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u/Mitchbomber · 6 pointsr/LGG3

Spigen Slim Armor Case

I have this on my G3 and it is not bulky at all but does protect it well. Also probably my favorite thing about it is that the case looks just as good, if not better, than the phone itself! It does not restrict any part of the phone (unless you have the Korean version with an antenna) and feels great in the hand. It's also less than $20 so is very affordable. I highly recommend it!

u/icu_ · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Diztronic Matte Back Black Flexible TPU Case for LG G3

Got this kind as just a temporary case (was thinking of getting the Seidio case with the kickstand), but I REALLY like this one. Has the nice matte feel like you'd expect on a Nexus 5 of Nexus 7 - really fits snugly and just feels great. Doesn't add much bulk and I am so much more confident handling it one-handed now. May just stick with this tbh.

u/yuukou · 5 pointsr/LGG3

These are just from my personal experience (I have not done anything to the phone besides change the launcher/icons):

  • I have had pretty decent screen on time, definitely better than my M7, and alot less drain during standby if any at all, can easily go 4 hours with light use, and maybe use 5-10% max (at least for me).

  • The screen is beautiful, it does have a bit of oversharpening, but you really have to see it and decide yourself.

  • The phone gets hot, but I have never had an overheating warning personally.

  • A good amount of accessories I have a spigen ultra hybrid, and a glass screen protector on mine personally.

  • There is a weird annoyance with the micro usb where u have to tilt it downwards before inserting, and only the thinner micro usb cords will work, my amazon basics one was too thick at the connector in and wasn't snug enough causing an iffy connection. There was shell cracking issues, and is mainly a problem with the first few batches, mine doesn't have any as of now, it is a 2 month old phone. There is also a software problem with the headphone jack where if you use a line in to a car stereo it will have weird popping between songs, and the connection is iffy, but can be fixed by buying a 5-6 dollar extension, I got this one:

  • LG's skin I would put on the same level as HTC's skin, not bad, but its definitely alot smoother if you use Nova Launcher or Google Now Launcher.

  • I love the size compared to my M7, personally this is my sweet spot, until someone else proves me otherwise, any bigger, and it would start to be a bit too large for me

    I hope that helps!
u/Carlos1621 · 1 pointr/LGG3
  1. Spigen Slim Armor: front, back, thickness.
    Fits perfectly, good protection, stylish design but slippery due to plastic back and lack of rough grip sides.

  2. Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit: front, back, thickness.
    Fits perfectly, not good protection, stylish design but slippery due to lack of rough grip sides.

  3. iTALKonline Slim Grip: front, back, thickness.
    Fits perfectly, not good protection, not so stylish but due to the rough grip sides is not slippery.

    I really like Slim Armor but from time to time it would slip out of my hand. That was the main reason for me to look for another case. Cruzerlite's case has cool design but did not provide the grip I wanted.
    iTALKonline's Slim Grip is exactly the case I was looking for. It has rough grip sides which provide a better grip.
u/TomMelee · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I've got the Spigen AirCushion

FWIW, I think that as much as anything, the electrode placement on the sticker is the key here. A less good connection will work fine w/ no case, it has to be nearly perfect to work with a case. I do cellphone repair and so I have some weird tools, I actually didn't put the sticker on the way it's recommended.

I removed the back of the phone, placed 3m double sided 2mm tape on the battery, aligned the sticker perfectly, then replaced the cover and tested. When it worked, I removed the backing from the sticker itself and reattached the cover, pushed it down, then pulled it back off. The sticker coating is stronger than the 2mm tape, so it pulled it off, then I smooshed down the sticker for perfect adhesion and put it back on. Alignment is perfect, I couldn't make it work at ALL otherwise.

u/PullOutFirst · 2 pointsr/LGG3

So I was stupid and forgot that my new $600 phone was $600....and I used it as an aid for my baking a little over a month ago. I used the neat feature of quick memo to draw notes and measurements over a screen shot of another recipe. While baking, and one hand covered with powder, I fidangled with my phone to incline it on an angle to see the recipe but with a loose grip, I dropped (pretty much laterally [not literally or figuratively] shot-putted) it across the kitchen and onto the hard tile floor.

