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u/phatcracker · 1 pointr/Kratomm

I've done it. It isn't as potent as burning the entire leaf but it is still good and much easier on the stomach. Stomach comfort is why I tried it. I've also frozen, thawed, brewed tea, then filtered. The freezing then tea method gets better results just filtering after freezing. But like I mentioned, if you don't burn the entire leaf you are going to lose alkaloids. I have found that a Thai tea filter is great for filtering out the plant material.

u/ChristOnABiscuit · 2 pointsr/Kratomm

I prefer the paste due to a number of reasons: I really enjoy it in a glass of milk/coconut milk, making tea with it, putting it in coffee (sounds weird but you can barely tell it is there), or throwing it in whatever dish I am cooking. Turmeric also has more going on than just the curcumin, it is just the most studied component (some probably biased info [here] ( The olive oil does increase the bioavailability of the paste as well. Finally, I like that you can add whatever else you want for added benefits. I have heard of adding ginger, cayenne (I toss some in mine), or whatever else may be beneficial to you.

One word of caution: Be picky about your turmeric source. At first I was using bulk stuff from the store until I realized I had no idea where it was coming from. [This] ( is the kind I use and it is still very affordable.

[The recipe that I use works for me] ( but feel free to experiment as there are tons of them out there. I just woke up so I may be forgetting something, if anything comes to mind I will edit this later.

u/dragonbubbles · 7 pointsr/Kratomm

For diamonds and precious gems of course. You have to blow that gold dust out every once in a while or it can affect the accuracy just from getting stuck under the plate. I thought my old trusty was done for but once I blew it, it was up for more action and still going strong 😉

I know you said you needed it ASAP but if you ever want to upgrade this is a good milligram scale and then this one looks good because it comes with calibration thingy but I have no personal experience with it.

u/herbalhippie · 3 pointsr/Kratomm

Really need to stop making capsule for a week or 2 let my hand heal

That's a good idea. Is it the tendon? Occasionally I'll get tendonitis in my thumb/wrist, and this brace is really good for that and helps a lot.

u/NevermindForgetIt · 1 pointr/Kratomm

This is the scale I bought. It works great and it’s cheap. You never know how much Kratom you’re actually taking though because it can be packed tighter or loosely. So a scale is really the best way of knowing

u/ErrorAcquired · 2 pointsr/Kratomm

I own this one, its been great!

Amazon, free shipping, total cost $10.99

AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale, 3000g 0.01oz/ 0.1g Pocket Cooking Scale, Mini Food Scale, Pro Electronic Jewelry Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display, Tare & PCS Functions, Stainless Steel, Batteries Included

u/Ask_Me_About_The_NAP · 6 pointsr/Kratomm

Sounds like the wobbles. Kratom can vary immensely depending on how its ground, where it was grown, how it was harvested, what the growers put in it (not anything nefarious, stuff like matcha). The wobbles aren't fun, and you get it from taking too much. You won't die, but it sucks.

I HIGHLY recommend getting a cheap scale to weigh your stuff out. Find your dose and you can fine tune it. I've been taking kratom for 5-6 years now and I can tell a difference between 10.1g and 10.2g.

Seriously, get a scale and weigh out spoonfuls and you'll get different results just about every time, even from the same bag. One spoon could be 1.5g and the other could be 2.3g and then down to 1.6g.

[Here's one that's $10 and well reviewed.}(

It's worth it.

u/Goldfumed · 2 pointsr/Kratomm

They are cool aren’t they ? Super high quality zip too. 100-7.99, 200- 11.99, 500- 22.99

u/PilosybeFanaticus · 1 pointr/Kratomm

I use Air Tight Mason Jar for storing herbs

Or get these canisters:

which have a button to press which unlocked the air tight seal for easy access:

Or these multi purpose containers:

Nellam Baby Food Storage Containers – Leakproof, Airtight, Glass Jars for Freezing & Homemade Babyfood Prep - Reusable, BPA Free 4 x 8oz Set that is Microwave & Dishwasher Safe:

I halfway want to get these two latter options.

u/stealurface1 · 2 pointsr/Kratomm

Oblate discs will change your life friend as well as agmatine for tolerance mitigation. It will lower your dose and extend the duration of your burns. oblate discs here agmatine here

u/potstickler · 2 pointsr/Kratomm

Try these Oblate Discs. Can fit 2-3g comfortably in one.

u/TedSchmosbey · 1 pointr/Kratomm

I third AWS. I recently ordered one for ~$15 off Amazon and it works great. Just make sure it's a milligram scale. It'll come with a 100 gram weight too to make sure it's calibrated. You can find most of these at local headshops but will probably be a tad pricier

Here is the one I have