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u/MakinAllKindzOfGainz · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I bought that one and it works beautifully ^ Nice cable too!

I'm pretty sure it carries both audio and video. Don't bother with an adapter if you can just do it in one cable! Hope this helps.

u/ali3003g · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I found this case on Amazon for the Matebook x pro. I didn't use but I wanted to share my thoughts about it

I think with this case you will protect your laptop and also you won't feel the heat coming out of the device when you use it on your lap. Such a good functionality.

But the aesthetic of the case is not that good. I hope some good company make a case like this with a good aesthetic that match with the build quality of this laptop

u/guevera · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

"Surface laptop/Macs don't have comparable specs for $1100 though. I feel like a i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD for $1100 seems like a great value?"

You're right. That's why I bought one. My point was that the newest model of the matebook x pro costs $1900+, and at the price there's no huge advantage to the matebook vs the competition. But at $1200 it's a screaming deal -- you're getting a laptop that would otherwise cost you $600-700 more.

Here's the ebay link:

versus the amazon link:

ebay is $1200, amazon is $1170. I figured open box was worth $30, but who knows.
Happy shopping!

u/GuerrillaApe · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

My travel setup:

  • Microsoft Arc Mouse - A decent bluetooth mouse that is great for travel with its folding mechanic. I like that I can horizontally scroll with the touchpad on the mouse, but I trigger the vertical scrolling unintentionally every so often. Right clicking is weird too; you have to lift up your pointer finger and click the right side of the touchpad, otherwise it will register as a left click.
  • Steelseries QcK Mousepad (Small) - Nothing special about it. It's a cloth mousepad that I can slide into my backpack.
  • Generic "leather" Case - An okay "use while having it on"-case that's probably one of the best for the MXP just because there are so few options. It's not made from leather and it looks unassuming, if not bland. But it will prevent the laptop from getting scratched up and would probably do a decent job of protecting it from a ~3ft. fall.
  • SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (1TB) - Haven't had any issues with it yet, and since it's so light I just leave it hanging by the short USB-C cable while I have the laptop on my lap.
  • Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD - Beefy battery pack that I use for all my electronics. I just wish it had 2 USB-C/1 USB-A instead of 1 USB-C/2 USB-A.
u/Marinho_10 · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

Why would any one pay more for a matebook X when amazon has them for $1350? 😂😂😂😂

They are there constantly, if they run out they add more the next month.

u/spastik0827 · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I got this Dell 13" sleeve and it fits like a glove, has option for a shoulder strap and a small accessory compartment. It's quite beautiful too. Best option I found when shopping for one. LINK ON AMAZON

u/wodurrah · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

IF you're looking for a USB C PD charger the best I have found is the Jackery 26800. It is $100. Does 45W through the USC C, and has an additional USB A port that can fast charge 18 W. I know some others have a better assortment of ports or others have higher PD output of 60W. I have found for the price and ability it is the best I have ever used. And before the Jackery I had the Ravpower 26800 but that one was only 30W USB C PD and didnt have fast charge. Def a good option.


u/Subieguy14 · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro



just got this in the mail.... Amazing fit. good quality. Matte doesnt ruin the quality of the screen really at all.


highly suggest this one.

u/Bhavie · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

Depends on where you're at, I have this one and its really good:

I don't understand the bad reviews lol, I'm not particularly adept at screen protector installation but mine went on fine and the matte finish is really nice. Only knock I have is it makes the screen slightly grainy which is noticeable when the screen is white.

u/MinimumFollowing · 2 pointsr/MatebookXPro

Ordered mine on Amazon Friday week before last on Amazon, arrived last Friday. Expedited shipping - Amazon. Now that I turned off bottom-right-is-a-right-click setting for track pad, i'm pretty happy. They have 3 in stock.

u/Micron1- · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I bought great cable from Anker 6ft Grey or Red available. Quality product and works perfect

Link 1

Link 2

u/humanlurker · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I got this one as a secondary charger for my 13" MacBook Pro a while back and I also use it with my Matebook X Pro.

I like it because it's full 60w USB-C, but also offers 12w for 3 USB-A ports if you need to plug in a phone or tablet or other device. Wirecutter recommended it and it's been a fantastic travel accessory. I literally got one that I just leave in my carry-on because I travel so much.

u/jug_city · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I bought this: [2-Pack] MateBook X Pro 13.9 inch Screen Protector, J&D [Anti-Glare] [Anti-Fingerprint] [Not Full Coverage] Premium Matte Film Shield Screen Protector for Huawei MateBook X Pro 13.9 inch
It’s a matte finish so it leaves no fingerprints. It’s pretty good loving it so far. (2 months)

u/stoodeh · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

This fits pretty perfectly. you can fold the flap like this

u/TangoTeacher · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

bought this for $7.99 from Amazon. Even though they say the size doesn't fit, it actually fits perfectly. Slips right in, like a glove.




u/saxscrapers · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I bought and installed this matte screen protector and its doing a great job. It is a bit tricky to install though and requires some patience. The tab to peel the film off allowing the adhesive to stick to the screen starts to peel from the bottom, so you have to install it from the bottom up instead of from the top down. Working very well at the moment though - so far so good after about 2 weeks. I used some of the dust-removal stickers as anchors to keep it in place.


u/Carbonmade658 · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

Here are the links for the products I used. I tried a few cooling pads and chose the one below because it was quiet, comfortable to use on the couch and at least could hide the cable. The USB-C hub was a random choice and probably on sale but it worked without any issues.


