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u/SquatzOatz · 32 pointsr/keto

OK, your situation is perfect.

For starters, you want to do this right. There are 4 ways you should be monitering your progress.

Body Weight

For obvious reasons you'll want to measure and track your body weight. This scale is pretty much the gold standard for cost and precision, however if you already have a scale it's fine to stick with that. A problem many people have is weighing themselves compulsively, sometimes even 6 or 7 times per day. DON'T DO THIS, trust me. Weigh yourself...

  • Once a week

  • In the morning before consuming any drinks or food

  • After you've evacuated your bowels


    Many people on a diet will measure their progress solely based on their body weight. Often times however the scale will get stuck. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, often times your body will go through a re-composition (less fat/more muscle), which won't be reflected on the scale, however you'll notice your clothes will be more loose fitting as muscle is denser than fat, thus you'll be smaller. Buy some sort of measuring tape and take measurements...

  • once a week

  • in the morning, before eating/drinking, after evacuating bowels

  • Waist: Measure a half-inch above your belly button or at the smallest part of your waist

  • Hips: Place tape measure around the biggest part of your hips

  • Thighs: Measure around the biggest part of each thigh


    My biggest regret from my own weight loss journey is not taking pictures. Not only will it help motivate you, but posting your progress pics to r/keto will help inspire others as well. Take a picture once a week, and try to keep it as consistent as possible. Put the camera in the same place, stand in the same place, same lighting, only underwear etc.


    Go to your doctor for a blood test. INSIST on a VAP test for your cholesterol levels, not the standard (and innacurate given low trig levels) method. The frequency that you get your bloodwork rechecked is up to you, but 3 months into your keto diet seems like a good point to get it rechecked. Probably the most important marker of healthy cholesterol levels is your HDL:Triglyceride ratio (anything over 0.5 is great), and your total VLDL. Despite what you've heard, your total cholesterol level is not a useful indicator for heart health.


    OK, now onto the good stuff, your diet. This is a great place to start. It's a sample one week meal plan made by one of r/keto's very own. Try to stay under 50g of net carbs per day (net carbs = total carbohydrate count minus fiber). For starters go through your entire pantry and refrigerator and get rid of anything you shouldn't be eating on the keto diet. Pasta, candy, chips, soda, bread etc etc. If you can, donate or give it away. If not, don't use that as a reason to keep it. Just throw it away. Trust me, you don't want temptation around, especially in the first few days.

    The general philosophy of r/keto (especially with overweight/obese individuals) is to eat when you're hungry, and stop when you're full. The majority of people find this is good enough, however if you find yourself not making any progress then by all means start counting calories.

    Now it's time to go shopping. Your diet is going to consist of meats, eggs, seafood, vegetables, low-carb dairy, nuts and seeds. Cooking oils to use are butter, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, or any animal fat (lard, beef tallow...).


    Anything goes. If you're trying to save money go for the cheaper and fattier cuts of chicken (thighs, drumsticks and wings can often be had for <$1.00 per pound).


    Don't worry about what you've heard with regard to eggs = cholesterol = heart attack. It's untrue, eat as many as you want, yolk included.


    Potatoes and corn are way too starchy to include in a ketogenic diet. Tomatoes and carrots are a bit high on the sugar side, but are fine in moderation. Always include vegetables in every meal. They're awesome, and awesome for you.

    Low-carb dairy

    Heavy cream and cheese are legit. Greek yogurt is a bit carby but fine in moderation.

    Nuts and seeds

    Almonds are many ketoers favorite snacks. If you're craving something sweet, Emerald dark chocolate or cinnamon almonds are pretty awesome, and relatively low carb.

    MUST DO's

    Watch Fat Head for free on Hulu. This movie has been a life changer for many people including myself, even though Tom Naughton is a huge fucking dildo in my opinion.

    Read Something Awful's Guide to Ketosis. Your single most valuable resource for information on a ketogenic diet (excluding r/keto of course :P).

    Read r/keto FAQ

    And of course, if you ever have questions, don't hesitate to consult r/keto, we're here to help. Good luck!
u/princesstelephone · 2 pointsr/keto

Welcome! This is a lot of info, but it's all stuff I wish someone would have told me before starting. I hope it helps you!

>How do I start?

Read this, this, and this. This beginner's guide by /u/nothingtoseehere28 is excellent. Make sure to familiarize yourself with everything on the sidebar -->

Then, calculate your macros.

Many people enter these in an app like My Fitness Pal, and then log all the food you eat throughout the day, trying to meet your goals. I use an app called CarbsControl which I like quite a bit.

My experience, and the folk wisdom around here, seems to be that it's crucial in the beginning to log everything you eat and not to guesstimate. I have this $15 food scale, which has been pretty invaluable in keeping track of what I eat.

After a few months of this level of tracking what goes in your body, you'll probably be able to gauge accurately enough to not have to worry about this step anymore. If you find you're plateauing or gaining weight again, start logging again.

Print out that google doc I linked to with all of the keto-friendly foods and their carb counts. Go through your cupboards, fridge, and pantry, and donate or toss anything that isn't on there. Highlight all of your favorite foods from the list, and make a grocery list.

My suggestion here would be to keep your list as simple as humanly possible, not worrying too much about cooking elaborate meals or doing any of the many amazing-looking substitute recipes people link to on here. For instance, my grocery list looks like this:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Butter
  • Spinach
  • Romaine
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Tuna
  • Mayonnaise
  • Whatever cheese is on sale
  • Whatever meat is on sale

    And my breakfast is almost always: coffee with heavy whipping cream, an egg, 2 slices of bacon and some avocado. My lunch is almost always: tuna salad on spinach with cheese. And my dinner is almost always cooked meat with a vegetable.

    > What has helped you stay on track?

    The biggest thing for me was making it as easy as possible for myself. This is super personal and you might have to do keto for a bit before you figure it out. For me, it means:

  1. Never having anything in my house that's not on the diet. If non-keto food is in my house, I will TOTALLY eat it. It's so much simpler not to.

  2. Super, super simple meals that I eat pretty much daily. I don't have to think about recipes or groceries, and I don't have to constantly log new foods in CarbsControl or worry about macros or nutrients.

  3. Know your personal pitfalls and have an easy plan to avoid them. I love to snack late at night. That's no good! So my plan is to have something for every situation: if I just want to compulsively eat something, I have celery. If I'm craving something sweet, I drink my favorite tea with warm frothed HWC and some a sprinkle of erythritol. If it's not late at night and I want to snack, it's time for some bulletproof coffee. It's a filling fat bomb that gives you tons of energy.

    Other than keeping it as simple as possible, the other thing that keeps me on track is visiting this sub. The pictures and personal stories are always inspiring and you can get answers to almost any problem you're having.
    Good luck!
u/hoosierplew · 4 pointsr/keto

I'm not saying you're going to have the same results, but here's my story.

I recently saw my nutritionist after 61 days of keto. I brought my bloodwork which had been taken the day before. Everything except my LDL cholesterol was fantastic. I mean perfect. Great kidney function, great liver function. Really good HDL. My LDL was 163, but I've always had elevated cholesterol (even when I was a vegetarian).

Now - I work out 45 - 60 mins a day, 4 days a week so part of this might be from just plain good livin', but I've lost a solid ten pounds during my time with keto. I had stalled out (I've lost about 60 lbs in the past 2 years), and keto was the ticket to get things going again. I'm getting close to my goal weight, so 10 lbs of weight loss in 2 months is a really big deal for me.

I've had exactly one day where I ate more than about 50 grams of carbs. Every other day of the past 60-ish has been pure keto. I have not suffered from the dreaded hangover. Some pointers:

  • ElectroMix is your best friend. Drink that with 25 oz of water when you get up in the morning, every single morning.

  • Shoot for 125 oz of water per day. Minimum. MIN. I. MUM.

  • Take a b-complex vitamin and a few potassium pills in addition to the ElectroMix in the morning.

  • At night, right before bed, take a calcium/magnesium pill. Don't take the magnesium in the morning or with food or it'll clean you out. This is the dreaded "keto fart effect".

  • An avocado a day keeps the cravings away. Eat one after lunch / before dinner. Perfect snack. A lil' salt and pepper and you're good to go.

  • Add cheese to everything. Making eggs? Add cheese. HEY - tuna salad? Throw some cheese on that bitch. Eating your avocado? Add that cheese, son! Cheese is your god now.

  • If you're in the good ole U-S-of-A, remember that you're usually looking at total carb counts on labels, not net carbs. Keto is concerned with net carbs.

  • Need a boost? Try Spark Energy from Advocare. It has some carbs, but not the sugar and other stuff that's really bad for you. I cut a few carbs from my day to make room for this when I have a really hard workout. Yes it's a bit pricey.

  • Miss your macros for a day? Don't sweat it. Try and stay close, but don't freak out if you're missing your macro by a gram or ten.

  • A month or two of keto won't kill you no matter what your nutritionist/mother/priest/parole officer might tell you. Just get started and you'll see the difference pretty quickly.

    Anyway - just my story. YMMV.

    Good luck!
u/bouncehaus · 15 pointsr/keto

Not exactly related, but some tips I've found helpful:

Feeling Dehydrated? These do the trick! I drink at least one packet a day and it works wonders.

Constipated? Spoonfuls of flaxseed or chia seeds help (they're low calorie and have only fiber & good fats). Psyllium Husk Powder is also pretty effective. Having trouble washing it down? I mix 2tbsp of powder with 3-4tbsps of heavy cream, dash of cinnamon, maybe some splenda and its like eating oatmeal.

Don't notice any progress? Keep calm and keto on. Have faith, log your food in MFP, and take progress pics. You look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Sometimes, its hard to see the progress. Sometimes, it doesn't show on the scale. But, damnit, this diet works. Stay under 20g of carbs and run a daily calorie deficit and youre bound to lose some weight.

Lastly, enjoy the improved energy and focus after your body adapts. It' wonderful and probably my favorite part of keto. If you feel off, you're probably just dehydrated.

Best of luck!

u/beneathperception · 4 pointsr/keto

I would strongly recommend Phinney and Volek's book I linked. I have not read Dr. Jason Fung's book but it appears to be strongly recommended as well. There are also a few MDs here who do recommend or follow the keto diet. /r/ketoscience is also a great place that your wife would be able to dig into actual research articles and make her own decision.

I am a nurse who lost 45 lbs in 3 months plus 10-inches off my waist a couple years ago and easily maintained that weight loss until I stopped emphasizing a keto diet. I did this while several of my co-workers told me what I was doing "could not work" or "was dangerous" and over the same time they struggled to lose 10 lbs I lost 4 times as much. My cholesterol panel is perfect regardless of my diet or weight, so good genetics there with a small improvement on keto.

During that time I was able to discuss the diet with cardiologists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, and internal medicine doctors:

  • Out of about 10 MDs probably half were against it but did not substantiate why beyond "I don't like low-carb/keto diets" (I'm sure the objections were valid however these were hallway conversations with busy men and true discussion probably wasn't reasonable at the time)

  • A nephrologist didn't like it but admitted that in an otherwise healthy individual it did not pose a risk to kidneys and no amount of protein intake in an otherwise healthy individual would pose a risk to them

  • A cardiologist admitted that as long as your cholesterol profile was not at risk it was probably safe as long as it did not raise your profile

  • An internal med doctor discussed it at length with me because of my weight loss and confirmed he had heard it was effective for weight loss, did not raise cholesterol, and had several questions as well as asking who I had discuss it with

  • The strongest supporter I had was an endocrinologist who strongly supported low-carb diets for his patients and was also a Crossfit guy and had been low-carb (although not necessarily keto) himself for over 10 years.

