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u/oppositeofcatchhome · 4 pointsr/KCRoyals

I highly recommend Buck O'Neil's autobiography, I Was Right On Time if you want to learn more about the Negro Leagues. Follow that up with Joe Posnanski's The Soul of Baseball to learn more about Buck himself. If anyone else has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

Also, I wish he had answered your question about the Jazz Museum. I was going to ask the same thing until I saw your question. As a big fan of jazz, the museum was sort of a bummer. It should be just as impressive as the NLBM, given the history of jazz in KC. I hope the new director can turn it around.

u/fakened · 2 pointsr/KCRoyals

Yes. Absolutely. Books will be available on Amazon starting Monday for shipping next Friday. Here's the link.

You can also order through the book's website -

I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks!

u/placebotwo · 8 pointsr/KCRoyals

You and truly all Royals fans owe it to themselves to read More Than a Season. It's really great to get some insight into Dayton and the behind the scenes of the organization. Your anecdotes are spot on with the book and who Dayton is as a boss and a human being.

u/qridproqro · 7 pointsr/KCRoyals

I'm a big fan of Ben Templesmith's art style, and this standalone I remember really enjoying, though I haven't read it in years so I couldn't say if it holds up for me or not.

u/Ravendeimos · 3 pointsr/KCRoyals

If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend reading Ryan's book. It helped me understand a lot of what I was dealing with internally. Absolutely couldn't put it down.

u/RoyalsHuman · 1 pointr/KCRoyals


Just make sure you cover up the holes with painter's tape.

u/Luigi182 · 1 pointr/KCRoyals

You can get the DVD set for under $25.

Iirc, MTV had Undergrads, another underrated animated TV show.