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u/themeteorpolice · 5 pointsr/Kava

First off, Kava definitely works, and it will be very helpful in your scenario. I've dealt with anxiety related to drug and alcohol withdrawal, and I've found nothing more effective and safe. There is a reverse tolerance that many experience, and I certainly did. I drank it every night for about two week before I felt the effects. Some of this may have been because I was also not really making it quite right, and trying to take shortcuts. It is worth getting over the hump though. This stuff is a miracle.

I tried several shortcuts, and I'm sure others can attest as well, that there is no shortcut to good Kava. You want to brew it yourself, by hand. Some people swear by blenders, but honestly it's easier for me just to knead it myself.

Get some good kava from a reputable vendor. I highly recommend KalmWithKava's Loa Waka, but there are several in the list to chose from.

Then get yourself a bag, like this one.

From there it's simple.

Two tablespoons per cup of water (you may find you want more or less as you become accustomed to it). I usually drink about 3 cups, so that's 6 tablespoons. Hot water (not boiling, but hotter than you'd want to rest your hand in).

  1. Measure out the tablespoons into the kava bag.
  2. Place bag in large mixing bowl. Pour the hot water INTO the bag.
  3. Let steep for 5-10 minutes
  4. Knead the Kava for a good 10 minutes or so. Hard. Smoosh it. Wring it.*
  5. Discard kava from bag, clean up.
  6. Enjoy. Dosage is typically 4-6 oz every 10 minutes or so until happy. This is called a "shell".

  • Careful not to ruin your bag. The kavalactones are attached to the outside of the root, like glue. You want to rub and grind it off.

    Taste: most people find the taste to be pretty foul. I do. I don't really recommend mixing it into something. Just do the shots and take it with a chaser.

    Best of luck in your fight for sobriety, it's a long road, but ultimately one of gratitude and peace greater than drugs would have ever let you know.
u/Corndog_Enthusiast · 4 pointsr/Kava

I've only felt a kava hangover once so far, and it was with a tudei variety I bought from a botanical vendor. Where did you get your kava from? If your vendor didn't supply reliable info regarding the source and variety of your kava, then I'd recommend trying the Waka (warning: very pungent) or Fu'u from Bula Kava House, or any variety of kava from Gourment Hawaiian Kava.

If your kava is good, the next thing I'd suggest is trying the traditional hand-straining prep, rather than blending and straining like you're doing right now. You might be consuming too much plant material with your current prep method, which I've found to increase the possibility of short-term nausea. I'm hand-kneading my kava with this nut milk bag that I bought on Amazon. It feels very durable compared to the previous three strainer bags I've burned through already, and it's large enough to make big batches of kava if you wanted to. I usually add about 2 Tbsp of kava to my strainer bag for every cup of lukewarm water I use, then knead vigorously for ten minutes. You know you have a potent batch when your kava has an oily sheen on the surface, similar to an oil spill on asphalt.

My normal kava night involves 6 Tbsp kava and 3 cups of water, which should be around 4-5 shells. I usually drink my first 3 shells within 30 min, then drink each remaining shell in 15 min intervals. This will leave me feeling pretty good for 3 hours or so, at which point I will be perfectly relaxed for sleep. This always leaves me feeling refreshed in the morning with no nausea whatsoever.

Good luck!

u/Kromulent · 4 pointsr/Kava

The vendors listed in the links on the sidebar are probably the most trustworthy that you could find. They do various degrees of testing (visit each vendor for details) and they appreciate the importance of a safe, reliable product. I'm pretty careful myself, and I feel comfortable with these folks.

I think the most satisfactory results come from the traditional prep method - you'll need some medium grind kava (not micronized or instant) and a squeeze bag, which is sometimes included for free, or else buy a 75 micron bag on amazon, like this one:

There are full instructions on the sidebar. Once you have it down pat it's not difficult at all.

