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u/ToofBref · 5 pointsr/MAU3

I use this Mayflash Magic NS adapter to connect Xbox One, DualShock and Wii U Pro controllers to my Switch.

Works perfectly.

Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switch PC NEOGEO mini

u/Th3Dux · 1 pointr/MAU3


It worked like a charm.

u/brandonkeck · 1 pointr/MAU3

And get it $10 cheaper on amazon ($49.99) currently. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order - Nintendo Switch

I guess this is only if you subscribe to Prime...

u/Aufrodisiac · 7 pointsr/MAU3

Amazon has a digital download code for MUA1+2 bundle for PS4 that comes with the DLC. Unfortunately, it’s $60.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle - PS4 [Digital Code]

u/REDsox83 · 1 pointr/MAU3

On Amazon its $13 were you looking at the 6 pack they sell for 38?

u/Exia321 · 2 pointsr/MAU3

For those who wanted the links.
In order of preference:

Wireless Switch Controller Built-in Gyro Axis Dual Vibration Turbo Functions Switch Pro Controller with 6.5FT Led Cable-Black&Blue

Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, TGJOR Wireless Switch Gamepad Compatible with Nintendo Switch Console, Built-in Motor with Dual Shock, Gyro Axis (Turbo Buttons)

Wireless Switch Controller,Dual Shock and High Performance Gamepad with Adjustable Turbo Function, Support Gyro Axis Function for Nintendo Switch/Switch Pro, Type-C Connected PC Games Controller