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u/Purpoise · 3 pointsr/Louisville

I have a small amount of CC debt but I was able to get a consolidation loan, this made my payments more manageable and the pay-off date and overall cost are now way lower than they would have been. This could be done through some third party lender but I would start with where you know first for options. If you have a bank I would start by there, they may even have someone that specializes in this kind of financial assistance. If you have access to a credit union they may even be more help than a bank's financial advisers. You can always call the credit card company directly and discuss debt management options. It may also be helpful to look at some debt relief programs or reference materials. I've always found Dave Ramsey's plans for financial planning to be straight-forward and effective. Here's a link to a Ramsey book that covers debt-relief and saving/investment, his main concept for debt relief is a "snowball" plan - pay off the small stuff first and once paid off use that extra many for the next largest balance and so on.

Good Luck!

u/C02PP5 · 1 pointr/Louisville

You said Southern Style but I really like Ed Lee's collards + kimchi served at MilkWood which is technically Korean-Southern fusion. I love it so much so that I quit using my grandmother's recipe and adopted his. Recipe here: basically the entire restaurants menu is in this cookbook

u/ColumbaMcZ · 4 pointsr/Louisville

Sure!! Thanks for asking. My novel is called Misercordias and it’s available on Amazon. Here’s the link!


u/enkafan · 6 pointsr/Louisville

Love to see them. Btw, this is a great book on the 1937 flood if anyone is interested in learning more.

u/ds580 · 3 pointsr/Louisville

[Germans in Louisville] ( just came out a little bit ago. An amazing amount of effort went into it from 20 something different authors. I haven't had the time to get into it, but went to the presentation when it was released. It looks quite interesting.

u/DidIMiss60b · 2 pointsr/Louisville

If you don't want your phone tied up and have to deal with the hassle of setting it up every time, get this. Footage quality is really nice, and it has more of the bubble shaped coverage lens (I don't know how to describe it).

It's gotten a bit cheaper. Mine records 24/7. Holds about 12 hours worth of video before it starts recording over whatever file is 12 hours old. The built in battery only lasts about 1-2 minutes, to give it time to finalize the file before shutting off if you're in an accident or something. I think I am using a 32gb Micro SDHC card. I suppose you could go up to 64 gb and have double the storage.

Another Louisville Redditor said they had this dash cam, so I gave it a shot, and it definitely checks out.

The longest I have gone without using my car is 4 days, and it still didn't kill my battery. I don't think it pulls very much power; probably as much as a cell phone.

u/l3tigre · 2 pointsr/Louisville

Mr. Splitfoot. Best (fiction) book I've read in years. Bellevue for nonfiction.

u/fbthowaway · 3 pointsr/Louisville

$30, Natural Gas Leak Detector Detection Alarm:\_sw\_em\_r\_mt\_dp\_U\_kvJ5CbDY2N317

Read instructions for yourself but natural gas is lighter than air (it rises), so placement of the detector is important.

u/n00bvin · 1 pointr/Louisville

It was really fun to interview Tony, who is really on top of things when marketing his book.

I'll give him a shameless plug:

Amazon Affiliate Link

Non-Affiliate Amazon Link

Figured I'd use both links... I'm not trying to spam, but if you want to click and buy through the affiliate link, I'm not going to stop you.

u/cs502 · 20 pointsr/Louisville

Great $50 investment. Mine has been running 24/7 for over 2 years now with no issues.

Here is actual footage.

It records about 12 hours of footage and then starts recording over whatever was recorded 12 hours previously.

u/spid3rfly · 1 pointr/Louisville

Never heard of this. Is this the one? I'm definitely going to check it out.

u/MrT442 · 2 pointsr/Louisville

A friend and I looked into doing this a few years ago, but I can't remember how long we estimated it would take. Seem to remember it being more than a day trip though. He has this book, which might provide some insight for you.

u/systematika · 2 pointsr/Louisville

I know the guy that wrote this. Haven't read it, but once you get him talking about Louisville history, he won't stop.

u/vyncex · 3 pointsr/Louisville

One of them is wearing a silly hat, another wrote a letter, another called and said thanks... another had an in-person conversation.

His was returned with an explanation.

