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u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/MacMiller

1) Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing The Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers - by Karyl McBride PhD

^(*)^(this is the book that Mac references most often, by McBride*)

2) The Drama Of The Gifted Child; The Search for the True Self - by Alice Miller


Quick, short bonus read:

3) Shakespeare's story of King Lear


Omg I didn't even explain the Divine Feminine!! lolol dude you wouldn't believe it. The book that I'm reading - hell, most books that are aimed at the perspective of the child of a narcissistic parent are for GIRLS. Daughters of narcissistic mothers. That's because typically, mothers latch onto their daughters as an extension of themselves, not their sons. But their sons do still experience some fucked up emotional abuse - it's just the daughter - me - girls take most of the heat. Oh my god I got most of the heat. That's where he got his word "heat" from. He must have took most of the heat in his household, because he didn't have any sisters??? idk if he has a sister.

Fuck I need to answer your question, I just wanted to preface that by saying, don't judge him for reading a book written for girls. The book that I'm reading would be embarrassing for me to tell you guys, because I'm sure Malcolm was embarrassed he was reading them also. They were written for daughters, not sons. So his album, the divine feminine, is quite literally that his experience has a feminine perspective. He is sensitive to emotion, considerate, compassionate... things that aren't typically associated with a heterosexual man. Likely because he took most of his mother's heat, her wrath, her teachings, her shaping him into the ideal son. (But fucking killing him on the inside dammit).

But here's the best part: my younger brother is the spitting image of Mac Miller, just certainly less mature, less self-aware. I thought he was gay at one point because he was so different from most redneck, farmer straight men that I (much to my disdain) grew up knowing. Like my brother is a fucking teddy bear, and my little brother is 100% straight, and he struggles with addiction to escape himself. Just like Malcolm.


Gosh it took me this long to give you the books' names... I pasted it at the top of this shit so you can get your answer quickly. But, in theory, had I not done that lol... without further ado, I give you links to the PDF versions of two of the three books, to save you time/money:


1) Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing The Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers - by Karyl McBride PhD

^(*)^(this is the book that Mac references most often, by McBride*)


2) The Drama Of The Gifted Child; The Search for the True Self - by Alice Miller


Quick, short bonus read:

3) The story of King Lear, when Shakespeare first presented the tragedy of the loss of self "at year’s end in 1606, some four hundred years ago. But that moment is still alive to us now," even in 2019 after listening to rapper Mac Miller's album swimming. This story of King Lear was referenced in the book Loneliness As A Way of Life" by Thomas Dumm.


^(* I'm gonna keep blabbing because I'm excited to talk about this so sorry, pardon me, ignore this if you want.... anyways. Loneliness As A Way of Life was in the philosophy section of a bookstore and somehow, the stars aligned, and I picked it out by random. I immediately knew that this is how my mother came to be narcissistic. Before discovering the story of King Lear, I had already sought to learn what my mom went through, to make her treat me the way she did. It turned out, her upbringing and abuse was far beyond what happened to me. Its just that, when someone never is truly loved, they lose the ability to extend true love to their children, and this fate is continued, passed on to generations of empty people. My mom was Shakespeare's Cordelia. And when I asked her to read it, she did so, reading through several times. She couldn't sleep that night. I always knew that she couldn't control her thinking (just like Malcom) ^(but I knew it finally gave an answer to her pain and suffering. She originally met me with defiance, shame, guilt, about her parents. But I made a very purposeful choice to explain to her that she was just a child, and that it wasn't her responsibility to care for everyone else at the cost of her own self. She didn't need to feel guilty that she didn't do more to save her parents. I told her that, as much as I understand her concern for her parents, I couldn't help but think of her as that little blonde kid. I feel sorry for that kid that endured that pain. It was wrong, but I'm not here to tell her what she did wrong. I told her that I am celebrating what she did right. How she protected me as best she could, given her upbringing. The odds were stacked against her, and she did her best. She doesn't need to know how much she killed me on the inside. I'll always love my mom. And after I talked to her about it, it seemed that her ego became less fragile. She didn't seek love/attention from me constantly; amazingly, she started to return the emotional support, reciprocate, and treat me with more love, more understanding. It was beautiful, really. That's the power of validation. That's the power of facing your demons, instead of tucking them away. But even with that success, I know she still feels that emptiness that I feel. It'll always be there.))

u/erewhile · 2 pointsr/MacMiller

A few posts I've seen on this subreddit actually reference Mac's ex Nomi's past blog posts, which provide many hints to how she was the one who very likely influenced Mac's thoughts when writing The Divine Feminine. In addition, her Peek Magazine piece gives us some hints that she is probably (and justifiably) hurt about never having received credit for her obvious influence on the themes Mac embraced in his music. It actually seems like, at that time, she felt like he wasn't deserving of writing about those things that she shared with him, probably because she was hurt from their breakup, but I digress.

Peek Mag Piece

Nomi Leasure On Sacred Feminine, Goddess Conspiracy Theories, Fashion Imagery and Nurturing Earth Mothers

Even the book (The Chalice and the Blade) that Nomi recommends to her readers in her Peek Magazine piece is frequently bought together with another book titled When God Was a Woman and The Great Cosmic Mother.

The Chalice and the Blade

Just some food for thought. 🥣

u/IsThisTheKrusty-Krab · 6 pointsr/MacMiller

This is a Casio CTK-3500. I would strongly recommend it for beginner piano players. I think I payed about $140 for it with the foot pedal.

(edit): Here's a link to the keyboard. If you do end up getting a keyboard of some type, I highly recommend one with weighted keys. Worth the extra 20 or 30 dollar difference.

u/bmhart17 · 3 pointsr/MacMiller

Do it! I've had a blast with collecting Mac. I'm also working on Tyler the Creator and waiting for Chance the Rapper to officially release his stuff. I have this one nothing flashy or super technical but it's been great to me.

u/AmadeusGamingTV · 2 pointsr/MacMiller

Try this!

I dont see them on the record site anymore but I ordered this months ago and it took forever to come.

That one is sold and shipped by amazon themselves so any issues they would refund/exchange or whatever without hesitation. I'm in canada so not sure what it's like elsewhere to get his vinyls. But it's definitely not easy here lol

u/samanthaisacat · 3 pointsr/MacMiller

I have this exact record player atm, it's a great beginner one. I plan to upgrade in the future but I've had this one since Christmas '17 and it's served me well!

u/schlaBAM · 1 pointr/MacMiller

There's a couple copies on the Canadian Amazon if you're looking for it -

u/chrisvinny · 2 pointsr/MacMiller

I have this limited edition TDF if you're looking to buy.
Not particularly looking to sell but hey if you want it

u/PsychadelicGarden · 4 pointsr/MacMiller

Did a quick Google verch... I mean Google search... And found this but looks like unavailable rn unfortunately

u/jakemo8642 · 0 pointsr/MacMiller

Convertibles (Bonus 7-inch Featuring Mac Miller & Ab Soul) [CD/7" Combo]

u/icebird2408 · 2 pointsr/MacMiller

This is the closest I could find...


u/BraHendo · 3 pointsr/MacMiller

The Mac albums are framed.

The other albums are inside plastic sleeves and hung with mounting putty.

u/StanislavGetz · 22 pointsr/MacMiller

You can also grab 'em on amazon for $28 if you care about the design but not the on-tag logo.

Amazon - Hoodie

Maybe that's fucked up - I dunno. There for the taking, though.