My heart sank 20,000 leagues as I barely just had the phone for a month....


Time to assess the damage....I picked it up and saw a ginormous crack from one corner and extending across my phone. fuck. fuckitty fuck. <sadface.gif>

I slowly built up the confidence, and tapped on the screen...It turned on! Better yet, everything fully works, and the LCD is intact!!

After recollecting myself, and finishing my /r/Keto Coconut Pancakes by memory and just adding a little of this and that

...I remembered that the title of the screen protector on the Amazon mentioned a lifetime warranty!

I couldn't find any other details in the original packaging or on their website addressing this warantee, so I contacted iCarez through their email, [email protected], but the email didn't hit (got a server not found message). I contacted them through my Amazon account, contact seller and this got me a response. They told me to reply with some images of the damage (See album below). After a day, I received a shipping confirmation from them and received my replacement and within a week, I received a brand new screen protector!

I've been definitely babying my phone a lot more since this incident. But thanks to the awesome support and ease of replacement, I whole-heartedly recommend getting the iCarez glass screen protector! it kicks the llama's ass, although their website is janky as hell.

Lessons learned:
Always write down your recipe. I made the best fluffy and moist flourless pancakes ever that night without a recipe and didn't bother to write it down since I thought that I would remember. I didn't.

tldr; write down your recipe if experimenting in the kitchen.
Also buy the a glass screen protector from iCarez, it has a lifetime warranty and only costs $9. It's worth it.

link again to screen protector:

Link to album of damage:

u/Donttellmycat · 1 pointr/LGG3

I got the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Bumper Case and it rocks. I got the black/black one. It fits the G3 like a glove, adds very little bulk or weight. The cutouts are all absolutely perfect. In fact the phone is even easier to use with the case on because the way the cutout in the back is makes it easier to feel where the button and up/down rocker is for volume. Definitely recommend.

u/eimaj89 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I've used diztronic cases on my last few phones and have been happy with all of them. They fit snugly and still hold their shape after being pried off hundreds of times. I can't attest to the longevity of the G3 version, but the fit is great and it's under $10 on amazon.

Note that one of the black options is the "ultra" version, which is a bit thicker and has reinforced "bumpers" on the corners. I have the standard version.

u/CaptainCaleb89 · 1 pointr/LGG3

It's kinda hard to capture the color in a photo. I think the first photo in my album is probably the closest to the actual color of the case.

I LOVE the Ebony wood against the white G3.

If you do decide to purchase, I'll fill you in on a few things about it.

-The case is pre-applied with 3M adhesive. (if you want to take off the case, they require heating it up with a hairdryer first)

-The top corners have seem to chip a little on mine recently (I've had it for 2-3 months). I can upload a photo later.

-You can remove your battery without peeling off the case.

I recommend getting a tempered glass screen protector. This is the same one I have on mine. Flawless.

Edit: oh Yea! The case will collect lint in the cracks for a week. Just keep using it. It will stop. My favorite thing is a burst of fresh cut wood every time you pull it out of your pocket.

u/shadow0861 · 1 pointr/LGG3

This is the case. Fits perfect and great protection. Plus it is not made of the soft silicone that makes you turn your pocket inside out when you grab your phone.

Below is the ballistic glass screen cover. The easiest screen cover to put on. Comes with EVERYTHING you need to make sure your screen is clean before application. Still no scratches on mine after months. REMOVE THE BUILT IN PLASTIC SCREEN COVER FROM THE CASE TO USE THE GLASS SCREEN COVER.

u/MattJGallardo · 1 pointr/LGG3

Yes, indeed as long as it does not need USB Debugging already turned on to function, this should be the least expensive option.

OTG functionality on Android has always been spotty at best, have not tested it since the Nexus 7 came out though, maybe its improved, or LG just did it better.

