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u/The_Canadian · 1 pointr/Lexus

There are a few videos of this, but I'll summarize the steps:

  1. Park on flat ground with the parking brake on

  2. Put shifter in Neutral

  3. Remove the piece that goes around the shifter. The joint for it is visible near where your leg would be. Grab both sides and pull up. Disconnect the wires attached to it and set it aside.

  4. Remove climate control module. There are 5 double sided metal clips - 2 on the bottom and 3 on top. Push the unit toward you, the clips will pop out. This took a surprising amount of force, so don't be too alarmed.

  5. Remove radio. There are 4 10 mm bolts - 2 on the bottom facing you and 2 more at a 45 degree angle. The easiest way to reach these is with a 10 mm socket (preferably the deep type) and a driver handle like this If you use a standard ratchet, then you'll need a 6" extender. I found the handle and the socket alone to be an easier way to go because of the space.

  6. Plug AUX jack into the empty slot on the radio. Test it now to make sure it all works. The one I linked will use an input called "CD 1". If you press the "CD" button, this will be the default input if you have a device plugged into the jack.

  7. Reverse process for radio and climate control module removal. The converter "brick" can be placed inside the area below the shifter and taped in place. There's a flat area to put it. I used foil tape (actual duct tape) because it's strong. Adhesive Velcro would also work.

  8. Route the cable as needed. I passed it through the gap between the pop-out 12V (lighter) plug and the climate control module. If you do that, you will not be able to close that. However, I charge my phone from there, so it's a non-issue.

  9. Replace the panel around the shifter and put the vehicle in park or another preferred gear.

    This is a pretty easy thing to do. I'm not a car guy (I'm learning) and I was able to do it. The tools required are pretty minimal. I would suggest a headlamp so you can see easily in there.

    Here's what mine looked like before I took the radio out to plug the cable in. The phone holder I have fits in the CD slot. I also use a USB plug with a 6" cable to charge my phone and that woks well. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. The time it takes to install this is so worth it.

    This is a video of what you need to do. I didn't use this exact kit (the one I linked previously was cheaper).
u/imran81222 · 1 pointr/Lexus

For me some small but life changing accessories that I can live without would have to be my air vent mount (I had to look for one with a longer clamp since my ES 350 vent was sorta recessed), a car charger, and a dashcam as a piece of mine if my car ever gets hit and run and also just in case someone tries to blame an accident on me. And I also recommend getting a window tint for heat reduction, privacy, and protection of the cars interior and the best one in my opinion is the LLumar Nano IR Tint. And also for the exterior you should check out a ceramic coating (best consumer one is CQuartz UK 3.0, check out pan the organizer youtube channel for more details) or maybe even a clear bra. And also check out the auto detailer sub for car cleaning tips and product recommendations.

And are some links of my personal favorites.


Car Charger:

Air vent mount: kinda just got luckily with some random one at the store, but check out the different options and styles of phone holders and see which one you like best.

u/proxy69 · 3 pointsr/Lexus

RR racing has a chip that came out last summer that adds like 15 horsepower (so they claim) that costs $350. Also, I love my K&N cold air intake on my 350, it's a throaty growl when you step on it and it supposedly added 12 horses. The intake system also improved mpg +2 on the highway. I also replaced all interior lights with LED's myself with a kit I found on eBay, very nice bright white light, it replaces side door lights and trunk lights too. Ummm I replaced my gear shift knob with a Lexus certified F Sport shifter and I also carbon fiber vinyl wrapped the door trim on my F-Sport. Also went with 15% tint. The only two things I want to do on mine is to powder coat my brake calipers F Sport blue and add a full catback exhaust.


Lexus F-Sport PTR51-53080 Shift Knob

3M 1080 CF12 BLACK CARBON FIBER 60"x12" Vinyl Flex Wrap

LEDpartsNow Lexus IS250 IS350 ISF 2006-2013 Xenon White Premium LED Interior Lights Package Kit (10 Pieces)

K&N 69-8701TP Typhoon; Short Ram; Polished

u/SmallNoseBilly · 2 pointsr/Lexus

Yea, I saw that and hoped it would fit my car. Ended up getting this which actually sounds good.


u/bbbdddeee · 1 pointr/Lexus

Use white lithium grease like this.