I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure it's not practical to grow your own kava. It would kind of be like growing your own coffee, it's possible, but not anything you'd really want to tackle.

u/crystalcastles72 · 2 pointsr/Kava

Interesting Ive always thought of getting the tinctures but never have tell me if you like it. Keep in mind kava has a reverse tolerance so you may not feel it the first few days you try it. This is my go to kava tastes good and is pretty strong.

u/ChillaximusTheGreat · 1 pointr/Kava

Ok thanks. I had assumed that this wouldn't be as great as the real thing. It's a well known local store that sells it under their brand. I use kratom and steer people away from any kratom extracts as well.

With that said, could you suggest a good sampler from a vetted vendor? I saw the other post about Amazon and I see there is a Kalm with Kava product

[Amazon kalm with kava ](Micronized Instant Kava Powder - Tongan Pouni Ono (4 oz)

However I think would rather get a sampler instead of a bunch of one first.

I have been told Bula Kava House and gourmet hawaiian kava are food vendors, anything you would recommend from those?

Finally should I stay away from micronized kava as well?


u/bleuvoodoo · 2 pointsr/Kava

I rotate my vendors and products so I don't build up a tolerance to one particular phenotype. I generally have 2 or 3 types on hand and drink one type for a week or so then switch to the other.

Currently I am using these two types and I am very satisfied with both products. The second one I listed is a bit stronger in taste and effect.

Micronized Instant Kava Powder - Tongan Pouni Ono (Kalm with Kava)

AAA GRADE VANUATU KAVA - 1/2 LB (8 oz) Best Fiji Kava inc.

u/Real_Dr_Eder · 1 pointr/Kava

Kalm With Kava is a popular high-end brand.


They do make medium grind powder, which you would need to strain. Squeezed or strained medium grind is what most people would refer to as traditional kava. In my experience, this is the more affordable way to go, and I end up feeling a cleaner and "fuller" experience. That being said, traditional prep requires a bunch of squeezing and kneading, and 5-15 minutes of your time.


However, the Kalm With Kava product that you screenshotted is micronized kava.


Micronized kava is generally more potent, it is an incredibly fine powder, and all you have to do is mix one or two tablespoons into whichever drink you prefer. I like preparing traditional kava with whole milk and I have done it with chocolate milk too, so it should definitely work fine with micronized.


If convenience is a priority for you, then I would give what you posted a shot.


If you want to try traditional filtered kava instead, there are quite a few good choices on Amazon, and a muslin strainer bag can be bought from there too.

​ - strainer


\^ affordable medium grinds


\^ medium grind Kalm With Kava

u/tryptan · 6 pointsr/Kava

Only with micronized kava. And not capsules...

Use these, and thank me later. Far better alternative to stuffing dozens of capsules:

They are all natural, and made completely out of tapioca starch.

Here's how to use them (skip to 0:10):


u/sandollars · 3 pointsr/Kava

Buy real kava from a vendor here. The Savusavu waka from KavaTime has been getting rave reviews and it's mild taste makes it a good beginner kava.

For prep, you will need either:

A bag for kneading/straining... something like this will do the job.


The aluball

Whichever you choose, watch a few videos online to see how to use those tools to properly prepare kava. If you don't extract the kava well enough, you'll not feel the effects you desire.

u/Ubel · 2 pointsr/Kava

While costing slightly more per oz, Dua Na Bilo is a much better product.

Wakacon is regarded as quality, but weak in potency. Dua Na Bilo is constantly reviewed as one of the strongest kava's available at any price. If you'd like to read more about it, there are certainly posts here if you search and there's a lot on

It's actually sold out very often so I was surprised Amazon even had any in stock right now. There is a limited supply because it all comes from one farm.

u/jcohle · 1 pointr/Kava

Amazon also sells Kava Waka. You get twice the amount for half the price, and the quality isn't too bad. It's not as good as Kalm, but it's worth it to save a few bucks.

u/Jpar37 · 3 pointsr/Kava

Yeah, I just got a pound from amazon a couple weeks ago. It's great stuff. Potent, too.

