book and a few of the Burns books and intend to scan them and share them here eventually. I finally got a decent scanner, now I just have to get a computer I can use it with.

u/bkwyrm · 6 pointsr/Jessicamshannon

Along with Mary Roach’s Stiff, I have often recommended
Last Breath: Cautionary Tales from the Limits of Human Endurance
. The former is science writing about cadavers, albeit lighthearted, and the latter is a collections of essays-wrapped-in-fictional-example (for lack of a better term) about what the body and mind go through when dying in various ways.

u/tellmetheworld · 35 pointsr/Jessicamshannon

for anyone who is interested in reading a horrific account of life in a hospital when the hurricane hit, i highly recommend this book. The life and death decisions that had to take place are absolutely third world. A fantastic and dark read for sure.


u/JESUS_on_a_JETSKI · 27 pointsr/Jessicamshannon

I have never read that one, is it fiction? Here is the exact book I read, some 15 years ago. I also recall that from a young age, Grady would hurt others by pinching them with his pincers - he had super human pinching strength. He never stopped pinching people as a way of abusing them, usually within his family. His wife wasn't the only person who wanted this guy dead.

u/SuperDuperBorkie · 2 pointsr/Jessicamshannon

You should check out this book if you haven’t already!

u/MTNTaos · 4 pointsr/Jessicamshannon

I finished this last week. Author tags along with crews who clean up contaminated materials and biological matter left behind after death. There is some gruesome, graphic, disgusting detail involved in the description of unattended corpses, the gentle nursing home death, suicides, murders, and one meth lab inferno.

He also gives a cursory explanation of the science behind some of the reasons why death and rot is so disgusting.

Aftermath, Inc.: Cleaning Up After CSI Goes Home

Edit: the title of the book