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u/selector37 · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

Not Kamado specific, but super useful:

Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling

u/StandardRelative · 2 pointsr/KamadoJoe

they come out awesome! recently I've been seasoning with JonesyQ Love Rub (been using that for everything since I discovered it), and cook over a full basket of coals (I don't scooch the coals up to the side or anything), with a medium-hot fire. need a hotter fire to get a nice crust.

the other thing I've been doing a lot of is wings on the joetisserie with this
just season them up (JonesQ Love Rub), and roll them over a hot fire for 10mins or so. they come out great

u/gratefuldad828 · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

6.5" BBQ High Heat Stainless Steel Charcoal Fire Grate Fits for Medium Big Green Egg Fire Grate and Kamado Joe Grill Parts Charcoal Grate Replacement Accessories (6 1/2”)

Technically not the same as the kick ash basket but is very well built, works great, and saved a few bucks.

u/revolution486 · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

I saw that this big joe 2 is selling and wanted to notify anyone who may care. Last time I checked I dont remember seeing it for sale when I wanted to buy one. Its a decent price that includes shipping!

Happy smoking!

Link to the Big Joe II

u/janduin2 · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

Definitely get the classic 1 and put some of your savings towards extras (ash basket, cast iron griddle, grate rack). I've had a classic 1 for three years and it's great (and it was $1000 when I bought mine). $750 is a no brainer!

u/BEERMEME · 3 pointsr/KamadoJoe

I add at least 1 chunk every time I fire up the joe. There are split logs which I find too big for joe classic, chunks(what I use) and chips that I find burn up too quick.

Home Depot near me sells 10+ lb bags of chunks in 4 wood varieties (hickory, mesquite, Apple, peacan). A bag usually lasts me a full year but I have all 4 types and generously add wood.

Also I found the best budget fire starter I found on amazon. Nearly identical to the joe brand at a fraction of the cost. 144 squares for $18. I use two per start and I’m on my last sheet since I ordered Dec 2018 so almost a year.

And the gloves I use for food prep, messy grilling, handling hot peppers. X3 Industrial Black Nitrile...

u/lapeet · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

I got this for my KJii and it works great : Grate Rack for a Classic KJ - Fits Classic Only

u/cmer · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

Classic 2, without a doubt. It gives you all the new tech. I wouldnt even consider a Classic 1, personally.

These babies don't come with a pizza stone or cover. What you're talking about is probably the heat deflector? Like this:

u/texchuckduc · 0 pointsr/KamadoJoe

if i’m using a commercial rub on a butt, i like meat church’s honey heat and plowboys yardbird

as for gloves i use these

u/Tolgadince · 2 pointsr/KamadoJoe

14.99 and I can stick my hand in the fire no issue, just don't keep it there too long haha. Not grease resistant but at that price I don't mind.

u/kenseihiko · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

I don't have a soapstone but everyone on the Kamado Joe grilling facebook group raves about them. The sear from them is supposed to be incredible.

Here is the variable speed motor I bough from Amazon:

u/adv26051 · 4 pointsr/KamadoJoe

I use these instead of the kamado joe brand starters.

Rutland 50B Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares, 144 Squares

They start quickly, and are a fraction of the cost. Put 1-3 cubes in depending on the cook, and how much coals you want lit, light them, let them burn out. Bam coals are lit. Sometimes I will pull them with the grate grabber to speed up the process of waiting for them to burn out.

u/flatulent40 · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

It’s not at any stores around me. Amazon has a couple different brands. Hoosier Hill Farm Prague Powder...

u/ganzhimself · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

This also exists as a heat deflector

u/robdoe · 1 pointr/KamadoJoe

One I got... Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press, Heavy-duty bacon press with Wood Handle, 8.75-Inch Round