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u/tsudeki · 1 pointr/MMORPG

I will cast my votes for TERA and Rift. Rift is 100% free and very well polished since it was a pay-to-play game originally. Their F2P model is one of the best around.

TERA is a great action MMO with a very active community. If you intend to play TERA, I recommend picking up a boxed copy of the game as that will unlock 8 character slots per server and many other perks (see the Founder column) for a one-time fee of (currently) $16.50. If you enter the CD key backwards, you also get a second free mount (entering the key normally gives the Terminus mount whereas entering it backwards gives the Tawny Huntress mount).

You can create an account and play TERA while you wait for your boxed copy to arrive, then apply the codes to your current account. You don't have to create the account with the boxed copy's CD key to get the perks.

u/majorfalice · 1 pointr/MMORPG

Also, what mouse which you guys recommend? I am currently looking at this. It's a relatively unknown companies but it has a great price and great reviews. I would love to hear everyones input!

u/gamerlen · 1 pointr/MMORPG

Yeah, if it was free to play I'd push a lot harder for people to try it, but I can understand not wanting to plop down thirty bucks for a game you're not sure you'd want.

However, I really love modern day/supernatural settings. Some of my favorite book series are The Nightside books by Simon R. Green, The Hollows series by Kim Harrison (especially so because I actually live near Cincinnati, which is where the books take place), The Hellboy graphic novel series, and so on.

So yeah, a game with a modern day setting where I get to spend hours fighting zombies, insane cultists, bloodthirsty vampires, and elder gods? Sign me up! :D

u/OnePunkArmy · 3 pointsr/MMORPG

Neither of these are P2W.

Tera really only gives you costumes and convenience items in their cash shop, such as field repair kits. You can buy a Founder's Pack on Amazon and apply the code to your account, which gives you tons of permanent benefits, such as 8 character slots instead of 2, and a faster mount for all characters.

Cash shop is mostly costumes and convenience items. There is a premium option that's like a 30-day subscription that gives your characters special benefits for the duration, such as increased exp and gold find.

u/AlbionOnlineAMA · 7 pointsr/MMORPG

We selected Peter Newman for the book as we consider him to be an excellent fantasy author.

When we arranged for the cooperation, we wanted to get support in outlining the lore for the game and thought that working with an author to create a proper book alongside it would be killing two birds with one stone.

You are right that Albion is not very lore heavy. That's definitely something that we can and should improve on. As a result of that, we wouldn't call the existing lore "canon" in the sense that we see it as set in stone.

u/DocNefarious · 2 pointsr/MMORPG

> baseless lack of source and evidence post.

Completely ignoring all the sources I cite.

>GW2 is confirmed not F2P


>Play Guild Wars 2 for free


> - About the Product

> - Guild Wars 2 provides a massive, online persistent world.
> - Free online play. No monthly fee.
> - Players have the freedom to play together even if their friends are at a much higher (or lower) level.
> - Players will be able to engage in organized, balanced PvP (similar to GvG in the original Guild Wars) without needing to first level up characters, find equipment, or unlock skills.
> - You will be able to advance your character to the maximum level without ever joining a group if you so desire.


> By August 2015, over 5 million copies had been sold, at which point the base game became free-to-play.


In case I forgot to mention, Guild Wars 2 is free-to-play. "so hold the L not even needing to comment on anything there."

>your comments are being filtered for trolling.

Except they aren't. [Not] Sorry.

>xD xD xD devs are wrong bro. HAHA xDDDDDDD Doctors were wrong to label you as human being, you're actually a dog.

Being this upset. Just... why? "Hold the big L."

u/JCorkill · 3 pointsr/MMORPG

The Secret World has an amazing immersive storyline and every ability is available to every player. It's only $15 on [Amazon] ( right now.

u/Rowan_cathad · 2 pointsr/MMORPG

This one. Very interesting stuff, especially the MUD information. If you want a slice of what the content is like, read the A Jedi Saga on Raph's website

u/HalfW1ng · 2 pointsr/MMORPG

Here is a link to pcgamer who apparently had some hands on with the game.

Not too sure if amazon themselves have revealed anything detailed thus far as the game is in pre alpha, you can register for closed alpha testing by signing up from amazons own website.

Hope that helps

u/Ghenn · 1 pointr/MMORPG

I think how it is now is better. Buying games was very hit or miss back in the day.

I found some games like this one in store. Knew nothing about it. Looked at the front, gazed at the back... randomly decided to buy it. Turned out to be a good choice.

The worst thing about buying from the store was once the game sold, there goes your chance of ever finding it (usually). I really wanted to get Brigandine and Lunar 2 and never found a copy anywhere. Now they're sought after collector pieces.

It is so easy to find old games today for dirt cheap thanks to digital stores. Bad if you were a game collector I guess. Great for everyone else.

u/OptimisticElectron · 2 pointsr/MMORPG

You could get a mouse with number keys on it like this one:

And play almost any MMO without mastery in piano key smashery.

u/bcwalker · 0 pointsr/MMORPG

Read for yourself, as this is THE definitive history of tabletop RPGs. You may have a copy in your local library system. Also, the testimony (included in the book) of surviving original gamers make this quite clear: THEY DID NOT CARE.

u/h3p · 1 pointr/MMORPG

You have to go to the game's Amazon page and sign-up for email updates. That's is the Alpha and probably Beta sign-up method.

>Sign in with your Amazon account to enable registration for the New World Alpha Test. Click “Email Me” after signing in and we will contact you with details when available.

u/DubiousEthicality · 3 pointsr/MMORPG

Redragon Perdition. I picked this up for $35 last December, intending to use it for a couple of months. It has since seen a month of playtime in FFXIV, and plenty in other MMOs. I use it every single day and can't recommend it enough.

And it's 4.5 stars on Amazon with 2.5k reviews, which is pretty crazy.

Edit: a word

u/thumbtackjake · 1 pointr/MMORPG

This. I've had my G600 for a couple of months now and I love it. Before that I used a Razer Naga for a few years, but wasn't really wanting to spend that amount again (buttons had worn out and was developing issues). You can find it on Amazon for ~$30USD.

u/grey_sky · 0 pointsr/MMORPG

It was $40 on amazon just last week. I've been debating picking it up for the past month since the announcement of b2p.

Price History

u/buffalo_tears · 3 pointsr/MMORPG

I haven't played ESO so I dunno if its worth the burritos or not, but looks like amazon has the box version for far fewer burritos:

u/Lux-uk · 2 pointsr/MMORPG

Depending on how much you want to spend there is a lot of budget alternatives for a 12 button mouse. Just go on Amazon and search '12 button mouse'

An example.

I have been using this mouse for years since my Razer Naga broke as well.

u/john_doe_jersey · 2 pointsr/MMORPG

You can buy it on Amazon for $18 and get 30 days of game time. They make you set up a sub before you can log in, but they don't charge you and you can cancel it right after you're in game.

u/A_Chinchilla · 1 pointr/MMORPG

No sweat, sign up page is completely public. Just click "email me."

u/prominusx · 5 pointsr/MMORPG

Try posting a non referral link so people don't think you are spamming.