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u/Hori--FTW · 1 pointr/Kappa

Your chances of finding a legit contoller are pretty low. They were made in a very low supply and only in Japan. They sold out quickly and the Chinese bootlegger's jumped on it. So if you find one like this on Ebay, chances are that it's a Chinese bootleg. I should know because I bought one and the D-pad snapped right off after about a month of moderate use. $50 well spent. Sarcasm.

You're best bet is to buy an authentic Saturn controller and then buy an adapter.

I have no idea if there is an adapter for PS3/PS4 but I can verify that this adapter works for PC without issue.

Saturn D-Pad is good but it's little loose. If you've ever held one of those Madcatz controllers it's like that but obviously of a better quality.

The gold standard for fighting game controllers is the Hori:

Specifically this version with the switch for PC. Avoid the Pro version like the plague. I've bought two different Pro's and they both stopped working after less than a year. I've bought this controller over a year ago and have yet to have any issues. Hence my username.

But use what you're comfortable with. Reminder: Smug, I'mStillDaddy and Nuckledu use the standard PS4 controller. I think there's a couple of other pad warriors that hit top 8. I know Luffy uses a controller but I don't know if he's still using a PS1 controller or made the switch to PS4 or Hori.

u/l2edford · 1 pointr/Kappa

I paid $166.29 on Amazon (not .jp) just last weekend for a HRAP V Hayabusa (2-4 weeks for shipping).

Opinions I've heard on the perceived flaws of the stick:

  • Hayabusa stick feels too loose to some people (I've heard the gate is larger than the more common Sanwa JLF).

  • People prefer Sanwa buttons (but I've heard the new matte kuros are pretty awesome)

  • The stick isn't heavy enough?

    I've used TE2's, they're nice sticks, solid feeling, but I'm a big fan of Hori products. My HRAP 3 SA lasted five years, and I have an older PS3 TE as well and the Hori just feels like it's a better quality build.
u/Rctfan · 9 pointsr/Kappa

Alright, I just got done exporting the PDF and printing it to make sure I didn't fuck the scale up. The download link is right here. You're going to need two hole saw drill bits, A 15/16ths drill bit for the 24mm holes, a 1-3/16ths for the 30mm holes, and the mandrel for holding it. Try not to buy them on Amazon unless you have to since they are like 5 dollars apiece or less in your local hardware store. I made the pilot holes with a drill bit that was roughly half the size of the bit on the mandrel, but honestly any size works as long as you are careful. The parts you need really don't cost that much even for high quality Semitsu parts so if you want to go super poverty, you could even use American parts if that's your thing.

EDIT: Oh and the dimensions on the page are for checking the scale with a ruler to make sure it's printing right if that wasn't clear.

u/bloodipeich · 2 pointsr/Kappa

Depends on how custom you want it to be, if you really want to try your hands on stick and want an easily modable one, get a venom

Its like 70 bucks and you can change almost everyting from it.

u/CuriousSkeptick · 1 pointr/Kappa

Thou art capable still of receiving the LORD'S blessing and enlightenment through His words:

u/wil2dscrub · 2 pointsr/Kappa

You mean like this new Hori FS Mini 4 for the PS4 that will be released on December 14? it's going for $40 on pre-order.

I wonder how easy that stick is to mod though. I have a MadCatz CE and that thing was easy to mod. The old Hori FS EX2 for the Xbox 360 was a pain to mod.

u/voy3voda · 41 pointsr/Kappa

"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology." - Carl Sagan

Do Stephen a solid and read A Brief History of Time. And never forget the importance of knowledge. The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan is another great one.
RIP Stephen Hawking, one of the truest niggas who ever walked the face of the earth.

u/Novelty_Frog · 3 pointsr/Kappa

Has a wired version been announced yet? I bought the wired SN30 and the dpad is sorta ok. Corners are kinda hard to hit so you really have to exaggerate quarter/half circles. I think this pad is better for platformers and other 2D games. I got cramps after trying to use the analog sticks.

u/eatmyshorts5 · 1 pointr/Kappa

Do you mean this book?
Yoooo ulllllllllllll blowups

u/rKappaShitPoster · 15 pointsr/Kappa

Wrong they're $48.90 NEW

You literally cannot defend this shit fanboy Downvoted for lying to defend your autism love for a brand.

u/iKeepItRealFDownvote · 0 pointsr/Kappa

> averagely $55

You're a fucking idiot who cant read for shit. Let me help you shall we?

So what does average means?

Take a seat ps fanboy. Talking about me being a fanboy yet im always talking shit about nintendo and sony's fuck ups. If you don't take a seat fuckboy. Guess we found the real retard. & again overprice shit still doesn't come with a charger.