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u/DevDev85 · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

If they're new to the game I would get them a 1 or 2 player starter. If they have a bunch of friends already into the game then the 1p starter is fine as it covers tokens for just them, but if they're the first of their group to get into the game I would go with a 2p starter that way they can always play games with their own stuff/introduce new people to the game, etc. (you can find 2p starters on sale often for $20, which is a great value)

A couple extra decks is always fun. 4-6 (total) to start is a sweet spot to get some variability in what you're playing. I think getting a display for a new player is actually a mistake because it makes you want to jump around too much from deck to deck. A lot of fun (and skill growth) in this game comes from getting a lot of reps in with decks to really understand the intricacies of the game. With 4-6 total you have enough for variability among your collection but you can focus on a few to get really good at and then keep 2-3 sealed to crack open and have the same discovery experience again later on.

Once they decide they're into the game, I would go with component upgrades:

1 - I would highly recommend picking them up some sleeves. Dragon Shield Mattes are the best I think. I go with Clears to show off the unique back, but they come in a bunch of colors (and only opaque sleeves are legal for OP). I am generally not a "sleever" for my various board games and card games, but since each deck is unique, if you damage a single card, the deck is trashed. If they subscribe to only focusing on a couple of active decks, you'd only need a few boxes and they can swap the decks as they rotate new ones in.

2 - Being able to keep a few decks on you means you can jam some games in the random spare moments you get with friends, so I would go with a nice deck box if I had to prioritize a single upgrade.

  • I carry this Xenoskin 120 in my day to day bag because it's small and can carry my tokens and the 3 sleeved decks I am actively playing at the moment.
  • This Xenoskin 200 is the same version but holds 6 sleeved decks and tokens for multiple players
  • I use these dividers to separate decks for easy removal

    Depending on how light they want to go, both are great options (Gamegenic just recently launched KF branded deck boxes too, they're pretty nice from what I can tell, but have a stupid non remove-able divider in the token tray)

    3 - Nice tokens have great table presence. If you're budget conscious I would start with upgrading the keys only. There are various options out there (start with Etsy). I picked up these metal keys and cannot speak highly enough about them, but they seem to be sold out at the moment (maybe keep an eye out or message the seller)

    Team Covenant's Aember is cool in that they're procedurally generated so each set is 100% unique. The rest of their token options are pretty pricey and since the core token set only comes with damage and stuns, it's hard to recommend. You can buy separate packs for power/armor/ward/enrage, but that would push the whole set to $89 for a single player set.

    There are a bunch of options on Etsy. I have some friends who have sets from DayDreamGaming, which are nice. They're larger than I preferred though and not double sided so there are a LOT of tokens (so not the best portable option). But they are not too expensive, and quality is great (new Ward and Enrage tokens are fantastic).
u/neoKushan · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

Dunno where you are, but I recently took a punt on these from Amazon:

500 sleves for < £20 and they are great quality and feel great. I don't double sleeve my cards and I love the clear sleeves as they let you see the archon art. They feel good in the hand and, honestly, I can't tell the difference between these and the Dragon shield sleeves I used originally.

u/Heyitsakexx · 3 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

There are some good points already made so I'll touch on what might be a good purchase to start.

Generally, Call of the Archons (first set) is a more straight forward play style. Less keywords. More on card Aember bonus. It's what I try to teach new players with. You can find display boxes (12 decks) of COTA for $50 on amazon. That plus a Worlds Collide starter set will give you 14 unique decks, 2 players worth of tokens/keys, and 2 paper play mats for $75.

Welcome to the game!


u/Neagex · 5 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

I've never tried that, but it does not look like that box would fit sleeved decks.. and if you are looking for storage for decks that you simply don't play then I would look at getting team-bags. They can fit an unsleeved KF deck pretty well and you get 100 bags for like 5 bucks.. and they are resealable, which was great because I brought my box of deck rejects to my local game store to let some of the magic players play with them and was able to reuse the team-bag.

