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u/Shear_line · 2 pointsr/Locksmith

As I'm sure you guessed, this lock is quite old. I believe it would be considered a rim lock as it mounts to the face of the door rather than being bored into the edge of the door. You may be able to find some markings on it but even then it might not be too helpful, the company could be out of business for a long long time by now. Even if they're still around its doubtful they would be any help as Im sure they stopped supporting this hardware long ago.

The good news is that since its for an interior door there is a pretty good chance it uses one of a couple of keys which are easily and cheaply available. I would try these, its worth the gamble of a few bucks. If they work one lock in your house they probably work all the others too (assuming the other locks are in working order of course).

You are correct about the spring, it appears to me to be missing. The spring sits in the slot you were describing. That piece is the lever (you have a lever tumbler lock) and the spring is anchored in that slot, wraps around the rounded part and is held in place by the inside of the case. Something like this.

A local locksmith should be able to make you a spring like this pretty cheaply, assuming they work on old stuff, a lot don't these days. I would call up a shop and tell them you have an antique lock that uses a bit key that you need a spring made for and see what they say. You can probably pick up the keys for them as well.

u/darksim905 · 3 pointsr/Locksmith

Well, thankfully I don't ask why as I can see the perspective pretty easily. I don't know why some ccw people get butthurt about the question, though: "Oh it's a tool! I carry it what's it to you?! Because of the neighborhod!" Someone in /r/edc once linked me to this video which explained it beautifully. I've since stopped asking. In addition I've read large chunks of this book which go into a lot about self defense (physical) which need to be taught in classes. I do my best to mentally prepare myself for any sort of conflict I might encounter. I'm an easy going guy & don't really deal with a lot of people to be honest, but it helps to understand the reality of the situations out there.

Going on a rant here: My other problem is everyone is against ccw for some reason. Those people don't know what it's like to walk down a street in fear of something. They don't realize that ccw people are usually the fucking nicest people you'll meet because of the things they learn through experience & that if you draw, you better be willing to use it mentality.

u/Lampwick · 5 pointsr/Locksmith

I still sort and reuse Medeco pins because they're so damned expensive. Get a digital or dial micrometer. Much faster than dropping them into a plug with depth keys. You should have a micrometer anyway. It's pretty much the number one best way to diagnose fiddly little problems with depth and spacing. It's invaluable for adjusting your key machines. I can get my Borkey duplicator down to sub .001 accuracy with one.

In the old days, a decent dial micrometer was expensive. Now, those digital ones are dirt cheap and perfectly serviceable. I bought the one I linked to above as a backup to my fancy Mitutoyo dial unit, and at $17 and change, I actually use it as my main one now because it was so cheap I'm not afraid of damaging it.

u/Janakatta · 3 pointsr/Locksmith

CLC Electricians Tool Sling is my favorite bag I've used so far. I'm currently wait for my banggood purchased one to wear out before going back to this one:

I've also been meaning to pick up a tool roll as well to carry the things that will easily fit into it:

u/Icanopen · 4 pointsr/Locksmith

Just one ok 2 recommend for ya Get rid of the Tamper Proof drivers and get this it takes a lot less room.

love the snap-on driver. Also swap out the 3/8 wrench for a 3/8 - 7/16 Combo if your doing closer work.

Guess I'm going to have to breakdown my Everyjob Backpack and snap a pick now. Front Pocket, Back Pocket, Front.

I do a lot of Access Control work,

u/ponyboyQQ · 1 pointr/Locksmith

This is an example of something I think he would appreciate, but I don't know if this would really fit his needs. I don't know all of the tools of the trade other than a torque wrench and the actual picks.

u/FredThe12th · 2 pointsr/Locksmith

If it's not locked to something the most cost effective thing would be to throw it out and buy a new one with the combo provided.

if it is attached to something apply a hammer, or cutters, then replace it.

It's $10 for the lock and a cable on amazon.

u/SwimmingJohn · 1 pointr/Locksmith

Ouch... they're $50 and are a 4-digit spinner.


u/jeffmoss262 · 2 pointsr/Locksmith

Lenox mini hacksaw is one of my favorites.

LENOX Tools Hacksaw, Close Quarter (20908908)

u/Cheesecakejedi · 2 pointsr/Locksmith

I wanna say that was the table, but it was sold with this backpack where the table would slide in and get strapped down. After some quick googling, I couldn't find the backpack, but I'm certain they still make it. I'm just not great with the internet.

u/Level9TraumaCenter · 2 pointsr/Locksmith

One security-through-obscurity option if you have a trailer hitch. Also a 4-digit combo, but whatever.

u/su9861 · 1 pointr/Locksmith

If you have some time read:Up Against the Wal-Marts Just practice EXCEPTIONAL business ethics

u/LockMarine · 2 pointsr/Locksmith

Amazon link

This isn’t bad for the price we use $150 calipers and I’ve tried some of these in a pinch and they’re pretty comparable.

u/codewolf · -1 pointsr/Locksmith

Almost all of these keys are the same. You just need a skeleton key. These can be found very cheaply. Don't call a locksmith and waste your money.

u/Dug_Fin · 4 pointsr/Locksmith

Looking up the code on the key, it's from the Corbin 5 pin series, says it takes an Ilco 1001EH blank. The milling of the key you have doesn't look the same as I see in the Ilco book for the 1001EH, but the key is definitely a Corbin 5-pin series, because the cuts I show for that code match the key you have. Likely a different keyway, but still Corbin. Can't tell for sure without a view of the tip of the key to see the keyway shape.

u/Chensky · 3 pointsr/Locksmith

I stand by this backpack, I have used and abused the fucking shit out of it for 2-3 years. I would HEAVILY RECOMMEND, getting a very good screwdriver set.

Get these pliers

These channies

Adjustable wrench


No bullshit, I use every single thing listed on a daily basis with the exception of the small screw drivers as I have Snap-On small screw drivers that are probably too $$$ for OP.