Found a video (test device is an S3 though) that shows it in action

Here is a highly reviewed cable on Amazon.

u/InfantBabyJesus · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I'm no expert, but if you can hit the center of your screen with a hammer and it doesn't break I think it's doing a pretty good job: Youtube Link

I have the InvisibleShield Glass on my G3 and think it's awesome. It comes with a lifetime guarantee that if you ever break or scratch it they will replace it.

I also put this case around it just to keep from scratching up the edges and back: Amazon Link
The one review at the bottom with some kid dropping the phone from overhead and it never breaks the screen or damages the phone either.

u/dakoellis · 4 pointsr/LGG3

I personally went with the spigen slim armor. It's a bit slippery but I'm confident in it's non-dramatic drop protection. The Unicorn Beetle PRO seems like a really good protective case as well

u/wothy · 1 pointr/LGG3

Do you mind me asking why you want an aluminium bumper case? Unless it's super thick I doubt whether an aluminium case will actually add much protection to a G3. Aluminium bumper cases are probably hard to find for this reason.

Aluminium is a relatively very hard material for bumper cases so it has little ability to absorb shocks before they're passed to the phone itself. Basically what you want to do is to minimize the peak pressure applied to your phone, like the helmit graph shown on this page explaining all this. Because aluminium is so hard (rigid), the force will simply be transferred directly to your phone, rather than dispersed to a larger area of the phone over time.

TPU (a kind of hard rubber / soft plastic) is one of the best materials to use for thin cases because it has an ideal hardness for thin bumper cases, as well as a whole lot of other properties good for phone cases. Silicone is a little softer, so you can go silicone if you're willing to have a thicker and cheaper case.

Personally I recommend the Tudia LITE case for USD$10. Here's a drop test of it in action.

u/ffifficult · 1 pointr/LGG3

A standard 3.5mm male to female extender but it needs to be TRRS (4 pole)

I bought this one for my car and it works perfectly

I'm waiting to get this one to keep in my wallet in case I need it at a friends house/party/etc

u/hherbzilla · 3 pointsr/LGG3

I'm currently sporting the Spigen ULTRA HYBRID Series [Gunmetal]. I've been a fan of Spigen cases from past phones, and am liking it for the LG G3. The only oddity is that it has the antenna cutout. Otherwise, looks good, feels good.

Looks like the Spigen version of the Supcase Unicorn Beetle.

u/bc261 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Yes I'm currently checking those out. I'm pretty sure I'm going with this one. It's cheap very slim and doesn't have the cutout that most of them have to be compatible with the Korean models.
It also comes with a screen protector and I have amazon prime!

Here's a good place to read about cases, and screen protectors, etc...

u/Sikash · 1 pointr/LGG3

I also ordered the Spigen Slim Armor GunMetal Case and freaking love it. After looking around I would recommend it to everyone.

As for a screen I ordered iCarez 0.2mm Tempered Glass. Installation was easy (did it in a humid hot bathroom to reduce dust) and love it. not even noticable.

u/ButchTheKitty · 2 pointsr/LGG3

It does, I have THIS ONE. I wanted something tough that would go in and out of pockets rather easily. It fits really snug on the phone and is actually two pieces, it comes with a built in plastic screen protector that is pretty easy to remove if you want a different one or just don't want to use one.

If you have any specific questions about it I'd be happy to answer them.

u/kantofourone · 1 pointr/LGG3

I have the Diztronic Black TPU case and it's definitely not more rubbery type of TPU. It's flexible but of a harder type. Will probably be too smooth for your needs, and has no added texture/grip on the sides.

