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u/mtrash · 14 pointsr/Maine

You should read 1491 and America Before. Also there a numerous journal entries that have been published about the true history of Columbus and westward expansion.

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u/WomanWhoWeaves · 1 pointr/Maine

My suggestion is to take the ferry over on a day the library is open. Stop in at the library and talk to anyone you find. One of the librarians is a native. The other has been there awhile. Also the Peaks Island website. Go out on a Sunday and go to one of the churches. This book was written by women who live(d) there.

One of my old neighbors called living on the island a half-time job. That sounds about right. I liked the constraints of the ferry, but not everyone does.

u/mydogcecil · 6 pointsr/Maine

Taxonomy-wise, for psychoactive cannabis plants it's either broadleaf cannabis or narrow leaf cannabis. Pure sativas are non psychoactive hemp producing.


u/pm-me--your--kitties · 1 pointr/Maine

I'm not 100% sure on this, but I do remember from history classes in college that the Native Americans would raze down the trees for their agriculture. There's a book on this that I read years ago which goes into much more detail on how they shaped the land. After most of them died (remember, something like 90% of them were killed, many before European colonization was in full swing), the forests starting coming back. It's hard for us now to fathom what New England look like before European settlement, since so much of their history is now lost.

u/alwaysready · 0 pointsr/Maine

>I don't see any reason at all to assume any Maine residents served in the Confederacy

now were talking fake news. none? that's more absurd than 7,600. Here i found at least one:


>And, in any case, anyone who claims the CW was fought for any reason other than slavery is flat out a lying sack of shit.

did you not even pay attention in high school? there were lot's of reasons. let's go with 90% slavery and 9% federal overreach. finally, let's go back to what lepage actually said, which was that property rights were the initial reasons. clearly it was slavery by the time the war started.