    Ultimately, your wife may not be swayed that this is the best way. But at least she may realize it should not be dangerous to try.
u/simsalabimbam · 27 pointsr/keto

Everyone can do it. Here is my advice:


  1. Do not jump straight in. First understand what you are doing, why and how it works, and what the risks are. Spend at least a few days on this section.
  2. Keto In A Nutshell contains useful material. Read it.
  3. FAQ Contains a lot of information. Read it, then read it again.
  4. Contains a lot of real life questions and answers, experiences and support. Search here to see if others have had your question (they probably have).
  5. Watch some YouTube videos on Keto. There's a lot of good stuff there.
  6. Watch some general-audience movies about eating better. I recommend FatHead and That Sugar Film as starting points.
  7. Get a good book. I recommend The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, and The Big Fat Surprise
  8. Be aware that there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet, and not everyone knows everything.


  9. Commit to a 30 day trial period. Weigh yourself and take a candid profile selfie as your starting point. If you want, you can get blood drawn and have the LDL/HDL/Triglyceride values as your starting point.
  10. Give away all the sugar and flour, cereals and pasta you have in your house. You don't need them and they will be temptations.
  11. Consider any trips you have during this time. You will need containers to take your own food with you.
  12. Take a look at /r/mealprepsunday - many people on keto like to do their weekly shopping and preparation at the weekend.
  13. Take a look at the Keto Calculator, play around with it and get your values. Plug these into MyFitnessPal or some other tracker, so that you can track everything you consume.
  14. Think about your habits. Do you drink sugary drinks? Are you a bread addict? What will you do instead? Don't be surprised about this.
  15. Get familiar with the macronutrient content of foods. This site helped me.

    Grocery shopping

  16. Green leafy vegetables, cauliflower are always going to be needed
  17. Eggs (fried, scrambled, devilled, poached, boiled...) are your friends
  18. Meats and organ meats of all kinds, especially the fatty cuts are the best.
  19. Butter, ghee, lard, tallow, olive oil are some of your better choices for fats
  20. Many people do well with cheese, greek yogurt, full fat cottage cheese etc.
  21. Bones for making broth
  22. Take a look at (cheap) electrolyte salts for supplementing during your 30day trial.


  23. Don't accept meals / cookies / doughnots / cake from family and co-workers. Your response could be "I'm reducing my sugar intake".
  24. Don't go hungry. It will take a few days for the natural satiety of this diet to take effect.
  25. Eat a traditional 3 meals a day. Only skip a meal if you are confident you can make it to the next meal. Don't add additional meals or snacks. Don't get side tracked by all the talk of fasting. Fasting is not mandatory.
  26. Track your food intake honestly in a food tracking app or tool. This includes calories, but is more useful to you as a history of what caused satiety and what caused hunger.
  27. Focus on high fat, low carb food items such as eggs, avocados, meat as being the center of your meal, with veggies filling out the plate for taste and volume.
  28. Never drink anything with calories. You are going to be a tea-totaller during this month. Black coffee and teas are fine, as is water.
  29. You may test your pee with ketostix if you wish, during the initial period, but there are problems with this kind of testing. Also: don't tell us about your results.
  30. keep a journal of your sleeping habits, dream intensity, well-being, energy levels, hunger levels etc.


  31. If things are not going as planned, ask here for advice. Especially:
  32. Skin rashes or zit outbreaks, racing heart, headaches, lethargy.
  33. If you eat something you shouldn't have, don't worry. Figure out what your kryptonite is and plan for a better response next time.

    Good luck!

u/Glix_1H · 2 pointsr/keto

In general, supplements are an expensive band-aid, and not a real long term solution.

The only things I supplement are:
Magnesium. Mag citrate works, but chelated magnesium is best since it doesn’t act as a laxative. Take 800mg a day until your anxiety goes away, then you can just use 200-400mg:

Otherwise I just save bones, make bone broth, always have the skin on chicken and slow cook organ meats like beef heart and chicken heart and giblets a longs with some carrots, celery and lots of spices. I use seasoned salt and lite-salt on baked meats for my sodium and potassium. As long as salt tastes good, you can continue having it. As long as it’s not hidden by sugar you’ll know when you’ve had enough. Sodium and magnesium are very safe, though potassium is the one you don’t want to overdo. “The salt fix” is an excellent book on how necessary it is to health and how it doesn’t cause cardiovascular disease. For slow cooking, it’s best to add salt “to taste” at the end or when served to prevent accidentally adding a awful tasting amount.

I started keto because of depression and anxiety, and successfully resolved both those issues (as well as other things like putting my blood pressure from “almost to high” to “normal”). Magnesium should dampen the anxiety within a day or three.

u/windolf7 · 1 pointr/keto

Did you remember to subtract fiber? We try to shoot for 20 net carbs, which is carbs minus fiber.

  • Your cheese probably had like one or two carbs, which isn't a big deal, but just so you know, harder cheese has less carbs. Sharp cheddar, for example, would have been 0 carbs.
  • You probably got the most carbs form your peanut butter.
  • Try using My Fitness Pal to track your macronutrients (Fats, Protein, Carbs.)
  • If you're looking for a good carb-free sweetener I highly recommend EZ-Sweetz. I put a couple drops in my coffee, along with some heavy cream. Carb-free coffee.

    GOOD LUCK!! Looks like you're off to a great start!
u/Cassial · 17 pointsr/keto

1 - realize that this diet means serious business when we say drop the fucking carbs. Make it a rule to stay under 20 a day, and then you can gradually work your way up after being in ketosis for awhile. This is where ketostix do come in handy, if say you cheat one day and have 30g of carbs, but aren't sure if it knocked you out or not (otherwise you don't "need" them - if you're eliminating carbs you're in ketosis)

2 - eat fats to satiety, no magic number

3 - proteins are the next "goldilocks" number - too much and it'll turn into carbs, too little and you won't maintain muscle (if you're trying to tone up at all). The keto calculators should definitively answer the specifics here for your body weight.

4 - I highly recommend some form of electrolyte/vitamin supplementation. This should be a mandatory sticky - if you are avoiding most of the bad fruits (because they're bags of sugar and carbs for the most part) and eating real/good/clean food, you'll be getting way less salt than the average processed food consuming American. I recommend these - this is way more economical as opposed to Powerade Zero. If you feel like crap and are getting cramps, you need to replenish them electrolytes (especially if exercising). Another good way to up the salt intake I've read a lot of folks here do is simply to drink a few tablespoons of beef broth a day (plus other good minerals in there).

5 - my personal rule I'll share to help, as it helped me the most - No cheat meals by myself, period. Resist the temptation to pull over and get fast food now because you're "soooo hungry". This frees me up to have the occasional dinner out / dinner date and not be guilty about it. Life happens, you will want to enjoy yourself, and you should, if you've been strict and honest with yourself about no cheat meals on your own.

6 - I hope you like avocado, bacon, and spinach. Those are my 3 staples I eat pretty much every day, despite them getting very boring, I really love eating them all together still. Avocado is very important because of the fat content + fiber, and so is spinach/broccoli. Keto is cutting out bread entirely, so you have to get your fiber from healthy vegetables, or you'll notice you'll be in constipationland, population you, very quick.

Keep calm and keto on.

u/howlrose · 6 pointsr/keto

The FAQ is everything. Read it over, read it again and then reference it when you have a question. If the answer can't be found in the FAQ, don't hesitate to ask here. This board is incredibly supportive and so many people here really know their stuff.

Basics: first things first, calculate your macros. Give this a shot:

Set your lifestyle to sedentary unless you're some type of hardcore athlete. And set your net carbs to 20. The calculator will help you figure out the rest.

Once you have your macros set, make a plan to keep your electrolytes up. You need 5,000mg of sodium, at least 1,000mg of potassium and 300-500mg of magnesium. Look up a recipe for keto-aid and make that several times a day. Don't count on meeting those requirements with food alone.

There are some recommendations for food logging apps at the bottom of the FAQ. Try a few out and see which one you like the best. Most track macros and electrolytes to make keeping on top of things fairly easy.

You're going to want a food scale if you have an ambitious goal like 70lbs in a year. This one is great and on the cheaper end:

Read the new posts on this sub and the newbie thread when you have time. If you can learn from the questions that others have, youll prevent problems before they start.

Other than that, just relax, have fun and keep learning. Almost every recipe has a keto version or can be adapted to keto. Stick with foods you like and that fit your macros at first. Over time, youll start branching out and adding more foods/recipes to your list.

u/rknoll74 · 2 pointsr/keto

Absolutely. I'm not sure what your training/goals are like, but you can go all the way up to 1xLBM if you're hitting weights hard. Anything over that and it's diminishing returns. This will also help you burn more calories as the higher your LBM is the more calories you burn just being alive.

Phinney and Volek have an excellent book called low carb performance, another great read is by Phil Campbell called synergy fitness. Both go over low carb diet combined with resistance training. I find working out fasted is the best for me, Campbell talks a lot about HGH production and how it is spiked by fasted workouts. r/ketogains is also a great source of info.

u/brewyet · 1 pointr/keto

You want this book:

The authors do tests with cyclists and runners.

Now the Pro's are doing a high carb diet, so you can only store about 2000 calories from glucose, but even a very fit person has 40,000 calories of fat on them. which one sounds like a better energy source?(referenced from above book) The Pros need to "re-fuel" (keep food with them)because they burned their glucose and are hitting the wall.

A keto athlete never hits the wall and runs off their own fat.

Now that being said, I race mountain bikes and I have tried taking coconut oil before a ride and it doesn't help. I do notice a better boost when taking energy gel with less sugars (like GU). Lately I have been trying not to eat atleast 6 hours before a ride and I have been doing better. I guess it might be I'm accessing my stored fat better, but thats just a guess bro science, but its working for me.

u/n3tm0nk3y · 1 pointr/keto

Stay respectful, stay polite, be patient, but most of all don't lose motivation. You are going to have to change their minds about food and that can be a slow process. "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." If you lose confidence in your convictions they'll never have faith in your ideas either. This is going to take some work on your part.

You need to be able to have an intelligent, respectful, patient, and informed conversation with your parents about nutrition. To do this you must first educate yourself. I recommend you buy this book, you can find it anywhere

I would have you read the entire thing before you talk to your parents again about this issue. When you do talk about it you can't just tell them they are wrong. You must explain yourself. When they finally start to get curious where you got these ideas then you ask them to read this book as well. It probably won't end there.

You are still just a kid and some random book you head about on the internet isn't reliable enough. There's a good chance you're going to have to have an actual doctor talk to them. That means you're going to have to use google and your phone to start asking doctors offices if they support low carb. Find one that supports low carb and set up a visit with your parents.

It sounds like a lot of work but if you think about it none of this is particularly hard. It'll just take a bit of determination. I think this is the only way you are going to be able to convince them that this diet is indeed healthy.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/keto

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that she was "sitting at home and eating Bon-Bons". What I meant by saying "I don't see how she could not be insulin resistant" is, if she is obese at such a young age, then something in her hormone balance has to be out of whack. No one's body wants them to fat, really, it's just that when we eat the wrong foods, we're sending the wrong signals to our bodies. I'm not blaming either her or you for that -- our government recommends that the bulk of our diet be the very foods that send those wrong signals, and it can be easy to chalk it up as "just genetics", because there are certainly a lot of people that eat that way and manage to stay skinny. I think those people did just get lucky with genetics, they tolerate the modern mainstream high carb diet better. But for those of us that didn't win the genetic lottery, so to speak, which I count myself in that group and probably your daughter too, keto and/or low-carb is very often the answer.