On a side note, I recommend checking out some Korean stock for different designs. Case Fanatic and some other sites have lots of case designs that aren't officially sold in US vendors (yet, if ever). Many are available on ebay if you get creative or lucky with keywords :))

u/ErmWhatsMyNameAgain · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Got this on Monday, pretty happy with it, comes with a free screen protector too.

u/size14shoe · 3 pointsr/LGG3

I don't know if I can post the link correctly, but I went with the Diztronic case from Amazon. I'm hoping that it will keep me satisfied until the LG Slim Cases become available so I can use wireless charging!

u/TrustMeImALawStudent · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I have this and I love it. It looks great.

u/CorporateShell · 3 pointsr/LGG3

I'm still going to be doubtful about how much protection they offer but it looks and feels like there isn't anything there at all. I bought this one and am just loving it!

u/darklord314159 · 3 pointsr/LGG3

In my opinion I wouldn't get this case. It's a bumper case, yet it doesn't even protect the top and bottom at all. It's basically made to just protect the back of the phone from scratches. If anything I'd recommend the spigen air cushion case.

I have this case on right now and it feels really sturdy and could protect it from minor drops. The only down side to this case is that it has a cutout on the top left for the Korean version TV antenna. As long as you can deal with that, this case is awesome, not too thick but semi protective as well.

u/mhwwdman · 1 pointr/LGG3

I'm really liking the Diztronic case. Case doesn't add much bulk and is actually pretty good looking.

Also took some pictures. Apologies if some of them come out a bit dark.

u/ando1980 · 1 pointr/LGG3

I have an android watch so need Bluetooth on and also have pretty bad battery life. I get around it by carrying a small battery bank when I won't be near a charger for a while. I am also considering a ZeroLemon LG G3 9000mAh Extended Battery case which would save me having to recharge constantly.

I've heard others use buying extra batteries and swapping them in which is pretty easy on this phone.

u/bondoville · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Ill start with this case, It is a Tudia Lite on my vs985. So far it is a great case. It fits nice and snug and doesnt feel like the phone slides around in it.

only problem i have with it is that when i hold the phone in one hand and let it rest on my pinky the charger port cuttout edge feels kinda awkward when resting on my pinky. other than that its great .




u/Tmthrow · 1 pointr/LGG3

Do you use the rugged case or the one with the clear back?

...because I love the rugged UB case. Adds little bulk but about the same protection as an Otterbox defender. $19 brand new right now.

Link for those interested: Unicorn Beetle Pro for LG G3 (Rugged)

u/spitefulAC1 · 1 pointr/LGG3

Currently have this one from Amazon


Super easy to install and lifetime warranty

u/STiReddit · 4 pointsr/LGG3

SUPCase Unicorn Beetle. $10-13 on Amazon. Snug fit, not much bulk, decent basic protection.

I use the Clear/Black on my black VZW model, and Clear/Grey on the GF's white VZW and they look great.

u/thehistorybeard · 9 pointsr/LGG3

I love my matte Diztronic TPU case. Slim enough to preserve the great curve of the back of the phone, but tough enough to keep dings away and textured enough to give a good grip.

u/mengheng · 1 pointr/LGG3

I use this Ringke case and I love it. Came with a screen protector too! Haven't found the need to put it on yet though, screen stays clean and seems very durable.

u/Kurdia · 1 pointr/LGG3

I got the same case except I did not like the screen protector much so I removed the plastic and I am using one of these to protect my screen:
Love the UB case. I thought about getting the OtterBox but honestly it was too expensive for my budget.

u/Kelsig · 1 pointr/LGG3

This is all hypothetical as I'm not positive it would work, but as its a skin its pretty much flat and something like could maybe fit over it

u/rare_pig · 2 pointsr/LGG3

yeah OEM is going to be a lot more. I bought this for the Qi charging:

for that money you could buy a case and you'd never know your back was scratched plus it'd be better protected

u/InsaneJester17 · 1 pointr/LGG3

I ordered the Ringke Slim in Clear. I have a Ringke slim on my Nexus 5 and it's been the only case I ever kept on my phone. I hate cases. Love this one.

