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u/mizukiii · 1 pointr/Lovebirds

Yep, slowly incorporate the pellets in the food until there are more pellets than seeds, since seed eating birds get really picky and she’ll probably ignore the pellets the first few days. Google some tips, because all my birds have been fed a mostly pellet diet and I have no experience with switching from seed to pellet. If buying Harrison’s high potency super fine regularly is within your budget, that’s the best one. Otherwise, can get you started. There should be pellets in the pet supply store, though they probably sell Zupreem or Tropican. Tropican is easily accessible (I see it at my local pet store) and pretty appealing to birds, as well as MUCH cheaper than the “non gmo organic something something” brands.

u/pissbearr · 1 pointr/Lovebirds

It's a Lovebird and needs a buddy, if you lack a bird then it's you; bond, hang out, get to know each other. If it's on solid food give it a variety of fresh(go to the salad bar 2x weekly) and the best food around , millet and lots of fresh water in @ least two places. Fresh Air, flight.....and it's smart, smarter than me!

I had 4, now 5 with a 4 month old....and a week old in the nest. And that's enough!

u/Xanthus730 · 3 pointsr/Lovebirds

Yes, I would chop the veggies very small and put them in the same bowl, along with a few pellets. That way if they're going to be a picky eater, they might still accidentally taste some of the veggies.

For bird treats, keep the nuts and use those as treats. You can also get something like as a treat.

Are you able to order bird treats or pellets online?

Dried millet is also a great treat for birds.