It's awesome that she's active, and you're right, exercise helps regulate insulin resistance, but there's more to it than just that, I believe diet definitely plays a bigger role in hormonal balance than does exercise (some people even say 90% diet, only 10% exercise). Additionally, it sounds like it's all cardio, and cardio can actually hinder weight loss as it releases stress hormones that cause your body to want to hold on to its "emergency stores" of energy. I don't know why I forgot to recommend this book in my first comment, but you may also want to read Why We Get Fat. It's a fantastic book, very easy to understand even if I wish it was shorter. It will turn your ideas about what is healthy upside down.

u/colloidaloatmeal · 1 pointr/keto

Yeah, those Powerade Zeroes are definitely not going to give you enough of what you need. Ditch them ASAP. I struggled a lot with low electrolytes my first few weeks because I did NOT supplement appropriately. The good news is you can start feeling better in a few days if you do it properly.

For my "ketorade," I mix 1/2 tsp of Lite Salt and 1/2 tsp of regular salt with one of these. It's got 3g of sugar, but for me that's good enough. I needed something that doesn't taste totally disgusting. It's still salty, way saltier than a Powerade Zero, but you just have to deal with it. I drink this every morning on my bike ride to work. If it's really hot out I might make a second bottle.

Additionally, I salt the crap out of my food with both regular salt and the lite salt. I drink broth. It's not the tastiest thing in the world, but it helps.

At night, you need two of these bad boys. I'm guessing the magnesium you picked up is the oxide form, which isn't bioavailable enough to make much of a difference. Citrate is better, but the glycinate has been tremendously helpful.

After you've done all of that for a week or two, see how you feel. If it's still not making a difference, time to see your doctor. I'll be the first to say that keto is NOT for everyone. I strongly believe that no singular diet is perfect for everyone. If you continue feeling like garbage, it might be worth considering trying something more like Paleo...keeping most of your staples the same, but adding in something like a potato every night with dinner. But don't give up hope just yet! You haven't been supplementing correctly and I know what a difference that makes.

u/badgerwenthome · 2 pointsr/keto

Don't be afraid of lifting and keto, especially if your goals are related to body composition (rather than Olympic-level performance). Here are two reader-friendly articles for you to think about, if you want to keep things data-driven:

1. This article is the best in existence on the subject of nutrition and muscle gain. You'll have to adjust some things to fit with keto (such as the 4 meal/day recommendation - most folks on keto eat 1-2 meals/day), but that shouldn't be too difficult.

tl;dr version:

  • 20g protein right after exercise, 0.25-0.40g protein/kg body weight/meal (I would up this if you're eating 1-2 meals/day)
  • muscle failure during lifting is the most important exercise-related factor in muscle growth. Look at figure 1 for other factors, and a good summary.

    Morton, Robert W., Chris McGlory, and Stuart M. Phillips. “Nutritional Interventions to Augment Resistance Training-Induced Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy.” Frontiers in Physiology 6 (2015): 245. Web. PubMed link

    2. This whole article is great, but the table and figure on p. 45 are a good summary (and include a sample weightlifting plan to be used during low-carb diet): Direct pdf link

    Also, if you get way into the combination of keto and exercise, check out Volek and Phinney's book on the subject:

    Have fun!

u/SilentThunderer · 3 pointsr/keto

Almonds (no sugar added to the seasoning if their not plain),
any plain meat at all,
any plain fish at all,
plenty of no sugar added seasonings like seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder
garlic (I like the pre-minced in evoo in squeeze bottles),
real cheese shredded or otherwise (if it says "processed" then that's not real cheese),
those pre-wrapped individual Mozzerella or cheddar sticks make great snacks when you feel the urge to graze,
Salad fixings (make sure to include spinach for the potassium)
For tomatoes for your salad, I prefer Roma tomatoes because they are perfectly pre-portioned to have an entire tomato with your salad
Newman's Own salad dressing - There's are Caesar and Creamy Caesar varieties that have 1 carb per 2Tbsp
If you are having trouble giving up pasta, try spaghetti squash - super good!
buy a food scale like this one and record everything you eat in My Fitness Pal

Also, make sure you get some Morton's Lite salt, zero calorie drink mix and magnesium citrate to make yourself some ketorade to help avoid the keto flu. Magnesium citrate's in the pharmacy area and it's dirt cheap, and you only use very little. Simple ketorade recipe is something like 1 20-32oz bottle of water with 1/4tsp of Morton's Lite Salt, 1tsp-1Tbsp of Magnesium Citrate and some zero calorie drink mix add-in like a packet or a couple squirts of 0-cal Mio

u/UnlikeSpace3858 · 1 pointr/keto

There is certainly a transition period from glucose to ketone energy. Your body needs to adapt to using ketones and fatty acids efficiently, and it can take months to reach fat adaption, but once you do it is a steady source of energy and endurance is great. But for now you're definitely pushing it. Keto is also diuretic, you lose minerals and that will drain energy fast. Unless you replenish them daily, your kidneys start recycling your water to hang onto salts, which can stall loss from dehydration. Easiest way to ensure you get some more electrolytes is drinking a ketoade daily. You can search out recipes and tweak a concoction of your own.

My ketoade is 1/4tsp salt for sodium; 1/2tsp lite salt for sodium/potassium. You could also use 1/4tsp Nu/No Salt instead, or buy a potassium citrate powder; 1tsp magnesium citrate powder. I use a nice water bottle that unscrews so I can dump in the mixture and add water; 1Tbsp lemon juice; and sweetener. Tastes like a mild lemonade. You could also flavor with Mio or powdered drink packet or other water enhancers, instead. Refrigerate and grab in the morning to drink throughout the day along with plain water, might want a couple bottles each day. It leaves room to get electrolytes in food, but ensures you get enough to not feel horrible if you can't get enough from meals.

u/jakk86 · 1 pointr/keto

I dont know about leaky gut, but I have more energy and feel better doing keto (9 months in). I will say that I started doing supplements as well that have made some differences. I take a daily multi, potassium, and magnesium.

I do sleep a bit better since keto but what has made a HUGE difference is tart cherry extract. I got it to reduce muscle soreness and downtime between workouts (major difference) but apparently it also improves sleep. Massively for me. 45 minutes to an hour after taking it I get fairly tired and I no longer wake up 3-4 times a night. I sleep 6-8 hours straight without interruption and it's incredible.

This is the brand I swear by: Tart Cherry Concentrate - Made...

Also started taking electrolytes as well. Started spending 10 hours or so a week at the gym (2 hours 5 days) and just felt super lethargic after workouts and even on days off. I put one cap full in my water and take it to the gym with me and it has made an immense difference. I get in more intense cardio and I dont feel tired after working out either.

This is what I use: LyteShow - Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration - NO Sugars, NO Additives - 40 Servings (With Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc)

Hope this helps. Good luck!

u/BlightPhoenix · 2 pointsr/keto

I find that juices tend to be high carb. Anything fruit based especially. I absolutely love v8 and all of the fruity varieties but I can't justify all of those carbs.

Lite salt/no salt ( ) could be a great help for potassium. I take a magnesium supplement every day as well, and add salt to almost everything I eat.

Best of luck!

u/SleepyTexan · 2 pointsr/keto

Started at roughly the same point as you, I'll second the comment about people noticing once 30-40 pounds are lost although people may have noticed earlier but may not say anything due to not knowing if you're ill or actually taking initiative.

It wasn't until sixty to seventy pounds down that I went down a shirt size but I went from a size 40 waist to size 35 within thirty to fifty pounds, lost half a size to full shoe size but didn't notice when.

If you haven't already my only regret is not taking a starter photo and not exercising as often with all the excess energy. Check out /r/bodyweightfitness (I like the recommended routine in the wiki).

Check out /r/intermittentfasting just to digest some more information as many have ended up doing both together with good results. (including discipline and whatnot)

Check out /r/ketorecipes if you need some inspiration or would like to change things up a bit.

Check out /r/ketogains or /r/bodyweightfitness once you become fat adapted and are able to use your energy productively.

Check out /r/ketodrunk if you'd like to find ways you can keep alcohol in your life.

Check out this graphic from Ruled.Me and depending on what you're craving supplement with that.

Things you might want to invest in (assuming you don't already have something comparable):

Food scales: this is what I use, this is what Keto Connect uses and this is what I bought for a friend of mine.

Take care!

u/romple · 1 pointr/keto

The only criticism I'd have is to find a better dressing. You can find ranch/Caesars that are 1-2g per serving.

Lettuce is good, but there are more nutritious greens. Broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, spinach, etc... Make friends with all of these.

As for 20g of carbs, it's definitely a good hard limit to start. At first generally the closer to 0 the better, (which you'll never do unless you neglect veggies, which you shouldn't do). But people can go as high as 50g or more and still be in keto. Everyone's different but just don't freak out if you're at 25g a day or something. You'll learn your limits.

Also, don't pay much attention to calories, and read Why We Get Fat.

Good luck!

u/BuildingaMan · 2 pointsr/keto

If your goal is to be under 300 lbs by December 31st, prepare to become a massive over-achiever! So completely doable!!

Please - at a bare mimium - if you have $.99 to spare, visit Amazon .com and buy Gary Taubes book "The Elusive Benefits of Undereating and Exercise." If you like his delivery, probably the best book I've read on low-carb is Taubes "Why we get fat: And what to do about it". Incredibly strong stuff. It reads like a text book - he's a an investigative science and health journalist with a degree from Harvard in applied physics and (because that was not enough) a masters degree in journalism from Stanford.

Entering the low-carb world without reading Taubes is like walking on stage to perform a few Bach violin concertos without ever having taking a lesson.

u/vampire_kitty · 17 pointsr/keto

Paderno is the one I bought a few weeks ago. I did a bunch of research and watched YouTube videos of all the top rated ones. This was the one I picked and it's already paid for itself in massive deliciousness. Oh the creamy cheesy sauces and homemade pesto!!! I'm looking forward to trying some Greek salads with the flat slicer on some cucumbers next. :) So much versatility and lots of online recipe ideas for those not inclined to making up their own. Highly recommend!

EDIT: I came back now that I'm not on my phone to add a link to the one I bought. I've been extremely happy with it. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean.

Like many of the others in this thread, I, too, loathe single use kitchen gadgets but despite the impression that this one only does one thing, it's extremely versatile. I'm about to post a bunch of links to recipes I found under someone else's comment asking for recipe ideas so search this thread for some more ideas. It does a lot more than "just" zucchini noodles! But, really, at this point now that I've tried it, even if that was all that it could do, I'd still be extremely happy with my purchase. :)

u/hal4019 · 2 pointsr/keto

You didn't link anything I think?

Magnesium is easily supplemented in pill form on keto. It's hard on keto to get much magnesium. This is what I use. Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Dietary Supplement, 200 mg per 2 tablets, 240 Tablets

I know you said no pills, but I think that's your best bet for magnesium.

As for potassium, go grab nu-salt. It's full of potassium. I use sodium free salt so it has like 700mg of potassium in a 1/4 tsp.

Hope this helps.

u/BirthdayShop · 2 pointsr/keto

Its pretty common to not get enough magnesium in the typical american diet anyway, so when you are going on a diet that is known for having limited access to dietary magnesium (like keto) its probably wise to take a supplement.

Keep in mind that not all magnesium is created equal. Magnesium Oxide is the cheapest form used in supplements, but it isn't absorbed very well. I took a supplement that used primarily Magnesium Oxide for awhile and it gave me digestive issues. I switched to chelated magnesium and things have been much better. I use Doctor's Best Chelated Magnesium, but I'm sure there are other good brands. Look for "high absorbency" magnesium or check labels and avoid Magnesium Oxide.

I wouldn't worry about monitoring magnesium intake too closely. The National Institutes of Health says you can safely supplement up to 350mg per day (that's in addition to magnesium from food), and that too much magnesium in the diet doesn't pose a health risk since the excess is excreted via urine. Magnesium toxicity can have more serious effects, but you need to consume upwards of 5,000 mg/day to get to that point. That is extremely hard to do.

u/sassytaters · 4 pointsr/keto

I love those little summer sausage bites:

Got this recently at Kroger and it was great, but it's already been discontinued at my store:

Lily's Chocolate Bars are really good, but pricey:

Microwave Pork Rinds:

Other than that, maybe individual sized packs of nuts, string cheeses, little sample jars of fancy nut butters (or like those squeeze packs of Justin's Almond Butter).

