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u/Oncefa2 · 3 pointsr/LeftWingMaleAdvocates

>It is how they solve the paradox of arguing that women excerting power over men when it is very obvious that men hold the most places in high power...This text solves the paradox arguing that women excert power over society through men: corporations and parties cater to women, feminists being the biggest lobbies, etc.

I will say this: I don't know who has more power in society. It may very well be men. It could just be a small number of men at the top, who ultimately answer to their wives, who statistically are in charge of them. It could be women who on average cede powet to men and prefer men to be in charge (so long as it benefits them). Or it could be about equal, with men exerting power in some areas, and women exerting power in others.

Many men's advocates like to argue that if you're a "one percenter" you're better off being a man, and if you're part of the 99%, you're better off being a woman.

The point of my post isn't to directly compare men and women as it is to address this argument that you see from feminists. They like to say A) that men can't be discriminated against, and you can't be sexist against men, because men are dominant in society and B) that whatever male problems exist in society are caused by men, not by women, and not by feminists (I think there are areas where any of the above are true: women, and feminists in particular, are not innocent here).

So like my thesis says, I have pointed out areas where women do have power, substantial amounts of power, and I have demonstrated how this power has been used, often in ways that actively create some of the issues that men's advocates like to discuss.

In particular, the role of feminism in creating many of these issues is, I think, fairly strait forward, and I provided plenty of references, some of them from actual feminists, that proves this.

I'm not trying to point fingers, but it is necessary to point this out given the arguments that we're seeing from feminists nowadays (arguments that essentially amount to victim blaming). It's like men's rights advocates suddenly caught their attention, they realized some of our points were valid, and so they had to deflect it instead of addressing it honestly and directly.

>Besides, (transitioned) trans women and trans men have mostly confirmed that men hold control over women socially.

This isn't universally true, and it's not a good comparison. I support trans rights but I imagine a trans women who only has a year of experience being a woman may not fully appreciate the role of "soft power" and other forms of influence that women have. Their gender identity itself may even influence their views.

Besides, check out these two examples:

One trans experience here:

And a feminist who dressed up like a man and lived like a man for 6 months:

What's interesting is the author was a bonafide man-hating feminist who thought women were oppressed and that men had things better, and her experiences as a man completely changed her views.

And in particular, both the feminist "cross dresser" and the trans woman agree that being a man is harder than being a woman.

>What I do find interesting about this control by proxy is why do men are so eager to please women in order to act as proxys for women

My theory is that it is in large part biological. Men naturally want to help women. And women naturally seem to be able to manipulate men. This has been shown in various studies (many of the same ones that I already posted) and is really just common sense to anyone who thinks about it.

u/Sewblon · 1 pointr/LeftWingMaleAdvocates

>That is, clans that descend from older brothers have more power than clans descended from younger brothers. There is one ruling clan who dominates all other clans. Usually inequalities between men and women are much higher (think like Ghenghis Khan like). The ruler or chief has great control over all other men and women in the chiefdom.

The sources that I know of differ in their depiction of Genghis Khan's society. There is a book by Jack Weather ford that says that the women of the Khan household where the ones who were in charge of Genghis's empire:

u/DevilishRogue · 8 pointsr/LeftWingMaleAdvocates

Although not the same as actually transitioning, I found Norah Vincent's book Self Made Man a really interesting and insightful read on this topic. She doesn't have a full epiphany but does have some startling realisations that make it well worth reading.

u/Badgerz92 · 2 pointsr/LeftWingMaleAdvocates

Uneasy Males is the best history of the Men's Movement. It covers the feminist origins and the split between MRAs and the pro-feminist men's movement (which were both part of the Men's Liberation Movement until they split)

u/alcockell · 3 pointsr/LeftWingMaleAdvocates

Have a read of the book Sexual Impolitics (was No More Sex War) and look at the old Oprah episodes with him on...

Sexual Impolitics -

Warren Farrell on Oprah - - from 1991 or thereabouts.
Myth of Male Power was released in 1993 - Farrell was booted out of NOW in the 70s...