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u/ihlaking · 1 pointr/KindleFreebies

Hi folks,

Thanks for your support! My new Inspector Ambrose story is back from beta reading and I'm waiting to update everyone on how it's going - I will as soon as I can! There's still a cover preview here if you're keen. Feel free to ask any questions - I'm excited to share the new story with you, and the delays are for some very good reasons! Feel free to sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date with everything! I've also been writing another sequel that's slowly forming up into something promising. Slowly...


For anyone who's keen to check out the entire Inspector Ambrose series in countries outside the US, please find some handy links below!


Series Links

Amazon US

Amazon UK


Book I: What Went Wrong With Mrs Milliard's Mech?

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Amazon AU

Amazon CA

Amazon JP

Amazon IN


Book II: The Vanishing Villa:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Amazon AU

Amazon CA

Amazon JP

Amazon IN


Book III: The Murder at Mansfield Manor:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Amazon AU

Amazon CA

Amazon JP

Amazon IN


Book IV: The Clockwork Dungeon:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Amazon AU

Amazon CA

Amazon JP

Amazon IN




P.S. If you like my work and are keen to keep in touch, I regularly update my website and I'm ridiculously busy on Twitter. Thanks everyone!

u/swizzaroni · 1 pointr/KindleFreebies

Thanks for checking out this post! I've put a great deal of effort into this project, and I feel that this could be helpful to any college students here. There aren't a lot of books about college success, and I wanted to share my own unique perspective on college study and lifestyle. I Have no email list and nothing to upsell you. Just a book I put a lot of effort into.

Free Until October 3rd.











u/JDMankowski · 3 pointsr/KindleFreebies

My mom decided to offer all three of her ebooks for free this weekend for her birthday, including her newest. I told her I'd help spread the world a little.

Echo's Voice is a project she's been working on for 15 years now. Original conceived as a screenplay, it's continued to grow since then through several experiments into self publishing over that time.

The other five parts will come out weekly in June and be around the same length. She's still trying to decide on the pricing, but each of them should have free days as well.

Also, her two other books are free this weekend as well:

Too Many Dandelions and Other Tails: A collection of short stories about pets and animals, including a particularly touching story about a group of cats named after a cartoon character.

And the Dominoes Fall: "When catastrophe shatters all that we know, can these three endure: ... A story of survival, family and faith"

u/whatisthesun · 1 pointr/KindleFreebies


Spanish (Level 2):








English (Level 2):


Why learn a foreign language language through reading? Shouldn't you learn the language first and then start reading?


If you have ever tried learning a foreign language before, you'll know that vocabulary is one of the biggest challenges you face. Without a working vocabulary of thousands of words, you'll be unable to understand and communicate with native speakers in real life.

Fortunately, there is one sure fire way to build up your vocabulary and retain it forever. No, it's not flash cards. It's READING!

It's difficult to begin reading in a foreign language because there's just so many words that we don't know at the lower levels. Trying to read any native material results in going to the dictionary every other word and tons and tons of frustration.

With this short story book series, we hope to provide some easier reading material that is chock full of every day vocabulary that you can immediately start using. Each chapter comes with a vocabulary list to help speed up the reading process and slow down dictionary use. There are also comprehension questions and an English translation to boot.

Each book was written by a native speaker of the target language and proofread by another native speaker, so the language you'll find in each book is as authentic as it gets.


If you enjoy the books, leaving a review on Amazon is the best possible way you can support us and our work!

And if you have any questions, just ask!

u/tweet_poster · 1 pointr/KindleFreebies


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>Free kindle books

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>Books may only be free for a limited time, *always* check the price on amazon before purchasing! If you know of a good free book on amazon please let us know!
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u/VaughnAshby · 2 pointsr/KindleFreebies

Tethered by Vaughn Ashby (Book 1 from the Aurora Wasteland Literary Universe) is FREE for 48 hours. There is a Ghost Penis Monster and a Giant Hell Spider in this book, you've been warned!

Blurb... In 1982 Moe killed a man while defending his son. The next day the man came back. In 1982 Moe went missing. The man continued to come back. In 2014 events are repeating themselves.

In a race against time, reason and more time, Shane has to unwind mysteries of the past in order to save his friend Jason who has gone missing.

Ugh…. That sounds heavy. While all the above is true, this book also has a Ghost Dick Monster that stabs his ghost dick into a guy’s shoulder… seriously, that actually happens in this book.

Also, the main dude Shane, mentioned a couple paragraphs above, well he and his wife are having issues. They both want to bang more, but they aren’t good about talking about it, so it’s this whole thing. Anyway, they are cute, and shit together by the end, shit… is that a spoiler… shit… can you say shit in a book blurb? Oh well, whatever this book is not for kids... So fuck I’ll say whatever I want… boobs.

Anyway, this book has Laughs, Sex, Monsters, Mysteries, and a dick ton of other really cool stuff that I won’t spoil here. You want to be cool right? Well, then you better read this book, I mean all your cool friends already have. Don’t ask them, just trust me.  The first book in the Aurora Wasteland Literary Universe, which combines Horror, Scifi, and Humor.

All books in the Aurora Wasteland Literary Universe are interconnected but are also stand alone novels, and can be read in any order you’d like.

You can also learn more about Vaughn Ashby & The Aurora Wasteland here…

u/Too_many_pets · 3 pointsr/KindleFreebies

These were free when I got them, and they were wonderful!

Suite Scarlett


Old Man's War

Lethal People

u/exotrooper · 2 pointsr/KindleFreebies

"Year of the Dead - Sustainable Earth" by Jack Lee.
Usual story regarding the upcoming zombie apocalypse, but with a new twist. Good enough that I actually purchased the two sequels. I'll happily purchase all the books in this series...

u/djinniman · 1 pointr/KindleFreebies

I was published in the first issue of Taco Bell Quarterly, so I'm celebrating by giving ALL my books away FREE!

Don't Stop the Geekin'


The Thing from the Drive-in

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u/Stevied1991 · 1 pointr/KindleFreebies

Non-mobile link since Amazon doesn't make it easy to go from the mobile to desktop version.

u/tjboo42 · 1 pointr/KindleFreebies

Knox has a unique writing style that's refreshing and to the point in terms of story telling. Also check out his other two books Third Reich Third Strike! and The Tramboline Man.

u/nmcg84 · 1 pointr/KindleFreebies

The fall of Union (Rise of the Union Book 1)

Mutiny in the skies (Rise of the Union Book 2)