Congrats on the whole family getting on board. That's great.

u/I_Fuck_Whales · 2 pointsr/keto

Sodium: Salt all of the food that you eat!!! That will be the easiest way. I also will occasionally mix 1/2tsp - 1tsp lite salt with a Powerade Zero, split it in half and mix it the remainder with water. Gives me two drinks for the day. I will also drink broth, usually at night before bed just because it tastes good!

Potassium: Lite Salt will also help big time with this. Another good way is to eat leafy greens (mainly spinach for me), avocados, fish, mushrooms, etc. (Just google: "foods high in potassium", for an extensive list).

Magnesium: Again, leafy greens, fish, nuts, avocados, etc. I also supplement magnesium by taking one of these every night before bed: HERE! It really helped stop waking up in the middle of the night with ungodly painful leg cramps.

That's how I keep my electrolytes in check. If I ever feel tired or lightheaded, I'll just drink a cup of broth, but I rarely have to do that.

Hope I was of some help to you. Good luck! :)

u/Physical_Moron · 5 pointsr/keto

So, there's always some sort of natural carbs in veggies. I eat only cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower. I'll eat a few pieces of carrots, and celery, onions, and bell peppers, but avoid corn, for instance.

I eat no refined sugar, no carbs (flour, potatoes, corn starch, or sugar derivatives like malodextrine, dextrose etc.), and no starchy legumes, or veggies.

I cook with healthy fats, like coconut oil, and butter. I eat lots of protein, and healthy fats, with green veggies.

I bought (for the first time in my life, electrolytes. I bought liquid drops, from Amazon, called Lyteshow because I was getting cramps, and won't eat bananas anymore. I also bought MCT Oil, because I think that medium chain triglycerides are important.

Other than that, I just try to eat as clean as possible, and have fun making keto recipes. I also bought one of those fancy Multi-pot electric pressure cookers, because I'm eating a lot more real meats, and it requires very little prep, and I don't think about food all day. I only eat one meal a day, and try my best not to load up on fat. I've got plenty of fat on my body.

u/toddvelie · 2 pointsr/keto

I sooo want to like stevia. But I don't. Most of it tastes nasty.

In general, I try not to use sweetners at all, but when I do, I use this:

Or, sometimes, because I really want to like stevia:

For stuff with a strong natural taste, I can get away with the Stevia/Monk fruit combo. For things that are not that naturally strong flavored, or require quite a bit of sweetening, I just break down and use the sucralose.

On a related note, this year I'm growing a stevia plant in our garden. First time trying it. Those leaves are like candy! Just pop one in and chew. For some reason, a straight, raw leaf tastes fine. Maybe its just the novelty factor.

u/ladyrockets · 10 pointsr/keto

Links to the products in the pictures:

Better Than Bouillon
The chicken flavor (2g carb/serving & sodium 29% DV) is my favorite, but they have other flavors too (the vegetable base only has 1g carb/serving).
Sometimes I add Sriracha (1g carb/tsp), garlic powder (2g carb/tsp) or a tablespoon of tomato paste (2g net carbs/Tbsp).

(potassium 15% DV/serving) I can usually find it at the grocery store for less than $3, and there's about 90 servings per can. I've tried some of the other potassium based salt substitutes and this one tastes the least like chemicals (it still doesn't taste good, but the benefits outweigh the flavor).

Magnesium Carbonate
(1/4 tsp = magnesium 84% DV) There are a few different forms of edible magnesium salt. This type is hard to find in it's food-grade form, but it has the least offensive flavor IMO. Bonus; this form of magnesium is also used as gym chalk, so you can use any extra to dust your hands if you take up climbing ;)

Emergen-C Electro Mix
This is one of the few electrolyte mixes that doesn't have carbs, but does have a decent amount of potassium (most have potassium <3% DV, this one has potassium 12% DV). Bonus; it also contains calcium, manganese and chromium.

I found that I needed to make a bowl of salty broth about once or twice a day when I was starting out with the keto diet (to help with digestion, occasional muscle cramping, slight nausea, the habit of eating larger volumes of food, etc.). A few months into it I had throttled down my salt supplementation to about a two times a week. Of course, everyone's body and experience is different, so you should do what feels right for you.

u/__Vic__ · 3 pointsr/keto

Just a heads up that tested that and it came up high in some heavy metals, so I stopped using it. Over at r/nootropics, we love Doctor's Best Mag Glycinate as the best for relaxation and sleep. Any glycinate form really, though I know the citrate and malate are good, too.

u/bst82551 · 2 pointsr/keto

The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance advocates for zone training in order to help your body prefer fat burning. I've been doing zone training and have had about a 15% gain in running efficiency. I feel less winded and rarely feel sore.

I also really, really like chi running because of its focus on efficiency by using gravity to propel yourself forward. In a long event like yours, efficiency is the key to winning.

u/301_3 · 5 pointsr/keto


If you're on mobile, don't forget about the sidebar! The FAQ is really helpful for beginners, and you should also check out the Keto Calculator for Macros. When using the calculator, set your activity level to sedentary to start with.

In the beginning, I would recommend getting a food scale (I use this one - it's less than $12, but any similar one will work), and weighing out all your food, and logging it in an app like MyFitnessPal. Once you're certain you have a good grasp on portion size and such, you may find you don't need it (though I still weigh and log everything).

I personally try to avoid substitute foods like fake breads or muffins or pizzas or sweets. I think it's best to work to break the addiction to carbs, rather than reinforce them with disappointing facsimiles. That said, there are people who rely on those substitutes, and would disagree strongly with me, which brings me to I think the most important tip - don't be afraid to experiment with what works for you. You'll hear conflicting advice on this sub, and it's not because anyone is wrong, it's because we're individuals, and we respond differently to different things. The FAQ will walk you through the things that are relatively non-negotiable (like eating more than a minimal amount of carbs), but a lot of what gets discussed here is not set in stone. That's one of things I find most useful about this sub - we're all trying to refine the process, and it's good to hear other perspectives.

u/ThisIsMyKetoUsername · 3 pointsr/keto

If you're in the states, look for [this] ( It's cheaper if you've got a grocery store that carries it. This has your potassium as well as a a little magnesium, but I don't think the magnesium is that physioactive. It helps me a LOT more than the salt that I used before. Just add a bit, I've heard between a 1/4 tsp and a full tsp, to your bottle of water and, if you want, add some vitamin fortified water additive, like [Mio] ( I like this one with the stevia and the additional B vitamins. It's a wonder drink for me!! But, if you're feeling ok, then go with what's been working for you!

u/edingc · 0 pointsr/keto

I have this one, but I can't say I use it all that often.

Couple of thoughts:

  • Have you considered taking your favorite recipes and compiling them into a "book" for your parents to have? Some quick work in MS Word and a trip to Staples/Kinkos/OfficeMax should yield a DIY cookbook with a good handful of recipes.
  • Make sure you include Why We Get Fat in your gift basket. It's a great primer on low carb diets, but much less science heavy than Good Calories, Bad Calories.
u/Woknblues · 1 pointr/keto

You betcha. Boiled eggs are good, as are pork rinds, Kirkland protein bars (only 4net carbs each) cheese like mozzarella holds well at room temps, too. For sweets, find the best tasting (for you) Sweetener and take it with you in the road, if I am right in assuming you drink lots of coffee. I use a product called ezsweets. Great stuff.,-2-pack,-2-count.product.100296106.html

EZ-Sweetz (2oz - Liquid Sweetener 800 Servings/Bottle)

u/Dead_before_dessert · 1 pointr/keto

Himalayan is good stuff but it has trace amounts of potassium at best. I have used [this](NoSalt Sodium-Free Salt Alternative, 11 Oz, and [this](Nu-Salt Substitute Shaker, 3 Ounce in the past. Its usually on the very bottom shelf in the salt section.

These are the recomended amounts of each per day

5000 mg of sodium

1000-4700mg of potassium

300 mg of magnesium

Your Himalayan is perfect for sodium, which is the big one. Same thing with the magnesium. Potassium needs really vary per person, but if you notice that you're feeling wonky, achy, or cramping up its a sign you're not getting enough and might want to try and track down the no/nu salt.

With regards to your recipe, you can use myfitnesspal (or whatever) to track them and make sure youre getting your recommended amounts. Beyond that it's really personal preference. The only caution about that is to make sure you're spreading it throughout the day, because too much, too.quick has have a really unfortunate diuretic effect.

u/IllConceivedIdeas · 1 pointr/keto

Try to get your diabetes specialist to read this book.

It will explain almost everything he could want to know and has an entire chapter dedicated to specifically why it is what you're doing is so good at treating type 2 diabetes and another whole chapter dedicated explaining the metabolic effects of the diet and the derangements that are fixed by it's unique way to bypass them. There's several segments more or less explicitly written with the intent of convincing curious doctors like yours.

The fact that he signaled curiosity at what you where up to so early on is probably a good sign that he'll have an open mind and be open to exploring the ideas of carbohydrate restriction and extreme carbohydrate restriction with his other patients and doing so could very well save lives.

(That link is not a referral link just to be clear.)

u/Aevin1387 · 7 pointsr/keto

> Does it matter if fat is unsaturated or saturated? I know saturated is bad for you, but would you just burn it off anyway?

Saturated fats are not bad for you, that is another of those myths surrounding dieting that came about during the "low fat" hype. Yes, certain mono-unsaturated fats, such as olive oil or fish oil, are better for you, but saturated fats aren't bad. A great resource for this information is Gary Taubes' book Why we get fat and what to do about it. When looking for fats, think of the ones that don't require a lot of processing, such as olive oil, coconut oil, lard, butter. Canola and other vegetable oils require a lot of processing and would not have been easy to get during paleolithic times.

> Since it can be hard to get a lot of fat, would it be a good idea to cook with butter/extra virgin olive oil whenever possible?

You should cook with butter/extra virgin olive oil, but getting enough fat isn't too difficult, especially if you are eating fattier meats, such as bacon or steaks. For salads, I love to use just olive oil for dressing.

u/cracker_nut · 2 pointsr/keto

Good to hear! I’m glad to see this update today. I am not in any way an expert on this, but feel free to ask me for help any time and I will be happy to do what I can. Here is a link for lyteshow if you ever need that. Lyteshow

u/potensMatrem · 1 pointr/keto

Chiming in a few days too late, but for anyone coming back to read this at a later date: EZ Sweetz has been an absolute lifesaver for me on keto. It was designed as a sweetener for diabetics (so it doesn't spike your blood sugar), is affordable, and completely without aftertaste. Maybe I've been using it for so long my taste buds have just adapted, but I really think it tastes identical to sugar. The only downside is that, because it's a liquid, you can't use it in baking or traditional recipes that call for granulated or powdered sweeteners.

I hope anyone out there craving sweet stuff will give it a try. Buy it here!

u/Teslok · 1 pointr/keto

I get the great big huge barrels of Utz from Costco. The ingredients, "pork rinds, salt" and are generally OK. I sometimes have them with cream cheese or nacho cheese/queso.

Sometimes you get the perfect crisp, sometimes you get the slightly harder-to-bite, sometimes you get the weird little puffs, but I haven't gotten any of the tooth-cracking chunks I've found in other brands, so generally Utz has been my go-to.

Amazon carries them as well - Link - I can't remember Costco's price, but I'm pretty sure it's cheaper.

u/MsQuirky · 1 pointr/keto

Bump for this response. I need to try the dry-frying method, but I've used them before and find them alright. You have to rinse them quite a bit, but after that I find they're a nice "bulking" addition to food. Don't expect them to be exactly like pasta, and you'll be less likely to dislike them.