I don't have my G3 yet, but I have the case and it seems great.

u/ChickenMcTesticles · 8 pointsr/LGG3

I like the Spigen slit fit case. Doesn't add much bulk and offers good protection.

u/FlunkyClassD · 1 pointr/LGG3

I have this case and it is great. Very slim, unobstrusive, and provides more than adequate protection. Have dropped my phone multiple times and has not broken.

u/Walmart_Valet · 1 pointr/LGG3

(Sorry about potato quality, only had Moto G on hand)

Got this from Amazon the same day I got my phone, love the case. Its 2 Pieces, the phone kinda locks into the front cover, and the and the back shell goes around that. It's a rubber exterior but not the very resistant rubber like the Defender series from Otterbox so it easily goes in and out of your pocket.

u/drmcclassy · 1 pointr/LGG3

The Spigen cases are pretty popular. I don't have one myself (I'm a phone nudist) but I've heard good things about them.

u/totallywontstabyou · 1 pointr/LGG3

I'd go with the Supcase Unicorn Beetle.

It fits the G3 very tightly, and protects it most where it's most important (the edges). It's a very good quality case despite costing only $10. The inside of the case is flush with the back of the phone, and the cutout for the buttons and camera are very accurate and smooth.

u/Neepal · 1 pointr/LGG3

Are you looking for a sturdy case with a cover or just a sturdy case? This one looks pretty sturdy. The Otterbox defender is also a pretty heavy duty case

u/futureattorney16 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I use iCarez tempered glass screen protector. Ive only had it on for a few days, but i love it so far. It doesn't seem to collect too many fingerprints.

u/CisternaChyli · 1 pointr/LGG3

The Ringke Fusion case:

I have this on my Verizon G3 :). It has TPU sides, bottom and top, and the center back portion is plastic. Already proved its worth; i forgot that my phone was on top of my iPad on my nightstand..and this was in the dark. My phone fell down, hitting the glass portion of the base nightstand and bounced off onto the carpet...god knows what would have happened if i had no case on it. TPU is a great material!

u/notoryous2 · 1 pointr/LGG3

Thanks! Would you say that it beats the LG G3 Spigen ? I've read good things about it too, though it doesnt have Qi.

EDIT: Does anyone have a link to where I could buy the Model# CC-320G cover?

u/hesmir · -1 pointsr/LGG3

This is the case I use. Most people don't realize I have a case on my phone at all and they think it's just part of the design. It's super light and adds very little mass. It also raises on the sides so the screen doesn't impact the ground on falls unless it hits an uneven surface like a rock or something.

LG G3 Case, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Bumper Case for LG G3, Frost Clear/Black

u/xGetSweatyx · 1 pointr/LGG3

Supcase feels good in the hand. not too slippery thanks to the rubber edges, not too bulky, and still feels solid enough to do its job and for $10 you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal. Plus it looks cool as shit.

u/nofate301 · 1 pointr/LGG3

I can recommend this case.

Feels solid in the hand and very rugged. doesn't add too much bulk

u/seth_success · 1 pointr/LGG3

The Spigen air cushion is a near perfect case. Its very slim with good drop protection and a clear back. The only issue is that there is an extra opening for the International version of the phone in the upper right corner. It might bother some people.

I also bought the Cailifu tempered glass protector.

u/dovahkid · 2 pointsr/LGG3

It definitely adds bulk.

One person's review: "...9000mAh 3 times stock, wonderful life, 2 solid days use for me (sleep time in the 2 days with no charge)..."

u/sdk-89 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I have the VS985 and did the sticker swap a few weeks ago to add wireless charging. There are a few places to buy the sticker and the one I purchased can be found here .

It worked perfect and using the Anker wireless charger has been flawless. Just be careful when installing sticker to mark the exact location of the factory NFC sticker before removing so the new NFC/Wireless sticker goes back in exactly the same place.

EDIT: Not sure which models are wireless charging but it's easy to add. Need more coffee...

u/nicholas430 · 1 pointr/LGG3

Good protection, looks super sleek, and has no unnecessary cutouts for the antenna that the korean version of the G3 has.

u/usernamesaretrite · 3 pointsr/LGG3

Can you confirm this works? If so, then I'll definitely be picking one up. Looks like you can get them for $15 on [amazon] (

u/SlavKO72 · 4 pointsr/LGG3

Just got this one today....

