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u/KyngGeorge · 5 pointsr/LPOTL

In addition to the Monster Munch, get your hands on some Twiglets. Usually can find those at World Market. Roast Beef Hula Hoops are amazing. Prawn Cocktail crisps are great, fight me.

Kroger or Meijers around me usually have both McVities Digestives, and Hobnobs. Also Jaffa Cakes and Jammie Dodgers. Five stars for the last three.

Pickled Onions.

Some good at-home things you can try:

Scotch Eggs - Meat-wrapped hard-boiled eggs that you can either fry or bake.

Toad in the Hole - Misleading, is actually frogs buried with ~2cm of coverage, and a small campfire cooked on top. You eat them in the morning after the fire's burnt down, as a healthy wake-up. A++

Shepherd's Pie - As mentioned on the recent show. Nice on a cold day. If you're too hungry for the final step, you can always just have the filling over mashed potatoes for a Mess.

Sausage Roll - It's sausage meat (not in casing), wrapped in puff pastry. That's basically it.

Steak and Guinness Pie - Another good one for cold days. All of these are good for cold days. It's cold a lot in the UK. The food is basically made to make people that are coming in from cold rain feel better.

Mince Pies - Good around Christmastime. For those that don't know, mincemeat is basically just fruit and spices, no actual meat involved.

Everything except maybe the first and last listed also need generous helpings of gravy with them. Preferably Bisto.

u/BowieKingOfVampires · 2 pointsr/LPOTL

In addition to the great recommendations from everyone else this is a terrific biography that's pretty objective and and this is an excellent book by Crowley himself in which he lays out the whole concept of his magical philosophy. It's good to start with either an abridged copy of Book 4 if you prefer print books or you can easily find a free digital copy of the full volume online since all his works are in the public domain.

u/TheWargoftheMorning · 6 pointsr/LPOTL

For any Alan Moore fans waiting for this episode you need to check out: From Hell
An excellent exegesis on The Ripper, with the appropriate amount of the occult and non linear time you hope for from our favorite wizard.

u/fellintoadogehole · 10 pointsr/LPOTL

If you are interested in FBI behavioral science, I highly recommend both the Netflix series Mindhunter, and the book it was based on, Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit. Fascinating stuff! I've been reading a lot of true crime books recently and after reading Mind Hunter it is fun to see FBI profiles mentioned. They can often be surprisingly accurate.

u/Beasts_at_the_Throne · 1 pointr/LPOTL

This post links to the final part. Previous parts are linked at the top of the page.

You can also read it in ebook form via Amazon:

u/entityrob · 2 pointsr/LPOTL

Here's the website with all of the books they read for research.

I would say read Raven which was written about 4 years after Jonestown if you want something that was more "in the moment"

u/respectthegoat · 1 pointr/LPOTL

I'll bet there get into the weird Oswald/Chaos Magic connection.

Oswald was pretty good friends with Kerry Wendell Thornley who was the co founder of the Discordian movement. Thornley actually wrote a book about him and Oswald in the military that was published before the assassination (its called the Idle Warriors if you want to check it out). They even had Thornley testify at the warren commission during which time he broke into his lawyers office and used his copy machine to make the first edition of The Principal Discrodia.

He also liked to screw with conspiracy theorists

u/nuggutron · 1 pointr/LPOTL

I think it might be time for a sequel to this

u/HeadlessHank · 5 pointsr/LPOTL

Bare-Faced Messiah by Russell Miller is their main source as far as I know.

u/angry_scissoring · 1 pointr/LPOTL

They've been mentioning the book sporadically for a while now, I'm relatively new and binged listened so I can't tell you how long ago. As of right now I believe the book is set to drop in February. Here's the Amazon listing for it.

u/Hysterymystery · 45 pointsr/LPOTL

To answer the question of where Casey was when she was "working", she was sitting at home all day with George. The day Caylee died, she sat at home until after George went to work. The computer searches put her there and the other searches used against Casey at trial were all done in the middle of the afternoon. Several of her friends said they knew she wasn't working because Casey was always "working from home" or "home sick."

Shameless book plug!

u/Beezo514 · 1 pointr/LPOTL

I find this case really fascinating since it's from my hometown, but Anthony Sowell was a really twisted individual much along the line of a Gacy where he had the previous sexual assault conviction, hid the bodies in his house that he killed during a sexual tryst, he just wasn't a socially active guy. This is probably the best book written on the case:

u/KendallMintcake · 1 pointr/LPOTL

Some true crime books about UK serial killers: -

Beyond Belief - by Emlyn Williams, about the Moors Murderers

Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son - by Gordon Burn, about the Yorkshire Ripper

Happy Like Murderers- also by Gordon Burn, about Fred and Rosemary West

Killing for Company- by Brian Masters, about Dennis Nilsen

She Must Have Known- also by Brian Masters, about the West case



u/gun_totin · 3 pointsr/LPOTL

There's another good reason to do this one. One of the main investigators also worked on the monster of florence case. Its a crazy story

The police were super incompetent, part of hannibal lecters story is based on theories about the killer, it must be a physician, its the top journalist covering the case, its a secret satanic cult, so much stuff.

Theres a great book by two jouranalists that investigated the case. The American was charged and banned from the country for obstruction of justice and the Italian journalist was imprisoned on suspicion that he was the killer. Its bonkers.

e: This is the batshit Italian prosecutor involved in both cases. He's ripe for LPOTL