I also love using zucchini in place of pasta too. I bought one of these bad boys on recommendation from a vegetarian friend and have been quite pleased with it.

u/dtlr · 3 pointsr/keto

I got this digital food scale from Amazon and it was the best $12 I've ever spent.

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black

If I'm going to have chicken salad for lunch tomorrow, I will weigh each individual ingredient before dumping it into the bowl, and enter them each into the app I use to track my macros (Cronometer). If I'm going to have pork rinds for a snack, I will weigh out the exact serving size listed on the package, and enter it into Cronometer. Don't freak out, it's incredibly simple.

I'm not saying you have to do this, but it is very easy to let things get away from you when you don't know exactly how much you're eating. Good luck!

u/LookAt_TheSky · 1 pointr/keto

tl;dr Take some chelated magnesium (there's another form of Mg that gives you diahhrea; chelated doesn't do that). Something like this.

Assuming the linked bottle is used, and 1 pill = 100mg of Mg, then take one pill, see how you feel, then take 2 pills the next day, seeing how you feel, then take 3 pills a day, see how you feel. It's up to which amount makes you feel the best that you want to seek out, because it's different for everyone.

Now for the other electrolytes, Potassium [K] and Sodium [Na].

For K, be CAREFUL and don't take a lot ( more than 100mg) at once. Too much K at once can cause heart problems. I made this mistake once and actually started getting heart palpatations (I am 20 years old, for context). That said, I usually like to get some "Lite Salt", and salt all of my food to supplement my K, which seems to work.

And now, for the big one, Na. There are many different ways to supplement Sodium, but what I like to do is get straight to the point, drink 4 grams of table salt+Water (around 1500mg Na) for the day, and get it over with. You will definitely want to experiment on the amounts on what's "too much" and what's "too little". I started out with 16g of table salt (6000mg) a day. But I soon figured out could cut down to 4g of table. There are times where I'll need 16g of table salt if I'm going through a really long run and drinking lots of water, but since for the most part I'm sedantary, I usually keep it to 4g in the morning and 4g Na+Water in the evening. More if I feel I need it (you'll feel foggy and/or lazy from a lack of Na supplementation).

Hope this writeup helped you, feel free to ask any questions. Electrolytes were confusing for me at first but this is what it boiled down to throughout my experimentation and from searching on here.

u/Purgid · 2 pointsr/keto

So I've been reading and researching since we posted earlier this week.

I wound up using Windsor Half Salt for potassium supplementing (found with the normal salt at most Canadian grocers). This looks pretty much identical to Morton's Lite Salt.

I also found (after a long time searching and reading medical papers to clarify) that ideally Magnesium intake levels are somewhere around 420 micrograms daily for men my age. This is supposed to be elemental magnesium, which some supplement companies are good at listing, and some are not. As such, I found what I think was the best option available on for Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium (200 Mg Elemental), 240-Count. It's a large pill, no doubt, but at 1000mcg magnesium chelate / 100mcg elemental magnesium per pill, a 240-count bottle at $40 was a pretty darn good value. This is a Magnesium Lysinate Glysinate Chelate, which seems to be a good bioavailable format, and I've found no side effects that some users of citrate complain about.

u/justmyrealself · 2 pointsr/keto

These don't have the same macros (more protein than fat) but they are good in a pinch.

Also, I usually try to even out the macros and dip in mayo or throw some butter over them and treat them like popcorn.

Either way... they're delicious.

u/Theforechecker · 3 pointsr/keto

Getting past the keto flu....(read the FAQ)

Read this book, its great, provides the science, the rationality and the menus.

And remember...
in about 3 weeks...

  • you will have FAR LESS cravings, if you stick with it
  • you will have FAR MORE energy thats stable, if you stick with it
  • you will lose weight and become less bloated, if you stick with it

    Stick with it, mean ALL IN...not half in half 65%-85% fat - moderate protein and only get your carbs from non starchy veggies. This is the key...get in ketosis and stay there...then in a month see how you feel and do what you want. BUT for a month stick with it so you can see the REAL benefits of a well balance Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet.

    Good Luck, this diet is like no other, you will never be hungry again.
u/tsarz · 1 pointr/keto

It sounds like you want a "keto for beginners" that is better than what is here on reddit. There are some other websites like DietDoctor, but I think the best information is probably in books such as The Art And Science Of Low Carbohydrate Living. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Edit: Another good link is but you'll have to poke around to find what you're looking for. I don't think he really has any "how to do LCHF" stuff.

u/marshmallowwisdom · 1 pointr/keto

Congratulations! I'm about one month in but haven't made it official with the Ketostix. Drink plenty of water and get yourself some Lite Salt or other source of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. It's comforting to see the great support in this thread.

u/Aingeala · 5 pointsr/keto

TL;DR A vegetable spiralizer.

My favorite tool I've been using almost daily since last week (when it arrived from amazon) is a vegetable spiralizer. Had I known about this when I started keto, I would have been able to get a lot more veggies into my diet (and helped appease my spouse who gets bored with the same foods easily).

If you are someone who loves pasta, I cannot recommend this nearly enough. I've made a version of shrimp alfredo (avocado garlic sauce is great with zucchini noodles), noodle sidedishes, and last night spaghetti was back in the house.

I also use it to make apple chips and curly fries for the kids. There are all kinds out there, with loads of recipes as well. This is mine.

Other tools that I use pretty much daily: cheese grater, bullet mixer, food scale.

Other tools I have on my amazon wishlist for my keto kitchen: dehydrator, grease catcher/container, whoopie pie pan.

u/wuweime · 1 pointr/keto

I'd consider either carrying a bunch of these:

Or making my own ketoade concentrate and putting it in a clean water bottle (emptying out a Dasani bottle). Or both!

My ten-serving ketoade concentrate recipe:

  1. One 10oz bottle of magnesium citrate.
  2. Ten tablespoons of lemon juice from concentrate
  3. 50 grams of Morton's Lite Salt
  4. 10 good squirts of MiO lemonade flavor
  5. A little warm water to help the "salt" go into solution

    The above assumes that I'm getting some more salts from other sources. I also add in a multivitamin that includes some potassium and magnesium. Otherwise, what other folks here are saying - at the high end of what's needed for protein. Enough fat for satiety.

    If you don't mind toting it, a head of cabbage stays good for a long time out of the fridge and the leaves make good carriers for tuna (I'm thinking packets of tuna in oil + packets of mayonnaise + seasoning of your choice).
u/parl · 2 pointsr/keto

First, Dr. Bernstein is great, especially for T1DMs.

Second, low carb is great for T1DMs and T2DMs, such as myself. But just as I was able to reduce then discontinue my Metformin as my carbs dropped, you'll have to adjust your insulin as your own carbs drop.

Third, there's a revealing photo in Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories, showing the upper thighs of a woman who injected insulin there over many years. There are HUGE fatty deposits there, which grew slowly over time. Insulin does encourage the growth of fatty tissue. The less you take, the better.

It also allows glucose to enter muscle cells and helps the brain use glucose as well. So you're not going to live w/o it. But slowly, safely reduce it as you are able.

BTW, as the brain is adapted to using mostly ketones, less insulin is required there as well.

u/fury420 · 1 pointr/keto

muscle cramping when adequately hydrated does sound like more of an electrolyte (sodium/potassium) issue rather than a lack of carbs, I've seen exausting your glucose described more like hitting a wall or feeling drained.

FYI, you can make your own carb-free sports drink by dissolving "lite salt", it's a 50/50 blend of sodium & potassium chloride (often with a bit of calcium/magnesium as well) that you can also use in place of regular table salt, and is much cheaper than potassium supplements.

>Yet I've heard and read here that once someone is "carb adapted" they don't need to carb up...

I'm a bit out of my depth when it comes to extreme athletics, but from my understanding this does depend on intensity and there is a point when pushing close to your VO2 max where fat/ketones are no longer entirely adequate. IMO If you truly are pushing yourself hard enough to need a carb-up, it's not something to fret about as you'll be burning through those carbs pretty damned fast anyways, and fit individuals also tend to have better metabolic flexibility. I haven't read myself, but I've seen 'The Art & Science of Low Carb Performance' recommended for athletic ppl doing keto.

u/McCreadyTime · 1 pointr/keto

Agree with another poster here that it sounds like a sleep problem rather than a diet problem. Your sleep has improved but it still isn't good. Diet alone cant fix that. One thing that helps me is magnesium citrate right before bed. I use calm:

Natural Vitality Calm, The Anti-Stress Drink Mix, Magnesium Supplement Powder, Raspberry Lemon - 16 ounce

u/mrdumbphone · 2 pointsr/keto

Ignore mainstream nutrition. If you're interested some books are The Big Fat Surprise, The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, either of Taubes' books, or you can watch Youtube lectures by Phinney, Volek, Taubes etc. This page is also fairly good on fats.

Fats are extraordinarily complicated in structure, oil composition, metabolism, etc. The best bet is to eat older fats and not newer processed oils because we quite literally evolved eating animal fats exclusively, not shortening hydrogenated from the refined oil extracted from the unused excess seeds that fell out of cotton plants.

Omega 3:

  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 are both required to be ingested by the body as we have no metabolic way of creating them (whereas Omega 9 can be created from Saturated Fat).
  • They should be consumed in a one to one ratio, which is the ratio found in grass fed animal fats, eggs, milk, butter.
  • It is important to note that the need for these essential fatty acids is relatively small, so in the case that you're consuming 80% of your calories from fat you should primarily worry about the ratio of the fatty acids in your food (IE eat animal fats). You can overdo Omega 3 consumption if you consume an excess of fish oil supplements in addition to fortified foods etc.
  • The so-called "polyunsaturated oils" like soybean, cottonseed (commonly called "Vegetable"), rapeseed (commonly called "Canola) etc are very high in Omega 6 while being low in Omega 3. The result is that most people in the US consume vastly more Omega 6 than Omega 3, and studies have shown that many inflamation markers and chronic diseases are improved as that dietary ratio moves closer to 1:1.
  • Grain fed livestock is much higher in Omega 6 than Omega 3, just like the so-called polyunsaturated oils.
  • Lard is fairly high in Oleic Acid, the monounsatured fatty acid that Olive Oil gets all the praise for.
u/nortab · 5 pointsr/keto

I'll start off by commending you for taking this step. I wish you the best of luck.

The FAQ in the sidebar is a good place to start. I personally started after reading Gary Taubes' "Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It". It provided a great overview of the science behind keto, and the health benefits that could result from it in addition to weight loss.

u/Luxin · 1 pointr/keto

First off, check out /r/coffee if you really like coffee. Just be ready for a blue pill/red pill moment Neo, since /r/coffee is a trip down an awesome rabbit hole...

Anyway, I like to go for some fresh roasted (by me) and fresh ground (seconds before adding the hot water) coffee in a Chemex. I then add heavy cream and EZ-Sweets.

u/nixfu · 2 pointsr/keto

Right along the same lines, I would wonder if a video by author Gary Taubes would be also what your looking for? He has been giving lectures to the medical circuit and educating doctors on the actual science and research for a few years.

Here he is a Ohio State University Medical Center:

Or here he is at Bastyr University:

Or here he is a New Brighton School:

Or here he is at University of Texas:

And there are lots more on youtube.

BTW, if you have not read his books and are really interesting in learning some of this stuff, you MUST do so, they are great books.

Of the best two books he wrote, "Good Calories, Bad Calories" is very technical and very much aimed at the medical community with extensive technical details and many many footnotes and reference data.

"Why we get fat" is the layperson version of the same book.

u/peppermint-kiss · 5 pointsr/keto

My advice:

  1. Drink coffee with a sugar substitute (I like Splenda, it functions and tastes exactly like sugar) and a dash of heavy whipping cream (you don't need much to lighten the coffee up a lot).
  2. Diet soda - any kind - is fine.
  3. Watch this video for an "Explain Like I'm Five" approach.