Like it so far, it's like my otter box (on my old HTC one) without the gel and a little slimmer/lighter.

u/skyxsteel · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I have this and I love it.

u/TempAlone · 2 pointsr/LGG3

There you go.

Ordered it last friday, estimated delivery of thursday, arrived today. Charger works perfectly.

u/RapeytheClown · 10 pointsr/LGG3

I use this case
and really like it. It has a screen cover case that is attached to the case with an adhesive and is easily removable if you don't like it.

u/NamasteNeeko · 3 pointsr/LGG3

You can temporarily resolve the issue by purchasing this connector. It is an extension with a right angle that has alleviated the issue for me.

LG has neither addressed this issue nor the issue with horizontal screen stretching. It's a shame, really, given how amazing everything else is on the phone. Of course, it's still fairly new and it seems that every device is prone to some issues in the very beginning. Consumers have become unwitting beta testers for companies that don't exactly have the most complete quality control standards.

u/Swimmer249 · 1 pointr/LGG3

If you don't care about looks or size the ZeroLemon LG G3 9000mAh is the best

u/flipray87 · 5 pointsr/LGG3

Ordered the SUPCASE Uniform Beetle. I wanted to get a spigen case, but the spigen cases have that antenna cutout for the korean models. Hopefully they'll have an updated U.S. Version

u/Simon_Mendelssohn · 3 pointsr/LGG3

I started with this case but after less than a year the back got very scratched up and discolored. Switched to the Diztronic case and I am liking it a lot so far. Good protection for my needs and less bulky than the Spigen.

u/ChipCharge · 1 pointr/LGG3

Lots of posts about this. The simplest solution is to use an extension to your earplug/headset cord. I use this:, and it works 100% of the time. So will any other TRRS cable: Note the 4 metal areas on the plug, separated by 3 plastic rings. That's all it takes! I also picked the dustball out of the jack using a straight pin.

u/Ares6 · 1 pointr/LGG3

Not 100% sure, but I don't think Qi works with PMA like that. Since they are competing techs.

However, here's a $20 Duracell powermat that also includes a battery charger

u/killabee444 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Yup. That's the one I have. Great case. Inexpensive. Provides good protection without being too bulky. The only con is taking the phone out of the case is kind of a pain.
I got a Sedio Surface holster for a Note 3 and my phone fits with the case on it just fine. Here's the link:

u/Tackett79 · 5 pointsr/LGG3

Of all the cases I've owned, this one is by far my favorite.

u/jonsonsama · 0 pointsr/LGG3 using this one at the moment. Feels like a real screen and didn't have any trouble with bubbles

u/jbh19 · 3 pointsr/LGG3

Spigen Slim Armor

Similar to yours. Provides grip, looks good, slim.

u/Renarudo · 1 pointr/LGG3

Chloe Qi Pad. I actually need to update the OP because I ran into some annoyances a month afterwards lol, ty for responding!

u/speed_rabbit · 1 pointr/LGG3

Have the iCarez one, though it's not the "thinnest" one but the standard 0.33mm one. No scratches or issues with the edges, though I have a thin case that would protect the edges. Only criticism I have about it is that in direct sunlight, at certain angles, the glass has swirl patterns in it (since day one), which is a little harder to see through than normal. 98% of the time it's crystal clear though.

u/_Goose_ · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I got mine from Amazon. I just checked and it looks like I got it just in time because it's currently unavailable :/

If you want to watch the item, here's the Amazon link.

u/fab123 · 1 pointr/LGG3

Works perfectly fine with my moto 360. My NFC doesn't work either not sure if that helps

CHOE UPGRADED Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad for Nexus 6, SONY Xp...

u/zl470 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Woah! I totally didn't read it that way! That's kind of weird....

That's a real hefty jack, though, and I don't think that you'll find anything that doesn't need some x-acto or dremel work. I have a [Spigen SlimArmour Case] (, and it barely fits the jack for my Momentums, which is decidedly smaller than that of the M50.

I would recommend an alternate cable, or some x-acto work.