Team Bag

u/JDAggie06 · 2 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

I like the idea of having all my decks together with a storage solution like that. It's looking like I'll have at least half a dozen after splitting a display with a friend of mine plus any that I pick up from sealed tournaments. Do you know if there is anything sort of foam insert block product out there that I could use to fill the extra space in that box until my collection become sufficiently large to not fall over in the box?


EDIT: Think I found a winner -

u/Midnight_Shade · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

I love these, I might pick up something like this, in order to stick them on plastic to make them more durable though. I’m not a fan of burger tokens or the cardboard tokens that come in the starter set, so aside from spending out the wazoo buying antique keys and amber beads on Etsy this is awesome and should only be like $10.

u/xystussenpai · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

Ah didn't think of that it's just called crush ice rocks little large but looks great

u/LockeFX · 2 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

I recently got this Ultra Pro case.

It'll store plenty of decks and I have all of the tokens separated into zen bin trays. I also have my decks separated into Root themed dice bags, which are adorable. I'll need cases at some point but want ones with nice art to make each deck stand out a bit. Same with sleeves, I just haven't had luck with either.

u/BigMacchia · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

hi, I'm not a game holder, but reading the size information, I can suggest or the double deck, if you want to keep more deck (I will say around 4 decks, with sleeves) Ultimate Guard 160 Plus Twin Deck...

or this is my favorite one

Ultimate Guard UGD010759 Sidewinder 100+ Standard Size Xenoskin, Blue

for a couple of decks

u/KiwiTerry · 3 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

Got them on Amazon, Ive seen a few others with the same ones. They’re not perfect, but definitely fun.

u/Melphor · 6 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

I'm personally not a fan of how the 2 parts of the deck box slide into each other. I prefer the Ultimate Guard Flip'n'Tray boxes because they still have the tray, and the magnets on the boxes are very strong. You aren't going to be spilling anything. Plus you can get the 200 count box, and it will hold 6 sleeved decks.

u/girzaznot · 6 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

I stumbled upon this earlier, not a lot of information about it. I hope this sort of helps 😐

KeyForge: Tales From the Crucible: A KeyForge Anthology

u/DystarPlays · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

These things are the best - Double Sided Counters I use them for Aember and Damage, Chains I use a dice on top of my deck that ticks down each draw step and stuns I use white counters

u/REDcamp · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

I've been in the camp of Ultra Pro Deck Boxes - the cheap $1-2 ones to hold 2 decks, but I recently discovered that these index card boxes at Dollar Tree can carry up to 3 decks with room for dice and tokens. Example - I need to get a couple more but my local store is out.


Alternatively, Ultra Pro makes these cases. I can't speak to the quality of them now, but I still have one that I bought 12 years ago when I was playing Magic that still holds up.

u/psychgrad · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

Do they mean sleeves like this?

Dragon Shield Matte Black 100 Protective Sleeves

u/GamingVyce · 3 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

I bought the $10 expansion and feel it was worth it. I also picked this up...

Square Penny Coin Tubes (Qty = 10)

u/BowserFoundation · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

Right now, Amazon has some booster boxes (12 decks) of the first set listed at $38.67. I would wager that stock will not last very long.

u/Asmor · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

Yeah, $2 a piece.

Same price on CoolStuffInc

For whatever reason they seem harder to find at brick and mortar stores, who seem to prefer stocking opaque boxes, but the prices at brick and mortar stores are generally in the $2.50 - $4 range.

u/bestryanever · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

We mentioned this in an episode of our podcast, I was using these colored cubes in lieu of tokens. Each color represented something different. They're fairly cheap and you can use them as stand-ins for pretty much any game, in case you ever lose a piece, or as caltrops in the event of a home invasion.

u/TheDeringer · 15 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

If anyone is curious, this is what I ordered off Amazon

Orange Fake Crushed Ice Rocks,...

u/Textsubs · 2 pointsr/KeyforgeGame

Where did you get the Fake Ice Rocks for $2? I can only find thesefor $8.