    Bonus advice:

  • Only weigh yourself once a week.
  • If you weigh yourself two weeks in a row and you haven't lost any weight, make sure you're counting your carbs. 50g is the max, 20g is the ideal. So maybe say, "Okay I will only have 35g of carbs a day" and try that for two weeks and see if it starts the weight loss back up again. If not, lower them.
  • If you've lowered your carbs down to 15 or 20g and you're still stalled, try limiting the diet soda. Maybe two cans/day for two weeks, then one can/day.
  • If you're still not losing, cut the soda out completely. For some people, it triggers insulin secretion even though there aren't any carbs in it, and high levels of insulin can stall fat burning.
  • If cutting the soda out doesn't help, cut all artificial sweeteners.
  • Next step would be to start limiting dairy. Then perhaps caffeine and/or nuts.

    I'm a big fan of the "slow and steady" approach. Make little changes, take some time, observe how it affects you. There's no rush to dump weight off; it's more likely to be permanent if you're not obsessing and just "keeping calm and ketoing on".

    Bonus resources, if you want to have a deeper understanding:

  • Why We Get Fat is my favorite intro book.
  • The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Living is a very thorough explanation of the diet.
  • The Big Fat Surprise explains why scientists and public health officials act like fat is bad for you, even though the scientific evidence doesn't support that belief.
  • Good Calories, Bad Calories is a more detailed & scientific version of Why We Get Fat
  • New Atkins for a New You is a very easy-to-follow instructional guide if that's what you need (written by Eric Westman, the doctor in the video I linked above).
  • Here is a list of great keto videos to watch.
u/lessthanjoey · 2 pointsr/keto

Again, read the FAQ. An electrolyte panel won't find low electrolytes usually because it's measuring blood concentration.

In the case of sodium, the body responds by essentially dehydrating you to maintain the sodium concentration in blood. You get low blood pressure, feel lightheaded, etc.

In the case of magnesium, the concentration that's important is cellular concentration, and that's essentially uncorrelated to blood concentration for similar reasons.

The numbers you listed are nowhere near enough electrolytes. Try drinking a cup of bouillon. A big bouillon cube will give you ~2g salt. You want 5g salt/day. Salt everything liberally and try the bouillon, and see how you feel.

Re: magnesium, 400mg is good if it's a good type. Magnesium oxide has almost zero bioavailability and only acts as a laxative. I typically recommend the one I link below because it's cheap and easily available, but magnesium citrate is generally OK too:

Re: potassium. Others have suggested this, but 99mg isn't nearly enough. Get the lite salt / no salt / nu salt and try using that with your food.

Good luck!

u/Ohthere530 · 1 pointr/keto

I like this one, the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale.

No fancy features, but it's got a simple design, easy to read, and it seems to give the same number when I step on it twice.

I chose it because gave it the best review. They seem to review all sorts of things, and they've done well by me.

u/ICOrthogonal · 2 pointsr/keto

Congratulations on finding Keto! I started at 465. I'm down 120 now. Watch out for keto flu. It may kick your butt. Keep your electrolytes up, and rock this thing. You will likely lose very quickly. You may need to adjust some of your meds as you go along (Bernstein covers this in his book, referenced below).

Tip 1: Buy and read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. It's written by a Dr. with T1 diabetes for diabetics (both T1 and T2). Low carb dieting is extensively promoted and explained in the book.

Tip 2: Educate yourself as much as possible on what you are about to undertake. Read the books. Watch the videos. Read the blogs. Pay attention to /r/keto.

Tip 3: Don't stop trying until you get to where you want.

Tip 4: Some other tips that may help.

If you have any specific question, ask. Best of luck, and keep us posted on your progress!

u/cr0nis · 2 pointsr/keto

Good luck sir. I will say this. Be prepared with to increase magnesium, potassium, and sodium intake with supplements or natural foods to avoid the Leto flu in a few days.

  • magnesium: I take this
  • potassium: I eat 2 avocados a day
  • sodium: I just add put no salt to everything

    The most important think to know is that there will be changes in your body that are greater than just weight loss. For me it’s been knee pain. Just about home since I started keto due to reduced inflammation.

    Again, best of luck and god bless.
u/s3rvant · 2 pointsr/keto

I eat 2 meals a day with a light snack after work and another for dessert. I keep water near me at all times so it's always a short reach away.

For breakfast I go with 4 scrambled eggs (video) w/ No-Salt, 1 serving of sugar free jello, a glass of Stevia Kool-Aid and a generic multi-vitamin. Depending on the day's plans I might swap out the Kool-Aid for a whey protein drink instead. This leaves me very full and even with a workout around lunch time I won't feel hungry until at least 5pm.

My wife cooks supper, which will include various proteins, veggies, etc. as listed in OP's post above. Sometimes the meal plan will include more carbs than I prefer (such as a noodle dish) and she'll swap out the carbs in my portion for shirataki noodles instead. Last night I had a lovely baked spaghetti with meat sauce using these.

As for snacks I use pepperoni (fav is to nuke them so they're like crispy meat chips), sliced cheese, creamsicle jello, sugar free pudding (use half & half) and nuts (pistachios are my fav).

As for drive-thru, there's a Cook Out near me that still has their prices low (double cheeseburger for $1) and they'll gladly serve burgers without the bun and ketchup on the side. Also love Jimmy John's as they'll use a lettuce wrap instead of bread.

^^Edit: ^^# ^^of ^^eggs

u/swingthatwang · 4 pointsr/keto

fyi i really recommend this magnesium. only Mg that's worked for me without stomach issues and i've tried all the types.

i also recommend not trying any carby replacements or substitutes. i'd fall off the wagon with bread-like things or fake sugar substitutes. however i've been doing great thus far cutting all that out. natural whole foods only. just none of that mess. full on pure keto.

and making a chart, 30 days or 100 days, where you cross off each box for each day, makes it REALLY helpful. esp if you use a big fat red marker. :)

edit: if you use sweet stuff, do NOT use maltodextrin or malitol. it's the devil's ass crack when it comes to weight loss. use liquid stevia (Sweet Leaf or Trader Joe's brand) or Swerve / erythitol.

u/BasqueInTheSun · 3 pointsr/keto

You may want to add a pinch of salt to your water. LiteSalt is awesome and I use it daily. You could also try that pink salt that's super popular.


A general tip about adding salt to water. Don't add so much that the water tastes salty. That's way too much. Only add enough so that the water tastes a little off. Like a different type of tap water, if that makes sense.

u/kinnder44 · 1 pointr/keto

I never thought about pumpkin seeds. That's a good one, too! I also agree that nothing really can replace popcorn, and popcorn was a frequent snack. However, I've been buying these microwavable pork rinds from Amazon, and it's the closest thing you're going to get to popcorn, and they're really good because they're nice and warm and crunchy, similar to popcorn.

u/cherrygarcia80 · 3 pointsr/keto

@fexxi: Unfortunately you are misinformed (it seems many who watched Dr. Oz's keto segment think the same and ended up here without doing their own research and only going by what they heard on tv or from what they had from others). There are countless stories of "normal weight" people who are on keto and feeling better than ever. with bloodwork to show it. I would highly recommend educating yourself on this way of eating by researching especially on books that have been authored by scientific dr's who have carried out studied and authored papers in peer reviewed journals on the health benefits of keto no matter what weight you are at. Here are afew books to read by phinney, volek, tim noakes, gary taubes, dr. eric westman and they all have youtube videos as well, there's many others as well:-

u/Keto_is_Neat-O · 1 pointr/keto

Light-headed in this case usually can be fixed with electrolytes. The most important one that has the fastest fix is sodium. Broth is the easiest.

To keep my electrolytes on the up and up I take a magnesium supplement at night. It helps with restful sleep as a side bonus.

For my potassium and sodium, make my version if Ketoade. 32 oz water, 1/2 tsp pink salt, packet of [Emergen-C Electro Mix] ( for potassium, tbsp apple cider vinegar and a squirt of mio. Make it heavy on ice and sip on throughout the day in addition to more water.

Also, first thing each morning even before coffee drink 24 oz water. Overnight you lose a lot of water which also affects your brain. Replinishing water loss right away helps wake up and could also help your light headed mornings!

u/Tazkill · 1 pointr/keto

Yes dear, I knew exactly which article you were referring too. Now how about you go read about him from his own website and compare notes? He is very clear about everything he has tried, when it was and the science behind it.

But honestly if you would like a science backed book instead of just one man to tell you calories are not that simple then I would recommend -
Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health

u/Captain_Midnight · 3 pointsr/keto

Well, I would ditch the lean meat, for one, and probably the protein supplement, unless /r/ketogains indicates otherwise. If you're taking the supplement for amino acids, there are healthier sources for that (sans sucralose, acesulfame potassium, and fillers like "polydextrose thickener" and "anti-caking agents.") Trust me, they don't care if it cakes or not.

You're also taking in a lot of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. You want primarily saturated fats and omega-3. Omega-6 is to be avoided. Fish oil and flaxseed oil are high in Omega 3. Coconut oil is almost entirely saturated fat. You can get a jar of virgin organic unrefined coconut oil at Trader Joe's for six bucks. Bacon and bacon fat are also your friends. Fatty cuts of meat are where you want to be, not chicken breasts.

You also need to roughly triple your sodium intake, because your kidneys are flushing electrolytes in the absence of carbs. You'll need bouillon cubes or a tolerance for salty water. I'd also double your magnesium, for the same reason. Not all magnesium supplements are made equal. Magnesium taurate and stearate are best for absorption. I take this stuff.

u/killwhiteyy · 1 pointr/keto

man, if you can get these pork rinds, one bag is 210 cals, 7g fat, 4g carb, and 35g protein. that'll help you hit your goal pretty easily. they're also DELICIOUS.

u/digital11 · 2 pointsr/keto

Nope, I think you underestimate the self-limiting nature of fat and protein vs. the human bodies nearly endless ability to gorge on carbs.

If you're serious about getting healthy, I would HIGHLY recommend reading this book. I can honestly say it changed my life as well as my understanding of obesity.

u/robot_cheetahs · 1 pointr/keto

the bare minimum entry into intermittent fasting just requires that you not eat before 11am or after 7pm. If you do that, you're technically doing "intermittent fasting" to get more aggressive, just shorten that 8 hour window to an 6 hour window. The idea, is that the longer you fast the more benefit you can potentially gain from it.

I'd recommend you check out this book:

or the great resources at /r/intermittentfasting

u/ReverseLazarus · 2 pointsr/keto

I loved this book.

And this one, as well.

I haven't read any books on IF, but the transformation my body went through was enough for me on that front. 😊

u/giveen · 2 pointsr/keto

I have a GearFit2. Try MyFitnessPal app. I know that when I connected my GearFit2 it gave me a FREE year prem access to MFP. Maybe it will do it for you.

I recommend isopure for protein shake. I've been doing it for a month now. Add some heavy whipping cream and coffee to it to really make it good.

For snacks, try mozzarella cheese sticks or sugar free jello.

u/helloalone · 2 pointsr/keto

Hi, welcome to the wonderful world of keto! To answer your first question, I add the bacon grease to my calorie intake, i.e., if I used a tablespoon's worth of bacon grease (I oven-bake my bacon) to fry an egg, I count the whole tablespoon. It's just a personal thing, though--I'd rather overestimate than underestimate my calories. YMMV.
JoFL0's suggestion re: the broccoli is a good idea. When you have spare cash, though, I really suggest getting a scale! Mine really helps me with my OCD tendencies.
And lastly, I suggest spacing your intake throughout the day! Obviously, don't drink too much closer to bedtime, or you're gonna have a bad time. I still wake up in the middle of the night most nights to go pee. I just... really like tea.

u/Default87 · 3 pointsr/keto

I pulled it up on amazon to get more information, and here is what I see:

  • 100mg of magnesium, 55mg of sodium, 250mg of potassium. Kind of low on a per serving basis, I would need to take 4+ servings per day and still have to supplement sodium on top of it to get where I would need to be.
  • it's magnesium citrate which is a good thing. Most of these kind of things skimp out and use other forms of magnesium that aren't absorbed as well. Mag citrate has laxative effects that something like a chelated magnesium supplement doesn't have if that is relevant to the individual.
  • it is quite expensive, making the first point even more pertinent. Salt plus a salt substitute with a water enhancer and a separate magnesium supplement works out to be a lot cheaper on a per day cost.