Sorry to not be too helpful...

u/oliver_21 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Ordered one just now. I have tmobile. I'll report back once I get mine in a week or so.Here is the link to the cheap Qi charger.
Edit: I went with this because I didn't want to lose the ability to use this case.

u/tlogank · 5 pointsr/LGG3

I'm using this Diztronic case because every case I've ever had from them has been exactly what I wanted: extremely slim, protects the screen with a lip, and cheap. The reviews on the case speak for themselves.

u/kip256 · 3 pointsr/LGG3

Yup, looks like the rear speaker is kind of covered up. But not fully

u/NickTackular84 · 3 pointsr/LGG3

This is a very good case. It doesn't add too much to the footprint of the phone and has saved me from drops. I have dropped my phone from about 4 to 5 feet with no problems

u/nyluhe · 1 pointr/LGG3

I bought this yesterday and I'm currently testing it out now. You have to get the placement of the G3 just right otherwise it won't charge and I bought this case which it won't charge through. It's frustrating trying to line it up just right so I'd see if there's a bigger one you could go for.

Other than that it seems to be pretty effective at charging but I'm tempted to get the CircleCase (if it really does let me charge with it in), the LG Leather Hard Back and the LG G3 Wireless Charger, even if it is much pricier.

EDIT: I am thinking of trying this one out, but I don't want to end up dropping another £20 on a charger that might not work.

u/Chucknorris1975 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I'm a spray painter by trade and I need something durable and dust resistant so I bought this case . It has a built-in screen protector but it is a bit flimsy for my liking so I also bought a tempered glass screen protector

Edit* I have to add that I cut out the screen protector from the case because it caused issues with the touch screen.

u/RueKing · 1 pointr/LGG3

I experienced this issue with earphones only. It doesn't happen anytime. I am going to do a factory reset and I also ordered this as recommended elsewhere in this sub.

u/RaveDigger · 3 pointsr/LGG3

I use the zerolemon 8500mAh battery pack. It's huge, but I can go a few days between charging.

u/dadks9999 · 1 pointr/LGG3

I got one last friday and i put it in my phone around 3 that day, it came with about 80% battery ad I left it in my phone all weekend without charging with mild-heavy use, games, youtube, reddit, downloading new apps and trying them out, most of the time and it died around 3AM Sunday night/Monday morning. I'd have to say its a great deal if you can get it for the $60
Amazon Link

As itradedoge said though, it is really large and people I work with have noticed it and have started calling it "The Brick"

u/too_toked · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Sorry for the delay

The Back

The Front

The Front Speaker Opening Only place you can tell there is a screen protector

The Bottom

The Top IR blaster works well but you have to be pointing right at it.

The Side Sorry about the rotation

The top partially removed The bottom piece wraps around the top and "clicks" into place. kinda tongue and groove

The bottom popped out the covers fit snug over those

Empty back

Empty Front 1

Empty Front 2 you can see the adhesive used for their screen protector which i removed because its reflection sucked and my finger didnt glide well enough

The Screen protector i currently use

Sexy in the dark

u/7Snakes · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I think it's out of stock right now on Amazon but you can probably Google around and find it on Ebay.

u/aforsberg · 1 pointr/LGG3

In regards to cases: I got this one and ripped out the plastic screen protector in favor of a glass one I got the second I bought the phone. It's been nothing but good to me and is WAY cheaper than most others. Wireless charging still works through it, too.

u/plurality · 1 pointr/LGG3

I'm getting that exact combination in tomorrow. I already ordered it, just waiting on UPS to bring it to me sometime tomorrow. I can let you know how it works out.

Here's what I ordered:

Spigen Slim Armor gun-metal case

Tech Armor "Ballistic" Tempered Glass

u/ITSNAIMAD · 1 pointr/LGG3

LG G3 Case, SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] LG G3 Case [Unicorn Beetle PRO Ser...

u/liljay2k · 1 pointr/LGG3

I got this case for now:

Till they figure out the quick circle case. Which one did you get? My wild side won't let me put a screen protector on it.

u/kjaka · 2 pointsr/LGG3

[It was $9 here] ( You might be able to find it cheaper if you shop around.

u/Nosfvel · 1 pointr/LGG3

I'm looking at this one: WCD-100

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[180 Days Warranty] ZeroLemon LG G3 9000mAh Extended Battery + Rugg...

