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u/Bfreak · 7 pointsr/Kiteboarding

Hi there. So in essence, all of them are 'foil' kites. This is what most people will use as a training kite, but are also fun to just fly.

The difference between them is the steering and attachment method. The first, and last link you posted are 2 line kites. They have 2 lines leading to the outer edges of the kite. This is unlike a kitesurfing kite. They also do not have what is called a chicken loop, which is a loop designed to attach the centre lines of the kite to the harness.

The 2nd link you posted is closest to a kitesurfing kite. It has 3 lines, 2 leading to the outer edges, and one going to the middle. As a result, this kite can be 'depowered' by pushing the bar forwards, releasing tension in the steering lines. This type of kite is the only one that requires a harness.

However, I'm sure many would argue that additions such as a chicken loop and a 3rd line on a trainer kite are not neccesary. A trainer kite is simply used to understand the basics of the power window, and kite positioning. After learning these basic concepts, students will usually move to small 'normal' (ie, inflatable leading edge) kites (usually 5 metre squared) and then on to normal kites for the conditions.

I absolutely suggest you purchase one of these kites for learning to fly and having fun, and I would suggest you get the basic 2 line ones.

Once you have used it for a while, and enjoy using it:


Kitesurfing is a very dangerous sport for beginners. Once you have mastered the basics, it becomes very safe, but most accidents happen when beginners, without proper training or advice, purchase their first kitesurfing kite, and try to teach themselves or fly the kite in unsuitable conditions. It is absolutely no joke that if you try and fly a kitesurfing kite untrained, it can kill you easily, and faster than you could realise. These things will pull grown ass men 50ft into the air instantly.

If you arent interested in owning a trainer kite, and want to save 100$ or so, just go straight for lessons. The first thing they will do is give you one of their trainer kites to learn with in the first half our or so. Up to you.

Hope you get out on the water soon!

UPDATE: all three links you posted appear to be for kites that include a very small training kite and a medium sized beginner foil kite. You would be better off with something like this

u/AxTheAxMan · 2 pointsr/Kiteboarding

I second everything u/alekskras said. I started with DaKine boardshorts harness. Switched to Ion B2— definitely more comfortable.

I have a Ride Engine waist harness I very rarely use. Definitely puts a lot more pressure on your lower back (but doesn’t ride up much at least.)

I haven’t used the other Ion board shorts harnesses but that B2 is awesome. I think it’s the best board shorts harness. I’ve tried some others in shops.

I wear 36 waist pants (kinda baggy on me) and the XL fits me perfect.

I wear these 1.5 mil neoprene shorts underneath and the combo is comfy as heck.

I can ride 3+ hours at a time with no back soreness ever. Get one!

u/n0ah_fense · 1 pointr/Kiteboarding

Get these and attach to any sunglass (although you might want a hydrophobic coating)

Ski goggles are super kooky, will get and stay wet, won't drain, aren't secure, and aren't gonna do what you want

Cablz XL Original Eyewear Retention System 12 Inches ; Black Cord

u/Ctkiteboarder · 1 pointr/Kiteboarding

I always put a tether out even if there are other people around to launch/land because who knows if they will be there when you get back. Also, not a bad idea to attach something to it asking people not to remove it for SAFETY reasons, I've had mine stolen before and I'm pretty confident it wasn't another kiter that took it.

Always use a steel carabiner with your tether. I witnessed a cheap aluminum carabiner open up like a paper clip being straightened out when someone hooked a fully powered kite up to it. Apparently it had worked fine with depowered kites but couldn't handle a powered up kite.

I pieced together tether/anchor with the following:

I only use the land anchor if I can't find a tree or something else to wrap the tether around.

PS. I actually made 2 tethers out of the rope since it had the clips on the tow rope so I have a spare next time it get's lifted : )

u/Feelymcknee · 1 pointr/Kiteboarding

Check out Sony Walkman waterproof mp3 play works awesome for me no need to bring along phone plus it has external mics that can incorporate outside sounds into your ear buds should be just what your looking for. Just have to tie a short line as a leash to them so you don't loose them on a big Wipeout.

u/EvalCrux · 1 pointr/Kiteboarding

per 'flat ass face', I actually would recommend the kurtis glasses moreso. They wrap around your face snug, with the velcro strap for the glasses in addition to the retainer strap around your neck. I have white boy nose, but know the flat asian face well per the sunglasses-for-girlfriend problems lol. My 'expert' opinion would be that the kurtis glasses would do the trick fine.

Sea Specs (, which I also used to wear, I think would not do as well. They are heavier, sit larger/harder on the nose, and don't form-fit wrap-stick to your face as well as the Kurtis. food for thought...

u/tidesofthesky · 2 pointsr/Kiteboarding

If you don't leash or harness in and are somewhere where there are no people around, you'll probably be fine. Just keep in mind that having that harness point is how you adjust the power of the kite.

I'd still get a practice kite like this
Practice kites stay up in way less wind. I don't find it that fun to fly an inflatable kite with not enough wind. And it ends up being more dangerous because it can fall out of the sky directly down wind of you, then power up and launch you when the wind picks back up. Sketch!

Is it an inflatable kite or foil kite? Flysurfer makes some cool airfoil kites, too....

u/BDKmac · 2 pointsr/Kiteboarding

My buddy uses one of these
It has a little more room in it than some of the other solutions I've seen on here, and it seems to be fairly robust.

u/itsokifyouknowthis · 2 pointsr/Kiteboarding

Get a Neti pot. Use it after each session.
I like this one.

u/HugBurglar · 7 pointsr/Kiteboarding

I lock this around my car door handle. Fits a VW key and everything that touches the car is rubberized.

u/dontfeedthenerd · 2 pointsr/Kiteboarding

This one.

Basically the ones that realtors use for homes.

u/taiguy · 1 pointr/Kiteboarding

PKS strut mount

Before that I made my own using velcro and the GoPro wrist mount housing.

u/shelterbored · 1 pointr/Kiteboarding

After loosing countless pairs of glasses, I’ve narrowed in on a system that works.

I use Knock Around Premiums
Knockaround Premiums Polarized Sunglasses With Clear Frames/Green Reflective Lenses

And I tie them up with this Chums Halfpipe retainer
Chums Halfpipe Eyewear Retainer,...

The Chums float and you can crank them down pretty tight. The Knock Around are cheap enough that it matters less if I loose them, but I’m going on 3 months with no issues with this setup

u/ScarHand69 · 1 pointr/Kiteboarding

I'm surprised you had a problem with Best. I had a screw break-off inside of one of my fins (I was removing the fins for travel). I called Best, told them my problem, and they shipped me a new fin for free. I bought the board brand-new but at that point it was 3 or 4 years old so not longer under warranty.

So the problem you're having is leaking valves? Why do you need to ship your kite somewhere? I've had the adhesive between the valve and the bladder fail (it happens, especially on older most-used kite is a 2010 17m Taboo) and I use this stuff to re-attach the valve to the bladder.