    As for the OP, muscle cramping is most commonly tied to magnesium deficiency. A supplement like this:

    Is a pretty cheap way to get a high quality magnesium supplement.
u/strobonic · 2 pointsr/keto

Just to clarify, they're talking about Morton Lite Salt which contains Potassium.

I supplement with chelated Magnsium (have done since before keto) as pretty much everyone could stand to have more. Potassium is more challenging to compensate for nutritionally on keto. I haven't heard much good about supplementation besides the rec's here re: lite salt and aiming for potassium rich greens in your diet.

Electrolytes are super essential. A lot of people also swear by epsom salt baths!

u/alcoholfreepencap · 2 pointsr/keto

Same scale (this one), which is fairly new. And yes, I always weigh in at the bathroom, without clothes, several times. I weigh myself with clothes on afterwards to make sure I see that slight increase from clothing weight.

I do feel like my calves are slightly slimmer with less fat fold when I squat down, but to be honest I can't tell if it's because of some change or because I'm getting used to this weight.

I've searched throughout the thread and there seem to be a general agreement that a caloric deficit is needed to lose weight? I don't know how I will achieve this by adding fat onto my meals, since fat has quite amount of calories. I guess I could decrease my portions and increase the amount of fat instead but I'm having trouble feeling satisfied as is.

And someone else mentioned the water part too. I'll drink more water!

u/Fantastic-2018 · 3 pointsr/keto

Definitely consider fasting. Check out Dr. Jason Fung's book on fasting. He treats diabetes and obesity and often cycles fasting (from 24 hours to 7 days) into the protocol. He explains why (it's not just to cut calories) and outlines all of the health benefits. Yes, it helps with a stall - and so much more. And no, you won't lose muscle mass. Definitely worth a read!

u/Midgetforsale · 1 pointr/keto

I think I got mine at target? It's Taylor brand. I think most digital scales go up to 400. Wirecutter ranked their top 5 and mine was on the list as reviewed well by consumer reports, but many on amazon had a problem with consistency. Looks like this one would be a pretty good bet.

u/oldcrow · 2 pointsr/keto

For books I'd recommend The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung.

I do three 42-hour fasts a week. Basically I don't eat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other days I eat in a 6-hour window, generally 8am-2pm.

I love it! I get a real energy boost at about hour 36.

u/ByeByeFattie · 1 pointr/keto

I just followed the suggestions in the FAQ, so I went out and bought the highest does of Magnesium supplements I could find. The FAQ suggests Potassium Sulfate or Potassium Chloride, but I unfortunately could only find Potassium Gluconate, which is what I use. But if you can find what they list in the FAQ, i'd go with that. Something about the suffix "gluco-" doesn't seem keto-friendly to me. I also bought Benefiber to keep myself regular, and I use salt liberally. And I take a multi-vitamin. A cup of chicken broth was all I needed for the one headache I got in my first 2 weeks.

Emergen-C makes a supplement powder called Electro-Mix that makes a lemon-lime, sports drink type thing with electrolytes. Full disclosure, though: it tastes kind of yucky, IMO. It doesn't have enough flavor to really stand on its own, so it just tastes like you're drinking water that is "off." I'm thinking of adding lime juice, or maybe putting it in seltzer water to see if it tastes better.

This is what worked for me! Obviously every body is different, but I think it's a good place to start! Good luck!

u/Duke_Newcombe · 5 pointsr/keto

Okay. I read your post. You make some good points (buried deep into your post). I'm still toying with downvoting you for the trollish title.

I think you're missing the forest for the trees. Your post is a "solution" in search of a problem.

No one in my memory here has said that overconsumtpion of ANY foods, regardless of their macronutrient content, is a Good Idea.

No one here, to my recollection, has endorsed limitless eating as being compatible with Keto.

No one here likes "broscience", but I really think this rant goes too far, don't you?

>I guess what I am saying is I am not condemning low-carb/keto. It has and is helping me, and judging by all of the success stories posted here, it is helping tons of people lose weight. If it works for you long term and you feel like it is a sustainable lifestyle, keep it up and be as healthy as you can be! Just understand the real reason behind the success of low-carb: inadvertent calorie restriction and the elimination of processed junk food.

And finally, after many paragraphs, you get down to something that makes sense, and that is hammered upon repeatedly here on /r/Keto - that knowledge is power, and to research the real reasons why this eating plan (the word "diet" should die in a tire fire) works. Why this couldn't have been the FIRST paragraph instead of the last confuses me.

With all due respect. I'll take Gary Taubes explanations over your post any day of the week--no disrespect.

u/difluoroethane · 2 pointsr/keto

Yo boss, switch up the type of magnesium you are taking and get some vitamin K2 to go with and it will absorb better. I take 800mg of magnesium a day now and don't have issues with the right stuff. You probably need more fiber as well to go with since the magnesium will cause loose stools until you can absorb it properly and a lack of fiber isn't going to help in that department.

Magnesium like this:

and some K2 like this:

is what I take. There are a [ton of different types of magnesium] ( and it is hard to know the best type to take without doing a bunch of research.

u/at_work919 · 1 pointr/keto

I just got a Fizzini that works great for making quick bottles of seltzer water, then you just add your own flavoring.

I usually go for either some Electromix or some Stevia-sweetened Stur. (not a big fan of aspartame or sucralose). Works great, and cost-effective

u/bigdonkkk · 2 pointsr/keto

I appreciate your help. Here’s a link to the product

Natural Vitality Calm, The Anti-Stress Dietary Supplement Powder, Raspberry Lemon - 16ounce

u/some_keto_man · 1 pointr/keto

I supplement the minimum electrolytes and just consider food sources a bonus.

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium comes highly recommend.

u/Scarykidscaringkids · 4 pointsr/keto

If you want to know the science as well as anecdotal evidence supporting low carb and against the Standard American Diet, here's a list of books for you to read:

u/prolixus · 4 pointsr/keto

The closest book to what you're looking for is The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance:

It doesn't directly address weight lifting, but you could try a program like Starting Strength for specific exercises to do. The point of the book is how to maximize your body's fat metabolism one of the benefits of which is body recomposition.

u/Perseverant · 1 pointr/keto

LyteShow seems to be a little expensive (I looked on amazon). I think my favorite electrolyte go-to would be this:

It's way cheaper, and it's one packet per LITER of water, plus for each packet you get more electrolytes than each serving from the LyteShow which is also 3 times more expensive per electro c box. The Electro mix also is sweetened with Stevia, has no carbs, and tastes wonderful. I'm a stickler for quality, and I am surprised how wonderful it really is. I have it on auto pay on amazon for 2 boxes per month.

u/AmericanPaleAle · 1 pointr/keto

This one is mine. I love it, it is precise enough that if I urinate I can track the difference before and after. Awesome reviews on amazon.

The other food scale was also that EatSmart brand, only reason I felt comfortable about buying no name is because of the reviews about the company replacing the device no questions asked. Below was that food scale.

u/hazeldazeI · 1 pointr/keto

magnesium oxide pretty much sucks but it's great for relieving constipation. Try magnesium glycinate:

u/Junkbot · 3 pointsr/keto

Definitely speak with a doctor, but I also recommend that your brother (and you?) educate himself. Dr. Bernstein's book pretty much covers all the bases, and also has good insight into how very low carb fits in with treatment of Type I.

u/cwq1 · 3 pointsr/keto

Do you mean Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder?

I use that too - it's great stuff. They have a bunch of flavors, the chocolate and strawberries and cream are my favs. Combine it with some heavy whipping cream, ice, and a sugar substitute in a blender you get a pretty good smoothie going on.

u/acitra · 1 pointr/keto
I got this one a few weeks ago because I followed a link off some blog and had no idea that food scales were so cheap! So far I've been very happy with it. It came with two sets of batteries and is super user friendly.

u/aeriesiii · 1 pointr/keto

In the beginning months I would also get cramps during sleeping, stretching, or after working out. I use the following on a daily basis and do not have any cramping anymore.

  1. One avocado a day and will sprinkle NoSalt and Himalayan salt on it.

  2. 1-2 servings of spinach. Usually go nuts on spinach.

  3. NoSalt. Will sprinkle it on most anything.

  4. Chicken Bouillon Cubes. Have 3 cubes over the course of a day. Mix NoSalt with it.

  5. Best Maid Dill Juice. Will have 4oz before working out and 4oz after working out.

  6. Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate. Found to be the most critical. Definitely notice if I forget to take the daily dose.

    For good measure:

  7. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men. Took these pre-keto, but I'm sure they help.
u/Hominine · 0 pointsr/keto

Have you tried the microwave variety? The portion size is much better and warm chicharrones are an honest to goodness Martha Stewart moment.

u/Eric578 · 2 pointsr/keto

bleh, get a good electrolyte water like this one:

Get off the artificial sweeteners, you'll feel better and after a long enough break when you taste them again they'll be pretty disgusting :)

My goto drink at a restaurant is unsweetened iced tea now, with a squeeze of lemon.

u/teemark · 3 pointsr/keto

I used to be a skeptic of the low carb diets,though I could never deny that people did seem to lose a lot of weight quickly. After hearing Paul Thurrott talk about the book "Why we get fat, and what to do about it" on Windows Weekly, I picked up the book, mostly expecting to find all the holes in his theory. Somewhere in reading it, I became convinced enough to start eating low carb/keto. The weight started coming off quickly, I wasn't ravenously hungry all the time (the culprit in all my previous dieting failures), my blood pressure dropped, all good things. Even though I still had a taste for breads and sweets, the feeling of losing weight, and feeling better was enough motivation to keep me from hitting the donuts.

I would recommend reading the book. He isn't selling a diet, just documenting what doctors and researchers have found that supports the keto diet, and how social and professional pressures keep the it from being widely accepted by the medical community. I honestly think he could have done a better job presenting some of the information, but I still recommend it.

u/KarmicEnigma · 1 pointr/keto

I had the same exact issue and magnesium fixed me in 2 days. I LOVE Calm Magnesium

It isn't cheap, but it's worth every penny. If I don't take my daily dose for a couple of days, my leg pain comes right back. Further, I'm able to relax and sleep SO much better when I have a small glass before bed.

u/Stormrider001 · 2 pointsr/keto

I use the EatSmart Precision scale and love it as it is consistent in the its measurements and minimizes variation between multiple samples so you feel confident its ability to give an accurate measurement the first time.

u/justsayno2carbs · 2 pointsr/keto

Same thing as This and This. It's popular with both Keto and Paleo. The Paderno seems to be the one people like best.

u/JK_DONT_PM_ME · 4 pointsr/keto

Pork rinds are an acquired taste. I'm a big fan of chili lime flavored and salt and vinegar (and a store near me sells sriracha flavored which are pretty great). I like to crush up the BBQ or spicy flavored and use them to shake and bake chicken. And the Lowrey's microwavable pork rinds are great popcorn replacement

u/ketokate-o · 2 pointsr/keto

Magnesium will help with the insomnia, leg cramping and constipation! Are you supplementing at all? I know that some people find that taking a supplement such as Natural Calm helps them sleep better.

For your brain fog, make sure that you're getting all your electrolytes, not just magnesium.

u/MacSob · 2 pointsr/keto

Haha! It's "Braundo" and most definitely!