And follow this Youtube's for a Camry but pretty much the same exact thing in the RX. I just did my Mom's 2001 RX and this worked great.

u/Lobotomite430 · 8 pointsr/Lexus

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

I've personally used this kit on a dozen headlights and love the results.

u/prodigize · 1 pointr/Lexus

Yep, there's no distortion, it sounds better than radio stations. Although, there might be some static noise when you're in a busy area, but very rarely.


Edit: This is the one I actually use, the item in my original comment has some sketchy reviews

u/xampl9 · 3 pointsr/Lexus

Like /u/rjm3607 said - leasing can be tricky. Something that will help you understand the terms used (like "money factor") is this book:

u/debanjand · 2 pointsr/Lexus

If you want to retain the factory radio this is a very good option

USA SPEC BT45-TOY Bluetooth Phone, Music & AUX Input Kit for Select 1998-2014 Toyota & Lexus Models

It replaces the SAT mode on your stereo and autoplays audio when you connect.

u/AnonymousWeb · 3 pointsr/Lexus

Absolutely! I can't stop recommending a dash cam in everyone's car. Having one has saved me twice in previous cars, where it's my word against theirs in a accident. I show the police officer the video and it's case closed.

I have used a few in different vehicles and my new favorite is the [Rexing V1] (, I love that it uses a mounting plate instead of a suction cup. The [BlackBox G1W] ( is half the price and uses a suction cup, smaller screen, slightly cumbersome interface, but is still a reliable cam that I still use in two other vehicles. Be sure to buy the [Hardwire Kit] ( so you can hide the wire and not use a 12V outlet.

I tapped into 12V ignition power from the sunroof controls, others have used mirror power to feed cams. Also, be sure to only use a "Class 10" SD card to avoid file errors. You can use T-taps (see album link above for example) for a simple connection, I would only recommend using T-taps for very low power consuming devices, otherwise use butt splices (source: 10 year industrial power & controls technician)

[Here are a few photos of where I mounted the Rexing cam in my 2017 IS] (

u/jeffj95 · 4 pointsr/Lexus

This seems like a decent product.

u/Shadowx055 · 1 pointr/Lexus

I used this method for my 2016 gs

Here’s the mirror tap I ordered through amazon
Radar Detector 12" Mirror Plug Wire Tap RJ11 Hardwire Power Cord Kit for Escort Valentine One Uniden Beltronics | Tap Existing Mirror Plug | Inline Fuse with Braided (Dual Size Pins)

u/WhiskeyWomanizer · 1 pointr/Lexus

NOVUS 7136 Plastic Polish Kit - 2 oz.

Blue bottle #1 is a very mild abrasive that will take the coating off without damaging the screen underneath

u/BraulioBond · 1 pointr/Lexus

I had the same issue. Rather than try and argue with the dealership I simple ask my family mechanic to change them out for me. We identified that is was the front breaks in our case.

So we got these off amazon

He was kind enough not to charge me for the labor so grand total was 170.00. For me that was a price worth paying not to pull up, and have my breaks squeaking.

u/Hotshot77 · 1 pointr/Lexus

This is the one I got from Amazon. Not sure how the OEM spoiler is shaped on the underside as mine is a different aftermarket spoiler, but this size should work for you. There are videos on YouTube you can check out for prepping and tips on applying it.

u/JermanDomesticMarket · 1 pointr/Lexus

all four stock mufflers deleted, resonator deleted

two magnaflow mufflers #11225

x-pipe #66922

u/AFluffyMobius · 3 pointsr/Lexus

Regarding Bluetooth, do you mind aftermarket? It doesnt change the look of anything and you just plug something into the back of the stereo and you get Bluetooth/Aux etc. with the steering controls and track names on the dash display.

u/jonathanrdt · 2 pointsr/Lexus

TEKTON 4929 3/8-Inch Drive by 7/8-Inch Oxygen Sensor Socket

u/mangoat12 · 1 pointr/Lexus

It does not. I think if you use the rearview power then you can't use the smartcord. However if you hardwire to the fuse box then you can use this

u/Zeag · 2 pointsr/Lexus

With a cassette player, you're actually less screwed than with a CD player. Just get a Cassette to Aux adapter!