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u/Flauni · 1 pointr/KGATLW

Me: Hi! I was wondering if Order# xxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxx has a chance of shipping in the near future. I ordered on april 5th and no estimate has yet been established.

Dhanshri: Hello Flauni , my name is Dhanshri. I'm here to help you today.
"Thank you for being a valuable customer."
I'm sorry to know about the issue you're facing.
Thank you for helping with the order #.
Could you please give me few minutes while I check this for you?
Float Along - Fill Your Lungs / Oddments

Me: That's the one :)

Dhanshri: Thank you for confirming.

I've checked the details and could see that both of the items are currently not available with us:
due to which t is taking this long for the package to ship out.
However, don't worry.
To get the things right for you, I've successfully upgraded the shipping method at no extra charge.
So that it will be shipped out at earliest once it back with our inventory team.
Also, once the package ships out, a confirmation email will be sent to you which will include the estimated delivery date and the Tracking ID as well.

Me: Thank you, but there is a chance that these items are generally unavailable?

Dhanshri: As the inventory team works in background we don't have an exact estimate regarding the items however, don't worry, such issues d
.does not usually happens.
Our inventory team will co
contact the manufacturer
To procure the items at earliest.

Me: Ok thank you for your time! I have enough info now.

TL;DR I'm not holding my breath

u/cragelbagel · 1 pointr/KGATLW

This thing from amazon. I've never played the flute before and this one's pretty good. I didn't want to go all out and buy an expensive one but I was talking to some guys who played the flute after I had it and they said it was pretty good for the price and felt nice

u/AlphaSkag1 · 3 pointsr/KGATLW

I would say it's mostly up to you, but as someone who's been to a lot of shows with no ear plugs I bought a pair for the shows I saw and I am VERY glad I did, last time I saw them the guitar effects they use commonly really hurt my ears, using ear plugs designed for shows made an enormous difference. I could hear everything perfectly nice and loud but without the blare, I highly recommend getting some. These are the ones I got but I'm sure similar ones will work just fine

u/Sleep_Drifter1319 · 2 pointsr/KGATLW

I always tell anyone who asks, get these damn things. I've had them for THIRTEEN YEARS and I blast the shit out of them. They are still in 100% working order. I love them to death. They're my prized possession. I've never kept anything for as long as I've had these headphones. They may not fit the standards that a lot of audiophiles look for, but they're the best damn headphones I've ever used. Just an opinion.

Btw, when I got them 13 years ago, I'm pretty sure they were only like $50

u/Axxon349 · 1 pointr/KGATLW

I ended up buying these:

RTGS Products Red Colored LED Lights Indoor Outdoor String Lights, Fairy Lights Battery Powered Patio, Bedroom, Holiday Decor, etc (RED COLOR 20 LEDs 6.5 FEET 2 SETs)

Which fit pretty nicely when compressed together

u/evolution1964 · 3 pointsr/KGATLW

I’d suggest that you buy a record cleaner, even brand new records can have dust and particles of paper and stuff. This is what I use and it works great! For 10$ you can’t get a better deal

u/Satanbakesale · 2 pointsr/KGATLW

Yo! ION Audio Cassette Adapter Bluetooth | Bluetooth Music Receiver for Cassette Decks

I've had one for more than a year and it work perfectly! Wayyy better than a fm transmitter

u/pbites · 2 pointsr/KGATLW

Craig Frames 1WB3BK 19 by 25-Inch...

I can’t remember who told me on here to get this but it worked perfectly.

u/Vonquiqui69 · 2 pointsr/KGATLW

Fit my Chicago one perfectly

Craig Frames 1WB3BK 19 by 25-Inch Picture Frame, Smooth Wrap Finish, 1-Inch Wide, Black

u/Decoy_Basket · 3 pointsr/KGATLW

You can buy cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth at pretty much any record shop for a little bit more than $10.

or here’s one I found on Amazon:

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/KGATLW

You might be able to shave a bit off the top and bottom and make it work. This is the frame I got and it works perfectly.

u/Unknown_Pleasures · 7 pointsr/KGATLW

I’d get ear plugs meant for concerts, not foam plugs.

I got these and love them.

I’ve seen KGATLW twice this tour and both times the sound actually improved. You still feel the bass but it tones it down so you can actually hear the vocals and other instruments better. They also cut out a lot of the background crowd noise.

u/StringerManSyd · 6 pointsr/KGATLW

Project Audio Debut Carbon DC Turntable

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge (Piano Black)

I know it's steep and you still need a stereo and speakers after buying but if you purchase this turntable you will never have to buy another one your whole life, your children and their children will still be able to use it. They are built very well. I have a red version and have had it for 5 years already.

u/corde_volante · 1 pointr/KGATLW

I recently ordered Fishies on vinyl from Amazon (US) and it turned out to be a Flightless pressing! I think I got the last copy from the seller, but there appears to be 3 more copies from a different seller. It doesn't say "Fire Goby" anywhere, but it DOES say Flightless Records. I'm not the seller, just wanted to let you guys know!

u/BraunUlv · 1 pointr/KGATLW

Took me a while to track one down as well. Even though I got it through Amazon when i search for it there at first it wasn't showing up.

u/Ryanharsch77 · 2 pointsr/KGATLW

I like these
BCW 1-RSLV 33 RPM Record Sleeves (100 Count)

Also have them in an IKEA Kallax shelf, to prevent Ringwear I don’t pack them in too tight

u/opens_the_door · 2 pointsr/KGATLW

The ones I got are custom from, with non-glare acrylic, they're nice, but a little pricey. This would do the trick for about half the price

u/Psychedelicized · 1 pointr/KGATLW

Just use these sleeves and throw out the paper ones.

u/Shivering_Pilgrim · 2 pointsr/KGATLW

Craig Frames 1WB3BK 19 by 25-Inch Picture Frame, Smooth Wrap Finish, 1-Inch Wide, Black

these ones? do they come with a glass casing or is it just a border frame

u/Dr_Toast · 2 pointsr/KGATLW

Dragons at Crumbling Castle is a collection of short stories he wrote.