In case no one posted the links yet, this is what I ended up with for my electrolyte drink. Into a glass of water I pour in NuSalt, grind in some pink Hymalayan sea salt, and down it with a 250mg Magnesium pill. I do this first thing every morning, and combined with diet I get all of my electrolytes.




My wife can't do this, she uses this mix and it does work for her:


Hope this helps! KCKO!


u/HotBananaa · 3 pointsr/keto

Well, you can take things to help with the electrolytes, as you should.

You wanna double your Sodium intake. You can use Lite Salt as that has sodium AND potassium in it, and a pretty good amount of potassium as well. Better than most supplements anyway. And then you will wanna buy a magnesium citrate. I also use chicken boullion cubes for sodiumm, i put it in a coffee cup and put hot water in it, then drink it. Tastes like soup kinda.

Its not about "going hard", its not a crash diet. You just figure out your macros and stick to it. Let your body handle the rest.

And no stuff like Powerade has electrolytes in it but nearly enough.

u/rhoymand · 2 pointsr/keto

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale:

highest rated and most popular scale on Amazon. I have it and its deadly accurate with 0.2lb increments. the company is really good with customer support, too.

u/meowmi7 · 1 pointr/keto

These are the best pork rinds. Since they're warm they're satisfying on their own:

For coffee, I mix protein powder with unsweetened almond milk and add some MCT oil and that's my breakfast.

u/fwargh · 1 pointr/keto

This is going to vary quite a lot from person to person:

u/ebilwabbit · 1 pointr/keto

Also, muscle flutters/twitches, aching hands/feet and later on heart flutters and arrhythmia.

Headaches that don't go away with tylenol/ibuprofen or migraine meds are more common than actual migraines, but are also one of the first signs of sodium deficiency.

I like these packets: They're cheapest if you buy the 5-box quantity, but even $0.20 a packet isn't too terrible since it tastes nice and has zero carbs.

u/timkd · 3 pointsr/keto

I HIGHLY recommend Gary Taubes' "Why We Get Fat" book it is only about 240 pages and is a very easy read... I read it in a single day I was so excited once I started. It REALLY helped me understand how and WHY keto works. I wish I had read it when I first started...

u/bublz · 1 pointr/keto

I'm kinda late to the party, but I wanted to give you my 2 cents. I absolutely hated pork rinds, even after trying a bunch of different flavors. The texture and flavor was just disgusting to me. But I looked around on this sub and found this: Lowrey's Pork Rinds. They are "fried" right in your own microwave. They come out hot and absolutely delicious. They're salted pretty well, maybe even a bit too much, depending on your tastes (I think they're perfect for a snack).

Before you give up on pork rinds, try Lowrey's. For real. You really won't regret it. It's a bit of a big purchase if you're worried you'll hate them, but I'm pretty happy I took the risk. These are gonna be a staple snack for me on keto.

u/Smooth_Move · 1 pointr/keto

I also have a huge sweet tooth. Have you tried sugar alcohols? They won't affect your blood sugar levels, though some people claim that they are knocked out of ketosis by it. I just made a chocolate cheesecake with Truvia(erythritol) yesterday and had three slices today and ketosticks still turn purple.

I just got the the part in Why We Get Fat that claims that even thinking about eating carbs can trigger insulin in your body so maybe it's a mental thing?

As for your love of Chinese food, I'm with you there. I miss it...

u/SoftwareMaven · 4 pointsr/keto

I don't think it would work very well. At best, it would waste a lot of squash. I've got one of these and am quite happy with it for making squash noodles.

u/intuitiveG · 1 pointr/keto

I use Scivation Xtend BCAA + Energy about 15-30 mins before my workouts. It is sugar free and calorie free and has about 125 mg of caffeine.

EDIT: It helps replenish electrolytes as well, so you don’t get the keto flu.

If you want protein plus BCAAs I use Isopure Zero Carb Protein

u/JustinJamm · 2 pointsr/keto

I learned this early on and sought out sweeteners (both natural and artificial) that do NOT use maltodextrin or dextrose. Some examples:

(1) Pure liquid sucralose (no filler, just a tiny bit of water)

(2) Powdered Stevia extract using a non-carb filler (like fiber):

One good additional strategy I use is to check this is Wikipedia's "food energy" chart on sweeteners (shows the total caloric energy for any substitute, such as maltitol) before I actually use anything:

u/severaltons · 1 pointr/keto

Congrats on wanting to change your life! All of us r/keto-ers are happy to lend our support and encouragement.

But first, some real talk:

The hard part is re-learning what you know about diet and nutrition. For the past 50 years, doctors have been pushing dietary advice that is well-meaning, but based on some bad science.

For example, you say dietary fat is your "real problem," and that you're concerned about calories. These are the two biggest fallacies of mainstream dietary advice. What researchers like Gary Taubes have discovered is that, if you look at all the scientific research we have, most of what we've been told is just plain wrong. Most notably:

  • Eating fat does not make our bodies create fat
  • Calories are mostly irrelevant

    I second the recommendation to read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. It's extremely important that you understand how and why your body creates fat tissue, and how a low-carb ketogenic diet corrects it. This is not a "fad diet." This is science.

    Cut out carbs, increase fat, and never look back.

    Do not worry about portion sizes.
    Do not worry about calories.
    Do not worry about fat.
    Do worry about what you eat, not how much. There's overwhelming scientific evidence that carbohydrates quite literally make us fat, and that fat and protein do not.
u/CorporateDirtbag · 2 pointsr/keto

Lo-salt is cheap at your local supermarket. Go to the salt aisle (in baking goods aisle here) and check the labels on whatever lower salt substitute they have. Pick the ones that have the best dose of potassium per 1/4tsp (usually 450mg+ for the ones I've seen).

Magnesium, I just order the "doctors best" supplement from Amazon.

u/Hotdogdance · 2 pointsr/keto

Nature's Best Perfect Zero Carb Isopure, Creamy Vanilla, 3 Lb Bottle

u/KetogirlKate · 1 pointr/keto

Calculating your macros here can help you get started - figure 20g carbs as a limit, sedentary, and a 20% calorie deficit to lose weight. Try to hit your protein target and stay at or under your carbs, fat and calorie limits. Check out this info about keeping up your electrolytes, very important for not feeling bad on keto Keto foods are really tasty, find the foods you like (steak, bacon, cheese, whatever) and keep track of your carbs, calories, protein and fat you're taking in until you get the hang of it as to portion sizes. Many people use a food scale for accuracy and convenience, I have this one: People also use spreadsheets to track or apps such as Carbmaster. Take good care of you, you deserve it!

u/SanDiegoDude · 1 pointr/keto

FYI, if you get liquid sucralose it is 100% carb free. Only the "sugar packet" version of Splenda has carbs, thanks to the maltodextrin added for bulking, as you pointed out.

Amazon Link to the stuff I use... 1 bottle has lasted me almost a year so far

u/Phicol · 1 pointr/keto

I believe Magnesium Oxide has a laxative effect, I use Doctors Best Chelated Magnesium . I have heard it is absorbed better since it has a better chance to make it through stomach acid since it is bound to a negatively and can be absorbed in the intestines.

I'm no an expert by any means, just did a bit of reading and found quite a few people like this one and I have had no problems with it.

u/not_an_achiever · 2 pointsr/keto

Have you read The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living? It seems like that would be a better use of your time than debating with qualification-less Reddit strangers.

Holy cow, if you sign up for a trial (or already have Kindle Unlimited) you can read it FREE

u/SavageClay · 1 pointr/keto

I put 8g of this salt (3g of sodium) in a nalgene bottle every morning and sip on it until I start eating. I try to put about 2g worth of sodium on my food in the evening totaling about 5g of sodium per day as per NEOMGGeeWhiz's suggestion which I'm sure he got from this book because I recognize the beef bullion recommendation. I also take this potassium supplement and this magnesium supplement. I've been successfully ketogenic for over 3 years and these recommendations have worked for me!

u/cryospam · 4 pointsr/keto

Super simple, although you do need an ice cream maker.

DO NOT OVERBLEND THIS OR IT WILL SEPARATE INTO BUTTER!! Blend it on the lowest setting your blender has.

Into a blender put the following:

3 scoops of zero carb isopure (this is where much of your flavor and nutrition come from, any flavor works)

2 pints of heavy cream

1 pint of Kalifa Farms 0 Carb unsweetened almond milk

2 teaspoons of Liquid Splenda You can also use liquid stevia or another liquid 0 carb sweetener.

2 TBSP Food Grade Glycerine

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract if you are using vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, toasted coconut, or any of other cream flavors. For fruit flavors like Alpine Punch exclude this.

Run this all through your ice cream maker, put it into the freezer overnight, and you're good to go.

u/gogge · 3 pointsr/keto

Aerobic exercise shouldn't be a problem as long as it's not too intense, Phinney has an interesting review paper on it:

> Both observational and prospectively designed studies support the conclusion that submaximal endurance performance can be sustained despite the virtual exclusion of carbohydrate from the human diet.

Phinney SD. "Ketogenic diets and physical performance" Nutr Metab (Lond). 2004 Aug 17;1(1):2.

Phinney and Volek also wrote a book on this, "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance", I haven't read it but it's been recommended before. Another good book on Keto is Lyle McDonald's "The Ketogenic Diet", it covers almost everything and has ample references.

u/KtO_ · 2 pointsr/keto

Over time my sleep has really improved on Keto, was an insomniac before. Maybe taking a chelated form of Magnesium before bed will help, I know some people like Natural Calm (though I haven't tried it myself).

u/willowhair · 2 pointsr/keto

I went off the minimum in the guidelines, it seemed to work for me. I'd start at the minimum and adjust as nessacery. There were times in my first two weeks on keto that I felt drained or had a headache, so I'd double check my amounts and add a little more. I felt it helped.

For magnesium, I use Natural Calm (325mg per 2 tsp serving). I like Raspberry Lemonade and Orange flavor. Start with 1 tsp in the evening and slowly increase. Some people can have an initial laxative like reaction. Once you get used to it or feel fine, go head and switch to mornings if you want. I just want to save you the trouble of being stuck in traffic and having to really go to the restroom.

For Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium, I use Lyte Balance Electrolyte Concentrate (Potassium 350 mg, Sodium 281 mg, and Magnesium 50 mg). A mix a capful in a glass of water to up my numbers.

u/colourfulcomposure · 6 pointsr/keto

I use LyteShow and it seems to work fine. I also make my own bone broth and drink a cup daily...I've only used chicken carcasses, but I definitely plan to take a stab a beef bone broth here soon.

I'm a newbie, started keto just over 30 days ago so I may not know what the hell I'm talking about lol, but I haven't experienced any keto flu type symptoms and have adapted really quickly to this diet. I watched a bunch of videos and did a ton of reading before starting. This is a super easy to watch video that's packed with great information, including stuff about electrolyte loss/dehydration.

u/kate_does_keto · 12 pointsr/keto

I wouldn't. Many, many doctors, dietitians and nutritionists recommend not doing keto due to years of misinformation and flat out wrong "facts", sponsored by the sugar industry and Big Agriculture.

Take your co-pay and buy the books below instead. For yourself. You don't need to convince anyone that your choices are OK.

Edited to add: Here are my lipid results on Keto. I've lost 40lbs too.

Lipids KETO

Read all of the great success stories on weight and other issues that are helped by Keto. They're all here, just search on things like diabetic, GERD, IBS, depression, lupus.... many stories of greatly improved or cured.

u/cthulhu-kitty · 2 pointsr/keto

If you're able to, please get him an inexpensive food scale and teach him how to use the functions (tare/zero out, changing from grams to ounces). That will make a huge difference in being able to measure portion sizes, even if he's tracking a food log on paper.

This one is $6.95 on Amazon right now: Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black