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u/Fighting_children · 3 pointsr/Marvel

If you don't mind, I'm just gonna paste my response to someone else who had this question earlier.

Okay so here's the deal. The movie was largely based on the Guardians team from around 2008, which had their own comic, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 (vol.1 are a different version of the Guardians) but personally, I would think it's kind of hard to just jump on and read there. There's other characters in the team apart from the movie ones, some people are good guys, some people are bad guys. If you're okay with not knowing who they are and just powering through, go for it. If you're not, you'd have to go back a bit to where you meet everyone as they're introduced. That involves following this chart. This chart follows several years of what's referred to as Marvel cosmic. It follows large space events which involve lots of interesting characters. Also, starting in Annihilation, it builds up the team roster. In annihilation, you meet Starlord, Drax, and Gamora, while in Annihilation:Conquest you meet Rocket and Groot. So while you get like, stories with various halves of the team, they don't fully mesh as a team until the comics. I (and others on this subreddit) would recommend reading the entire chart based on how fantastic the stories are. You get to read about the 2008 Nova, one of the most bad ass characters, and you get to read about some other things, like what Ronan does when he isn't the bad guy in a movie. I've read the entire chart multiple times over now, and it's still just as good.

Anyways for methods of reading this library of comics. Unless your friend is really rich and dedicated, spending 500 dollars for the full run is a bit out of hand. What he could do, is get Marvel Unlimited which is basically netflix for Comics. You could just have him subscribe for a month with is around 10 dollars and have him read the entire thing, as well as pretty much anything else he wants. If you do want to buy physical, best place to start is the so far only omnibus for the story, the annihilation one. Obviously I would recommend Unlimited.

So with that big explanation, I hope you end up reading the entire thing! It's my favorite, which is why I wrote a paragraph, and I think it's got a fantastic story. Hope you're not too daunted!

Oh yeah, to be fair, there is a Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3, referred to as Guardians 2013, or the Bendis Guardians. It's at its current 17th issue, and admittedly an easy place to jump on since they retread the characters origins. Some people like it, some people hate it, the run is pretty polarizing. What happens is people read the chart I recommend, fall in love with that iteration of the characters, and can't stomach these new personalities which they now have. Personally I've read both, and while the new one isn't a steaming pile of shit, it's not even close to being personal top 10. That's my own opinion, but it's up to you to decide! Enjoy.

u/Tigertemprr · 11 pointsr/Marvel

> Is the "All New, All Different" Series still considered a good starting point for beginners? Bisides ANAD theres Marvel NOW! and Marvel Legacy (which confuses me even more)

  • 2012—2015 Marvel NOW! is a relaunch initiative for some ongoing titles (not all). There were multiple "waves" with renumbers, new stories, etc.
  • 2015 Secret Wars (event comic that [SPOILERS?] creates a new universe with parts of Earth-616 "main" universe and parts of Earth-1610 "Ultimate" universe)
  • 2015—present All-New, All-Different Marvel involved renumbering every ongoing title, but there was still a mix of new stories and continuations.
  • October 2016—present Marvel NOW! 2.0 is a continuation of most Marvel NOW! stories with some new ones.
  • September 2017 Marvel Legacy begins with a special 50-page one-shot comic (like DC Universe: Rebirth) after the current Secret Empire event concludes. Instead of annoyingly restarting at #1 again, most titles are reverting to "legacy" numbering (e.g. The Amazing Spider-Man #789). There will likely be a mix of new stories and continuations of ANAD Marvel stories.

    IMO, it's all needlessly convoluted, confusing, and, despite having the intention of drawing in new readers, it sometimes does the exact opposite.

    > Do I need to read all the past runs/entries of a series to understand whats going on? Or should I just pick the most recent Run for a series. And do newer Runs explain what happend in past Runs?

    Good writers will always refresh/recap important events, but the occasional unexplained reference might slip by. Some stories are more self-contained than others, but then you have less connections to the larger shared universe that so many love. The traditional beginning-middle-end story structure is more familiar (i.e. feeling compelled to read every character's origin first), but it's not required to enjoy a story. You've likely seen movies with non-linear narratives or the sequel movie is actually a prequel. We didn't know Darth Vader's origin until WAY AFTER his first appearance.