Anyone want to send him copies of Yurtle the Turtle?

u/tikiporch · 1 pointr/Louisville

Classic Feynman is a collection of his books, broken down and organized somewhat chronologically.

u/sponz · 3 pointsr/Louisville

Sorry for the long post, I didn't realize it was going to be this big as I started writing. Hopefully it's not too rambling as it's now 1am and I'm tired. I am not going to put a TL:DR because I think the information is good. :)

Krav Maga would be a great foundation for a self defense course. It's practical in its usage. You remove the threat. I am unsure if there are any decent instructors of that in the area, others may have input on that.

The absolute best self defense is being aware. I helped teach a self defense class a few times back home. It was a pretty informal deal (like something you expressed no interest in), but the thing we stressed the most was being aware of...EVERYTHING.

A couple of things to consider while taking input from everyone:

  1. The style they are suggesting may not be the best style for self defense, but that does not mean it's worthless. I am a big fan of Bruce Lee, and I think all martial artists should own a copy of The Toa of Jeet Kune Do. The reason being is that Bruce Lee studied many, many art forms and took the good and used it. He ignored the rest.

  2. Training in martial arts can and will build your confidence. This is a benefit and a detriment. The reason it is a benefit is because you get the feeling you can handle yourself in many situations with practice and time. While you may have that feeling, you may not be able to handle yourself in all situations and that confidence can bring some bad with it because you put yourself in situations that you can not handle.

  3. Getting a CCW or carry concealed weapons may be an option for you as well. However, it is legal to open carry in Kentucky. There are certain places you can't carry a weapon, but you are legally allowed to carry a weapon openly. A caveat with either open or concealed carry is that if you are put in a stressful situation, can you handle a weapon? If someone has a knife and they are within 21 feet of you and your weapon isn't drawn. You are probably getting stabbed. There have been lots of studies done on this. If your weapon is concealed in a purse or ankle holster, you are almost definitely getting stabbed. If someone has a gun and you aren't super comfortable with it and they are close, there is a chance they will take it from you and use it on you. The motion to do this is quick. Very quick. It's something you would learn in Krav Maga.

  4. Carrying a knife is much like the conealed/open weapon. Can you handle it in a stressful situation? A knife is a close quarter combat weapon. You have to be super close to use it on someone. Hypothetically, if I was attacking you, the chances of a knife doing much good would be slim if I meant you harm. The reason being is that I am a big guy. I'm 6'1, ~360. It would be tough to get a critical or fatal stab in on a guy my size. There is a chance that I could, again, use it on you.

  5. The awareness I mentioned earlier is the most important skill and attribute you can have for self defense. By awareness as a skill, you teach yourself to pay attention to your surroundings. If you have a couple of guys walking your way on an empty street at night you would do the following: Change the side of the street you are walking on, paying attention to any escape route you may need. Maybe they would be insulted if they aren't a threat...but you shouldn't care. As you change the side fo the street, look for weapons. Maybe they are carrying something for a weapon, but you should look for a way to arm yourself. As I sit in my living room, I look around and I see probably 30 make-shift weapons. A glass with lemonaide, a lamp, a speaker, a vaccuum, this laptop and it's powercable, etc.

    My guess for the cost would probably be anywhere from 5-15 dollars a class, or 100 bucks per month-ish.

    I just retook the CCDW class (carry concealed deadly weapons) class here in Kentucky. The class cost 75 dollars at TG&G. The class only allows you to apply for your concealed weapons license. It was very boring for the most part because they play a video of a lawyer reading you the actual law for a good portion of it. You also need to "qualify" by hitting a human sized target 11 times out of 20 at seven yards. They cover some basic gun maintenance and other stuff, but in no way does it prepare you for actually carrying a weapon. Once you get the documentation back from the state that says you took the class, you can apply for the license for another 66 dollars or so.

    It is a crazy world that we live in. It is very sad that we need to go through such means to protect ourselves, our family, our friends, and even our possessions. The stuff you see in movies and on tv shows over dramatizes how things could go in your favor because you studied karate or kung fu.

    A final note, that if you do take a martial art for a long time, but stop training, you will lose the quickness of it over time. I used to train 3-5 days a week with a group of friends and local cops. I have since gained some weight since I no longer train like I used to. I take this into account every time I even consider a situation that could occur.

    I do think it would be fun to get a group to meet up once or twice a month and share knowledge and possibly some training. Boxing/karate/bjj/wrestling/self defense/etc. Everyone can have something they can input.