Link to Kava Waka on Amazon

u/-kodoku- · 1 pointr/Kava

The kava by Nature's Answer is good. If you don't mind a supplement with other things besides kava, give Securus a try. I used to take it before I was on any medication and it worked just about as well as medications for anxiety. It's definitely worth a try if you have anxiety. You can also try Kalm with Kava's concentrate. There's barely any kava taste and it's so much easier to consume than regular kava.

u/CalmNature · 3 pointsr/Kava

I use this system at home. Just fill the ball, shake a minute or so, pour. Works for me! Easy cleanup, travel friendly.

u/hiptang · 2 pointsr/Kava

I would suggest a 75 micron strainer bag from Amazon such as:

It is nylon and the material is very sturdy and to exact specifications. The only issue I had with it is the stitching started to come a little unraveled at the corners which was easily rectified with a little reinforcement hand stitching. I suppose this happens because of the rough handling of the bag through the kneading process. Although, besides the stitching the nylon is not going to overly stretch or tear itself.

Good luck.

I also just purchased and recieved a pack of 1 gallon "bubble bags". They are used to extract the essence from herbs and root powder. They are stacked 5 thick and go from 73microns to 200microns. I am looking to experiment with filtering a batch of micronized that I have that gives me bad GI issues. It seems my body does not like the root material at all. It is better with the knead method but it still persists although slightly in comparison. Basically, I am trying to salvage my micronized while seeing if I can produce a more thoughouly refined grog while maintaining the potency.

u/Great_Chairman_Mao · 2 pointsr/Kava

Is it noble?

EDIT: Just checked. It is. Here's a link. I'm going to give it a shot.

u/2DogDay · 2 pointsr/Kava

There's a shaker like a protein shaker on Amazon that works with Kava.
Something to consider. I haven't tried it yet though:

u/driedzombiejuice · 1 pointr/Kava

This Kava kicks my ass. I get a giddy feeling in my head all the way throughout my body. Vanuatu is probably the best Kava producing nation from what I’ve learned. Anyways I wouldn’t call this Kava sedating at all as is keeps me up well into the night.

u/ALPHAPUSSYGOD420 · 1 pointr/Kava

This is what does that for me more than any others I've tried
Kava Kava - Vanuatu Kava 1/2...

u/Shroomer14 · 1 pointr/Kava

Here’s the link:
Btw it says 250 mg but that means 250 mg of the kava extract which is composed of 30% kavalactones. And 30% of 250 is 75, so there is 75 mg of kavalactones per capsule.

u/Decorsair · 2 pointsr/Kava

..Ask the bar?

And get an aluball if you find traditional prep is too time consuming.

u/cremebo · 3 pointsr/Kava

No problem!

Its important to notice that I am using a traditional prep though. That means placing the kava in a strainer bag such as this and kneading it in a bowl of room temp to warm water for 5-10 minutes, making sure to wring all the water out at the end.

If I was consuming the whole root, the effects would be VERY different.

u/PhDinKava · 1 pointr/Kava

The only label I can see online is this one: This is supposed to be their unflavoured product, which I assumed is the "pure" one. As per label it contains fillers. I cannot remember if I've tried the lateral root one and I cannot find any pics of the list of ingredients online. In any it's no longer available, apparently.

u/SkinSuitNumber37 · 1 pointr/Kava

Try ashwaganda. I have extreme anxiety and it helps. Kava never helped me enough. Ashwaganda takes 3 hours to kick in however. A quicker solution is suntheanine chewables which has l-theanine in it. The same ingredient in other products has not helped, assuming cause it's chewable. Anxiety really kicks my ass.. klonapin and other benzos is what I prefer but having trouble getting a script for it :(


Ashwaganda I used (only other brand I tried was a liquid extract by Herb Pharm, which didn't work as good or not at all):

u/latenightartist · 0 pointsr/Kava

I dont recommending t&w with kava... but you can use oblate discs, which keeps you from getting the powder everywhere.

Oblate Discs - Japanese Edible Film, 200pcs

Edit: if you're going to go this route do so only with micronized kava bc regular grind kava will be horrible on your stomach. Thanks for the response, I feel bad giving terrible advice!