    Unfortunately, not all comics are high-quality productions, but they might contain the important plot points needed to understand other comics. I don't recommend reading a bunch of poor-to-mediocre comics just to "complete" the larger story. It's almost always never worth it considering how many other great comics there are that you could be reading instead. In this case, I'd just Wiki the bad stuff.

    > Is Ms. Marvel 2015 a continuation to the 2014 series?

    Yes. The renumbers (#19 --> #1) are just annoying publisher practices to draw in new readers.

    All that said, here's my usual copy/pasta for new readers:


    How to Get Into Comic Books (13:40) | Patrick Willems

    Consider your intent/commitment. Think about your favorite stories/characters from TV, movies, games, books, etc. Do you seek quality storytelling or encyclopedic Marvel knowledge? Plan to collect? What time/resources are available i.e. how many comics could/should be read before burning out?

    Don’t try to read everything—there’s too much. Forget about “catching up”, continuity, universes, and timelines; it's all very confusing, even to creators/fans. Older comics can be an acquired taste for modern audiences, so first appearances/early origins may not be the best starting points. Creative teams change often, characters get re-worked, and origins are re-told (e.g. I never cared for Hawkeye until Matt Fractions’ run).

    Pick an interesting character/team and seek their “greatest hits”. Don’t get stuck “preparing”, just start reading. Focus on well-received, relatively self-contained, and complete stories. You may encounter the occasional unexplained reference/character/event—just ride along (Wiki if necessary). Remember, there are so many other great characters and publishers to explore, and not all comics are about superheroes.

    Where to buy (US):

  • Digital: Marvel Unlimited, Comixology, e-library (e.g. Hoopla - free), webcomics (free)
  • Print (collected editions): instocktrades, ISBNS, library (free)
  • Print (singles): midtowncomics, mycomicshop, DCBS

    Modern Marvel characters/teams:

  • Alias (Jessica Jones) | Brian Michael Bendis
  • Avengers | Kurt Busiek
  • The Ultimates 1-2 (Avengers) | Mark Millar
  • New Avengers | Brian Michael Bendis
  • Avengers / New Avengers | Jonathan Hickman | Hickman 2
  • Black Panther | Christopher Priest
  • Captain America | Ed Brubaker
  • Captain Marvel | Kelly Sue DeConnick
  • Daredevil | Brian Michael Bendis
  • Daredevil | Ed Brubaker
  • Daredevil | Mark Waid
  • Deadpool | Joe Kelly
  • Doctor Strange: The Oath | Brian K. Vaughan
  • Fantastic Four / FF | Jonathan Hickman | Hickman 1
  • Guardians of the Galaxy | Abnett, Lanning, Giffen, et al. | Cosmic
  • Hawkeye | Matt Fraction
  • Immortal Iron Fist | Brubaker & Fraction
  • Inhumans | Paul Jenkins
  • Iron Man: Extremis | Warren Ellis
  • Invincible Iron Man | Matt Fraction
  • Marvels | Kurt Busiek
  • Moon Knight | Warren Ellis
  • Ms. Marvel | G. Willow Wilson
  • Planet Hulk | Greg Pack | Hulk 1
  • Punisher Max | Garth Ennis
  • Thor | Jason Aaron
  • Ultimate Spider-man | Brian Michael Bendis
  • Vision | Tom King
  • New X-Men | Grant Morrison | X-Men 1
  • Astonishing X-Men | Joss Whedon | X-Men 2
  • Uncanny X-Force | Rick Remender | X-Men 6

    /r/Marvel sidebar for more info.

    Events/crossovers can be fun and/or tedious. They are most appreciated by readers well-versed in relevant continuity. Generally, the best non-event comics integrate these seamlessly or avoid them entirely (notwithstanding editorial/executive mandates). Regardless, you may want to familiarize with major plot points.

    Modern Marvel events/crossovers:

  • Avengers Disassembled | Brian Michael Bendis
  • Secret War | Brian Michael Bendis
  • House of M | Brian Michael Bendis | X-Men 2.5
  • Annihilation | Abnett, Lanning, Giffen | Cosmic 1
  • Civil War | Mark Millar
  • World War Hulk | Greg Pak | Hulk 2
  • Annihilation: Conquest | Abnett, Lanning, Giffen | Cosmic 2
  • Messiah Complex | Brubaker, Kyle, Yost, et al. | X-Men 3
  • Secret Invasion | Brian Michael Bendis | Dark Reign 1
  • War of Kings | Abnett, Lanning, et al. | Cosmic 3
  • Messiah War | Kyle, Yost, Swierczynski | X-Men 4
  • Dark Avengers / Utopia | Bendis, Fraction, et al. | Dark Reign 2
  • Siege | Brian Michael Bendis | Dark Reign 3
  • Realm of Kings | Abnett, Lanning, Reed | Cosmic 4
  • Second Coming | Kyle, Yost, Fraction, et al. | X-Men 5
  • Fear Itself | Matt Fraction
  • Schism | Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen | X-Men 7
  • Avengers vs. X-Men | Bendis, Brubaker, et al. | X-Men 8
  • Infinity | Jonathan Hickman | Hickman 2.5
  • Secret Wars | Jonathan Hickman | Hickman 3

    Discover your preferences and let them guide you. Do you like: old/new comics? Specific genres? Literary/natural narratives? Cartoony/realistic art? Familiar/weird concepts? References/self-contained? Social/political commentary? Family-friendly/explicit content? Optimism/pessimism? Have you noticed that a specific artist/writer consistently makes comics you like? Follow these instincts.

    Suggestions to improve this guide are welcome.

u/Avengers_IT · 3 pointsr/Marvel

I'll give a crack at this:

Amazing Spider-Man is the primary comic that Spidey has appeared in and it has over 700 issues (damn close to 800 depending on how modern Marvel wants to count that) but it isn't the only one. His other titles and team-up books and team books put him in the thousands. So let's break this up.

Amazing Spider-Man 

The first 150 issues of Spider-Man are some of the best. You can collect this a few different ways but I would check out:

Why should you start here? You get to see the magic happen as Peter becomes the hero and you get introduced to the vast majority of supporting characters that will continue to show up. There is a tonal shift after Lee steps down from writing duties that I personally enjoyed because during this era the characters grow in a way that haven't been able to in other eras. I think the conclusion of this era is with the death of Gwen Stacy and how that effects Peter's life. 

Amazing Spider-Man 200 to 400 are to be read when you are really ready to dive into the story. This is mid-80s (Secret Wars 1/2) to mid-90s (Clone Saga). I say this because it's around this time that the story is broken up where Story X Chapter 1 is in Amazing Spider-Man 312 and chapter 2 is in Web of Spider-Man 34 and Chapter 3 is in another comic. Aka it's confusing as hell. There are great stories here basically everything with Venom and Carnage but finding it is difficult. I would suggest a good reading list and Marvel Unlimited. For the Clone Saga check out:

If you are looking for a Spidey you are familiar with from the show I would read JMS's run. Personally it's not my favorite but the characterization will be very familiar to you here.

A lot changes with Spidey at this story where he is basically soft rebooted. This pissed off a lot of people but oh well it's been over a decade. You can read this basically straight through but I will provide a few other jumping on points below.

Slott's run has been going on for a while to the point that this is modern Spider-Man. The character growth is something I champion but I can see people's complaints about it. If you want to see Spider-Man as he is now start here.

Some modern highlights to not miss:

Avenging Spider-Man/Avenging Superior Spider-Man (that might not be right name exactly) are fantastic. It's a team up book that explores his relationship with other Avengers and it is wonderful. 

Superior-Foes of Spider-Man is a classic and I don't want to say much more. 

Agent Venom sprawls out of Slott's run and is also an amazing story. I don't want to give spoilers on this one too but keep it in mind. 

Finally this takes us to the team books. Spider-Man joins the Avengers in New Avengers #1 and is on the team from here. Brian Michael Bendis who I'm going to go on about in a second wrote one to four concurrent Avengers titles between 2004 and 2011 that is a wild ride. I enjoyed them and I know they had some flaws but I think they are a must read. 

Side note Spidey was made a probationary Avenger in Avengers Vol 3 which is arguably the best Avengers run (I would rate it number 2). 

Finally the Ultimate universe ... Ultimate Spider-Man and the other Ultimate titles were some of the best comics Marvel has put out in a long time. BMB was able to capture the feel of the early era but maybe it completely his own. It is a work of art ... Until Ultimatum. This event destroyed the Ultimate universe. I hated it. The ultimate comics were still good to read after that but they lost something essential that they had when they first started. 

Now I wrote all of this by memory so I'm sorry if something is off but this should be a good primer. Please consult for more (and better) commentary about comics.

But most importantly welcome and have fun on your journey. 

Edit: forgot a link.