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u/toyzu · 4 pointsr/MarvelLegends

The flat round stands are from Neca:

The ones with arms are the 5-pack from Obitsu:

Also available as a 1-pack:

I had bought the Neca stands for my Star Wars Black Series figures, originally, but they work OK with some Marvel Legends, but not all, since the peg holes on the MLs can be very shallow (and basically useless).

I got the Obitsu stands mainly because their round bases match the Neca stands, but also because they have a cleaner look than the Bandai Stage Act 4 stands.

The Obitsu stands do take a bit of work to get the balance right, though, and they tend to wobble a bit, but eventually they settle down. Heavier figure like the Thor have a harder time of getting the balance right.

They are pretty flexible when it comes to their configurations, though. The Star Lord and Captain Marvel figures are using the same stand, and are connected by a clip-on piece. I had run out of the flat base pieces, which is why I have them like that. The balance isn't super stable, and I had to use an extra piece to keep it from tipping over, but it seems to work.

u/StubbornKindOfFellow · 2 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Get the Amazon 3-pack, that will give you the best versions of Magneto and Quicksilver. If you don't want Scarlet Witch, she's easy to sell.

Hasbro hasn't made Longshot or Pyro yet, so if you really want them in your collection, you're going to have to settle for the ToyBiz versions. The ToyBiz Pyro is alright, but the Longshot has not aged well at all.

For Banshee, the Annihilus wave is your only option, though that figure has not aged well either. Hopefully they remake him in his 90s blue and yellow outfit with a better figure.

u/ah20250 · 1 pointr/MarvelLegends

Thanks buddy. Here is what I purchased for my set up:

Display Risers:

Chuangdi 2 Sets Clear Acrylic Display Risers, Jewelry Display Riser Shelf Showcase Fixtures (3 Sizes A)

Comic Cases:

CURRENT AGE Comic Book Showcase Display Case NEW 6 3/4" x 10 1/4" recess

Flight Stands:

OBITSU Assembly Action Figure and Doll Stand 5 Bulk Set- Multi Clear Transparent Stand

u/bluesynthbot · 1 pointr/MarvelLegends

I’ve only seen one so far. Avengers: Endgame Captain America for $10.99.

Avengers Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Endgame 6" Captain America Marvel Cinematic Universe Collectible Fan Figure

u/dumbhoIe · 1 pointr/MarvelLegends

thanks! i got them on amazon.
Chuangdi 2 Sets Clear Acrylic Display Risers, Jewelry Display Riser Shelf Showcase Fixtures (3 Sizes A)

u/Rikitiki25 · 1 pointr/MarvelLegends

NECA Action Figure Display Stands (Pack of 10)

They work pretty well with some of them

u/WhatTheFhtagn · 3 pointsr/MarvelLegends

I use them on my Marvel Legends. They're really good because you get two in a pack, and the base has multiple ports. The claw also has a spring so they get a really firm grip on figures. You might have to tighten the screws up a bit though, and because of the design the claw won't rotate.

u/aDRock1154 · 7 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Same happened to me. Decided to order from Amazon UK for a few dollars more & not sweat it. Here’s a link if you’re interested:

u/StopDropNFrag · 3 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Citadel makes a good producut. This is what I use for my Gunpla and bases for mini's.

But really, just run a search for "black wash acrylic paint".

u/i_of_the_squawk · 3 pointsr/MarvelLegends

FYI it's already up for pre-order HERE!

u/ZanzibarMufasa · 3 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Toys 6-Inch Collectible Action 6-Pack Alpha Flight 6-Pack, 6 Figures with Premium Design, for Kids Ages 4 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

u/sLvrdc2 · 2 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Legends Series 6"-Scale Vintage Comic-Inspired Thor Collectible Action Figure

u/1hourbehind · 2 pointsr/MarvelLegends


Avengers Marvel Legends Series Endgame 6" Collectible Action Figure Iron Man Mark Lxxxv Collection, Includes 7 Accessories

u/Darthpicc · 2 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Hasbro link


This what I have found on Amazon









Just Cap

u/CFCollects · 2 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Chuangdi 2 Sets Clear Acrylic Display Risers, Jewelry Display Riser Shelf Showcase Fixtures (3 Sizes A)

u/famersam · 2 pointsr/MarvelLegends

You can order from Amazon UK

And also there is a small chance a Target near you might have one too.

u/Beadpool · 2 pointsr/MarvelLegends

The gold standard.
Citadel Paint, Shade: Nuln Oil

I also have a wide selection of Army Painter washes that came with the complete set of paints.

Just use sparingly and have a dry brush handy to soak up any excess. You can always layer up!

u/toddjunk · 3 pointsr/MarvelLegends

Just click the checkbox for the coupon. You won't see it in the cart, but you will see the discount when you go through checkout

u/uberkudzu · 1 pointr/MarvelLegends

Not my cup of tea, but link if you guys need it.

Invincible Iron Man Variant

u/latenohn · 5 pointsr/MarvelLegends

It’s from the first movie line. The scale is awful, but this pose works ¯_(ツ)_/¯