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u/grecy · 3 pointsr/MURICA

If you have not read Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman by Jon Krakauer I highly recommend you do. It's an extremely good account of exactly what happened, and why men like Pat were over there in the first place.

It's one of the best books describing the whole war over there I've ever read.

u/Flatline334 · 4 pointsr/MURICA

Fellow patriot. If you would like to get a freedom boner to end all freedom boners the you need to read Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy. You will learn about the Constitution but also the other 5 Frigates that were constructed at the same time: The Constellation, The Chesapeake, The President, The United States and The Congress. It is one of my favorite books.

u/WhereThePeachesGrow · 10 pointsr/MURICA

This is the pair that I purchased

This is a cheaper pair, but they are 100% cotton. And the damn commies love cotton

Edit: Amazon saw what I ordered and immediately bumped me up to free 2 days shipping. I suspect is was out of pure respect

u/ridingthepine · 2 pointsr/MURICA

If you haven't read the book "Where Men Win Glory" by John Krakauer, you really really should.

u/isthataturtle · 1 pointr/MURICA

Link, they aren't great but they're pretty cool

u/FrankReynolds · 8 pointsr/MURICA

It appears in his book The Grand Alliance on page 539-540.

u/r4ndpaulsbrilloballs · 6 pointsr/MURICA

I've read a few. Like this one. And this one. And this one. And this one.

Sorry none of them are Lost Cause Confederate propaganda, though. Better luck next time, Johnny Reb.

u/grandmastrblastr · 18 pointsr/MURICA

America, Fuck Yeah!

May I suggest that once this one wears out, you replace it with a tangle free flagpole and grommeted flag.

I don't have to constantly untangle my flag and the Annin Tough-Tex flag has stood up for two years so far (albeit a bit faded). Annin flags are also made right here in 'Murica.

u/Sebu91 · 3 pointsr/MURICA

Rekt ;)

But seriously, there's an excellent book on the founding of the US Navy and on the exploits of the Six Frigates. It's called "Six Frigates" and can be found here:

Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy by Ian W. Toll

u/MightierThanThou · 37 pointsr/MURICA

Look at this map of army deployments in the liberation of western Europe

Hodges, 1st Army (USA)

Patton, 3rd Army (USA)

Devers, 6th Army (USA)

Patch, 7th Army (USA)

Simpson, 9th Army (USA)

Bradley, 12th Army (USA)

Gerow 15th Army (USA)

Dempsey, 2nd Army (USA)

Montgomery, 21st Army (UK)

Crerar, 1st Army (Canada)

de Lattre, 1st Army (France)

The US did by far the most to liberate western Europe. This is a fact.

The US also did the most in N. Africa, the Med, Italy, and then Western Europe, while simultaneously fighting Japan on the other side of the world will very little help. The US did a whole hell of a lot more to help the allies against Germany than the help the US received against Japan. And the US did this while supplying not only its own military but all of the allies with literally the majority of their war material.

Let's quote Stalin himself, who is just about the last person who would benefit from admitting the importance of the US:

'The United States is a country of machines. Without the use of these machines through Lend-Lease, we would lose this war.' —Josef Stalin (1943)

u/TheGodDamnSir · 2 pointsr/MURICA

The sticker is here!

And the keyboard cover is here!

u/SCALUNA · 6 pointsr/MURICA

Ordered one of these right away. Here's the link!

u/No_Moochers · 1 pointr/MURICA

Totally have those shades! They're dangerous to wear while driving, just saying. Stay safe, patriots.

u/t_geezy · 7 pointsr/MURICA

LINK for those of us who need to cry Jack Daniels. RIP George Washington.

u/hivemind6 · -3 pointsr/MURICA

The Soviets used up the majority of German manpower on the eastern front. You can't deny that. The Soviets destroyed a shitload of German divisions, but couldn't mobilize westward until the US relieved pressure from the eastern front by leading Operation Overlord on the western front.

Also, the Soviets depended heavily on US war aid through Lend-Lease. By the end of the war the majority of their war material was provided by the US. Most importantly perhaps were the cargo trucks the US provided, somewhere around 350,000 of them. The Soviets could not have moved west without them. Before that they marched.

Let's quote the man himself:

'The United States is a country of machines. Without the use of these machines through Lend-Lease, we would lose this war.' —Josef Stalin (1943)