ASUS XG-Station-Pro eGPU -


Targus Cooling pad -


USB-C Hub -


Hope this helps you make your decision!

u/Tovarishch23 · 2 pointsr/MatebookXPro

Hey dude - I got this - not glass, but looks and goes on great. The Matte finish of this is nicer than the glossy screen in my opinion

u/farhanbasha · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

not sure if this is what you are looking for but someone suggested me this and it fits MBXP just about perfectly and i just slip this into my school back.

u/rbbrdckybk · 3 pointsr/MatebookXPro

I have this one and it's a perfect fit.

Edit: realized it's actually this one.

u/Killafornia23 · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I bought 2 of these since my wife also owns a MBXP. Works great, will charge the MBXP a little over 100% and it will charge it while being on which I know some peer banks don’t have the ability to do.

u/RYJASM · 3 pointsr/MatebookXPro

Yep. Resolution is only dependent on the limitations of the output port or input port on the monitor, which always comes down to bandwidth. A list of resolutions is sent from the monitor to the computer. You can also create custom resolutions for non-standard resolutions, but those don't always work on all displays. So your laptop screen can be sized to it's 3000x2000 resolution and your external monitor can be sized to its 3840x1600 resolution. Most likely though, you will have to get a usb-c to display port cable to handle the high resolution of that monitor.

I bought this one. It matches nicely and drives my 3440x1440 monitor at 120hz:

u/EveryoneLovesKevin · 2 pointsr/MatebookXPro

I got the Asus XG station pro with an old Geforce 970.

Works great: quiet, led lights, usb c port expansion, almost the same exact color as the MXP. I'm planning to upgrade the video card to an 5700 XT in the next couple of months - depending on price and availability with the new fans.

u/webstalker61 · 4 pointsr/MatebookXPro

I'd recommend getting a charger from a well known brand. Anker is regarded as one of the best when it comes to aftermarket chargers.
They sell a few 60W chargers (stock is 65W, but the Anker 60W charger I use is practically the same charging time).
I'm not sure if these are sold by Amazon MX, might need to purchase from eBay, etc:

u/Romano1404 · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

this is the best USB-C based product on the market because besides 4K @60Hz it also allows charging, network and USB 2.0 devices.

If you need dual 4K @60Hz you can either hook up two of these or buy a far more expensive TB3 dock

I've elaborated all the basics here:

u/LookAtAllThosChikenz · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

Not that I've heard of. But this question was asked previously on this post

Best Answer:

> Anker 60W works very well.


u/jimmycrackcorn12345 · 3 pointsr/MatebookXPro

J&D Compatible for 2-Pack Huawei MateBook X Pro 2019 Screen Protector/MateBook X Pro 2018 Screen Protector, [Anti-Glare] [Anti-Fingerprint] [Not Full Coverage] Matte Film Shield Screen Protector

This has been great for me.

u/KryanSA · 2 pointsr/MatebookXPro

Yeah, 80-90 was "normal" for me until I also popped a laptop cooler under the thing (I got this one, as it's not stupidly disproportionate to the size of the laptop):

u/pistopito · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I got this one, works fine, if you get a longer USB C cable make sure it can handle 100W.

USB C Wall Charger, Nekteck 72W...

u/Brad331 · 2 pointsr/MatebookXPro

You can use a USB-C dock that has 2 DisplayPorts, a couple of USB ports, and power passthrough, like this. Then use 2 DisplayPort to DVI cables. Then EVERYTHING on your desk will go through 1 cable.

u/Minardi-DK · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

If i understand correctly, you are charging with 19 watts (2A x 9V), while the normal laptop charger is capable of 65 watts (3.25A x 20V), which means you are charging more than 3 times slower.

Ive seen many recommending the Anker charger:

u/Ycrewtyler · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition Thin & Light Laptop, 13.9" 3K Touch, 8th Gen i7-8550U, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, GeForce MX150, 3:2 Aspect Ratio, Office 365 Personal, Space Gray - Mach-W29C

u/rafadev · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I have this one: and it works even on linux with 2 displays (only tried 1080p but supposedly it should work even with 2 4k monitors).

u/hyp0xia · 2 pointsr/MatebookXPro

I picked up the Dell 7MTR0 Professional Sleeve 13 and couldn't be happier. Love the shoulder strap option and small accessory storage. Fits like a glove.

u/ragart · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

When I acquired my MBXP I bought this one and it fitted nicely. However, I was not happy because I don't like "fluffy" (foam) sleeves, so I bought this one and I couldn't be happier with it. Maybe it's not as safe as the foam one, but it takes up less space inside a backpack or a suitcase.

u/vicariouscheese · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

This is what I got

It's larger than the screen you view, but like a millimeter in from the edges so it can be annoying to center. I didn't find one that went completely edge to edge.

u/_letThemPlay_ · 2 pointsr/MatebookXPro

I was looking at the Matebook X Pro signature edition which is being sold on amazon by "Coryell Solutions (UK and EU import fees included)" they are selling it for £1479. Still not sure if I'm going to buy it from this seller, for a couple of reasons.

Not sure if I'm allowed to link so please remove if this is wrong.

The other stores I was looking at are now showing as out of stock for the 16GB model; which gives me less options, as I would rather buy from a brick and mortar store in case something went wrong.