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[180 Days Warranty] ZeroLemon LG G3 9000mAh Extended Battery + Rugg...

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[180 Days Warranty] ZeroLemon LG G3 9000mAh Extended Battery + Rugg...

u/Little_Endian · 1 pointr/LGG3

iCarez Tempered Glass Pro 9H 0.2mm, not sure if I needed to splurge on the 0.2 instead of the 0.3, but it was cheap enough that I did anyway.

u/kreugerburns · 25 pointsr/LGG3

On my last 3-4 phones, I had an Otterbox. But I got tired of the price and added bulk. So when I bought my G3, I got a Spigen Slim Armor off Amazon and I like it a lot.

u/scy1192 · 3 pointsr/LGG3

I purchased this white Spigen case. It's the only white case I've seen that doesn't look like it was designed by a 12-year-old.

u/phobiac · 3 pointsr/LGG3

I got mine off Amazon. It really does make the phone a brick. If you wear tight pants or have tiny hands I can't recommend it.

u/vgyliu · 1 pointr/LGG3

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

So far nothing below a 4 star haha

u/MixtecoBlue · 1 pointr/LGG3

I bought the supcase unicorn beetle hydrid series and it's pretty slim, and not slippery. My only complaint is that the cutout for the USB is a little sharp and depending on how you hold your phone, may annoy. Nothing a file can't fix.

u/Miadhawk · 6 pointsr/LGG3

Absolutely, I paid about $50 for the setup, $30 for a OEM international back cover from eBay, and another $20 for the wireless charger.

It looks really sleek on my table, and it charges my phone fast enough. Of course, wired charging is quicker, but this setup is far more convenient, you just drop your device onto the pad and its done. That is worth $50 to me, that and the fact the Qi standard means my Moto 360 and my future devices will be compatible. I've been using wireless charging with my S4 for a year prior, and I did not want to go back to wires.

u/MoustacheSteve · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Here's the glass I use.

No complaints; it was real easy to install and I can't really tell it's even on there.

u/original_pastafarian · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I have this case and it works fairly well. It's a little bulky, but that's kind of expected for this kind of case. Also I find Tasker to be invaluable for all of the automation it does. Also, ~2 amp chargers are needed for the phone (needed may be an overstatement, but it makes charging faster)

u/rerunx5 · 2 pointsr/LGG3

I been using the Choe Upgraded Qi Wireless charger for months now and have no problems with it.

There is also the Choe Stadium Qi Wireless charger.

I already tried RAVpower but I have issues using it.

u/aelron · 1 pointr/LGG3

Here's the one I ordered

This one you manually install in the original back cover by removing the NFC only antenna/sticker.

It worked great for me. charging works, and NFC appears to be fine. I have a security NFC tag for work and it reads it pretty quick through my wallet.

u/ARDad · 5 pointsr/LGG3

I had a Spigen case on mine and dropped it, shattered the screen. I think it hit a rock. now I have the "Unicorn Beetle" from SupCase which I think protects better, it's got a full rubber surround, like a Defender, but it's thinner and the rubber is less prone to stretch and get ruined.

u/fabripav · 1 pointr/LGG3

No problem. Do you think that with a wood back we won't be able to fit a normal case (this or this anymore?

u/porksandwich9113 · 3 pointsr/LGG3

I know of one solution, but sadly you have to be rooted. :(

Here is the gist for anyone else who has this:

> If you are rooted, you can completely disable the button until a reflash. That fixed it for me. You'll want to edit /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl and remove the line "key 226 HEADSETHOOK" (or prepend "#") and reboot.

The problem is the LG headphone jack is recognizing the headphones as a TRRS which is used in headsets integrated with microphones instead of just TRS (which is stereo audio headphones).

Lots of users have reported success with using TRRS adapters between the jack and the headphones.