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u/Khalano · 3 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

Missha US is also having a 40% off sale. Everything is 40% off site wide, and they have a gift with purchase. Spend $100, and you become a VIP member. VIP members get free shipping on orders over $20, 30% off all regular priced items, and a birthday reward. If you don't qualify for free shipping, ground shipping is about $6.
Amazon also carries a lot of Missha items. I feel like they are the cheapest, especially if you figure in shipping. Here is an example:
M Perfect Cover BB Cream #13
Amazon : $10.80 Free Shipping with Prime
Missha US : $13.20 Free shipping with VIP or $5.99 Ground shipping.
Soko Glam : $13.20 Free shipping on orders over $35 or Shipping is $6.95. (Coupon code: MISSHA4U is needed to get 40% off).

u/Qiqiours · 6 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

And the Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, Lavender, 32 Fluid Ounce 32 oz (big!) is only $13.99, even cheaper than the peppermint ones which is $15.99.

So if you buy two of the lavender soap, you can add another brush soap like the Ecotools Cruelty Free and Eco Friendly Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo, 6 Ounce; Wash Away Surface Makeup, Oil, and Impurities from Brushes for only $3.39. Now your total will be a little over $30, after $10 off is $20 for THREE brush liquid soaps. yay! I love clean brushes and beauty blenders!

I like this Amazon deal better than the $10 gift card for spending $30 Target deal. Because you just pay less, while in Target, you have to pay $30 then get a gift card.

All the products qualified for this $10 off deal is listed here

u/leenie123 · 1 pointr/MUAontheCheap
  • Luxury Sun Care Sample Box (get a $19.99 credit for future purchase of select luxury sun care products)
    In stock on September 5, 2017. You are able to purchase it now.
    Ships from and sold by exclusively for Prime members.

    Sample box includes 8 or more items. Samples may vary. Participating brands include:
  • Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream for Dry Skin: 0.1 oz
  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Face Sunscreen: 0.06 oz
  • iS CLINICAL Hydra-Cool Serum: 0.12 oz
  • CObagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen: 1 oz
  • PCA SKIN weightless protection broad spectrum, SPF 45: 0.25 oz
  • Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan: 0.5 oz
  • Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen with Cellular -Response Technology SPF 50: 0.46 oz
  • MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 30: 0.5 oz
  • jane iredale LipDrink Lip Balm with SPF 15, Buff : 0.05 oz

  • Luxury Women's Beauty Box (get a $19.99 credit on future select products with purchase)
    10 or more samples
    Usually ships within 5 to 7 days.
    Ships from and sold by exclusively for Prime members.


  • Men's Grooming Sample Box
    6 or more items (get a $9.99 credit on select products)

  • Aveeno Sample Box
    6 or more items (get a $7.99 credit toward future purchase of select Aveeno products)

    Sample box includes 6 or more items. Samples may vary. Participating brands include:
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Vanilla Wash: 1 fl oz
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Vanilla Lotion: 0.5 oz
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30 Moisturizer: 0.3 fl oz
  • Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo: 0.3 fl oz
  • Aveeno Pure Renewal Conditioner: 0.3 fl oz
  • Aveeno Eczema Therapy Cream: 0.5 oz
  • Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30: 1 oz
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion : 1 oz

u/dinh-nerys · 1 pointr/MUAontheCheap

I have that issue with boxes too. I always keep a few Ulta ones around for shipping. I dabble with Ebay as well. It sucks, because in addition to the "I might need it one day narrative", now there is the "someone will buy that on Ebay, why would I toss it when I can make a few bucks?". I have a mental list of so many "trash" items that others would buy. There really is a market for everything.

I came across "The Minimalists" (they are a friend/ blogger duo) who wrote books ("Everything That Remains" ), do tours, and even have a documentary out on Netflix. The title that I linked is the only one I've read. I think the others are a compilation of essays and not in tradition chapter form. Anyhow, I liked Milburn's writing style. It was a bit floral and ^(a little pretentious) at times; however there were some good insights, and had some memorable scenes that still resonate strongly with me.

Branching off of that, I appreciated Joshua Becker's book. He has children, and has incorporated how that affects the process of downsizing and minimalism. If I recall correctly, this book has religious underones (I think the author is Christian, so he does reflect and tie all of it back to his relationship with God).

I read this one too. This lady was featured in The Minimalists' documentary. I think I liked it. lol. I can't remember. However, I do recall one specific story in it.

So yeah, maybe this will inspire and help you towards your goals. I certainly need to revisit them as well.

u/NigellaL · 2 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

That totally sucks, babe! You have a right to be pissed off. It sounds like you have a firm grip on excelling at the technical aspect of your job. I know that there is more to succeeding at work than just this one facet. I read this book a long, long time ago and I found it so helpful that I turned around and bought one for my cousin. First, I have to warn you, the language used by the writer is kinda silly and possibly dated but the advice she gives is valid. It covers basics but it also introduced me to some concepts I wish I had known before I started my career. It is called "The Big Sister'sGuide to the World of Work." A second book that came highly recommended but I have only flipped thru is "Mistakes I Made at Work." Hope that helps. Wishing you luck!

u/RabbitFuzz · 1 pointr/MUAontheCheap

More (albeit only slightly discounted) items:

Real Techniques Cruelty Free Mini MC Sponges, (Pack of 4) $5 vs $7.50 retail.

Ecotools Cruelty Free and Eco Friendly Precision Blush $3 vs $4.50

Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow + Sparkle, Metropolitan $5 vs $8

Some generic brushes here - not sure about quality for $6.

EcoTools Holiday Soft Smokey Eye Set $6 vs $10?

PARWIN PRO 1 Inch Dual Voltage Flat Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic Plate $11 vs $35 (not great reviews though)

ETERNITY Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener for All Hair Types,1 Inch Floating Plate $11 (no reviews, not sure what retail is for this)

Makeup Brush Cleaner Kit in Seconds to Clean Makeup Brushes and Dry in 360 Rotation with 8 Rubber Collars for All Makeup Brushes Cleaning (just one of those generic brush cleaner things) $12 (seems like a good way to try it out)

Winsor & Newton Artisan Brush, Size 12, Flat $3 vs $13

Kess InHouse Everything Bag, Tapered Pouch, Heidi Jennings "Shadows" Dark Circles, 8.5 x 4 Inches (HJ1011AEP03) $3 (inexpensive makeup bag?)

u/Kindapuffy · 3 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

Link cost deducted in cart after you've met the $50 luxury beauty purchase threshold.

Promotion Details

To receive the Free Item:

  • Add the qualifying item to your Shopping Cart via the Add to Cart button on the product information page.
  • The price of the free item will be discounted on the final order checkout page.

    Terms and Conditions:

  • The free item is only available with the purchase of a qualifying item shipped from and sold by Amazon.
  • The promotion is valid for a limited time only. Amazon reserves the right to cancel it at any time.
  • If you do not purchase the qualifying item added to your Shopping Cart, the discount will not apply.
  • The promotion applies only to qualifying items displaying the offer message on their product information pages.
  • The qualifying item and the free item must be purchased in one order and shipped to a single address.
  • The free item is non-returnable.
  • No shipping costs will be charged for the free item.
  • If you remove any of the promotion items from your Shopping Cart or violate any of the Terms and Conditions, the promotion will be invalid, and the discount will not apply.

    Thank you u/itokeforchange

u/heyrunnermama · 8 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

Since I just started collecting makeup on Black Friday (and am having so much fun thanks to this sub), my palettes have been crowding into the drawers of my little countertop organizer.
This week I finally ordered a clear file organizer to keep them in, and I'm so happy with it! Good quality for the money and looks lovely with all the cute palettes!

u/june_bug77 · 3 pointsr/MUAontheCheap you follow the age guidelines when buying children’s toys? My niece is turning two and I bought this in Costco, but a Disney Junior one. I didn’t look at the age until I got home and it’s recommended for age 3 and up. I let her play on my old Brookstone Boogie Board and I thought this toy was similar to that. All opinions welcome.

u/fortunado09 · 1 pointr/MUAontheCheap

Try a prenatal vitamin. I know it works to make your hair longer, but I feel like it has made my hair bigger too, if that makes sense. I take Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins . My nails are better too.

u/Super_sizeme · 1 pointr/MUAontheCheap

I love Dr Brandt microdermabrasion exfoliant. It’s not cheap, but the 2oz is half the price of the comparable size of Exfolikate on Amazon. Amazon

u/txnerdymermaid · 2 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

Not helpful for filling out an Ulta order, but I have to share these makeup remover cloths I got from amazon.

I have makeup erasers, some no name brands, etc. These outperform by far. I have cut a couple into little squares to use for toner and such.

I also picked up some colored ones to use for A little water, and it cleans my cabinet fronts without leaving residue or water marks.

u/alrohly · 9 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

This is my first post here so let me know if I did anything wrong. Saw this lightning deal, here’s the link

Only available for the next 5 hours!