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u/amranu · 3 pointsr/McMaster

> I really want to start using them, but they're so expensive!

There are several really good starter fountain pens for ~$30

Pilot Metropolitan

MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen

Would be two that I would recommend. The second I have experience with, it has a lot of feedback but is still pretty decent. I haven't used a Metropolitan but it has a very good reputation.

u/WDIIP · 4 pointsr/McMaster

It looks pretty good, and Stu has great charisma as a presenter. But you gotta get a better audio solution. It sounds like I'm listening to him through a walkie-talkie. Bad audio is the most glaring thing that will make people stop watching a video. A decent lav mic or even a Zoom H1 would make these kinds of videos 10x more watchable.

To take it up a notch visually, try to get him farther away from the wall if you have the space. Depth and diagonal lines look way better than the flat beige you've got him against.

u/simmea · 6 pointsr/McMaster

They used to have Cholula, but that doesn't have flakes (though it is red)... I'm pretty sure the sauce you're talking about is sambal oelek, which they serve with several dishes and also have in a squeeze bottle on the condiment/utensil stand.

u/whoknows008 · 1 pointr/McMaster

It does, but they probably don't sell it online

Mine doesn't look like any of those, it's more like this, just says McMaster on it lol

u/jdawg1599 · 2 pointsr/McMaster

Im in engineering and i uses an asus flip 14. Its been great for me and has everything you will need. ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 UX461UN-DS74T Notebook (Windows 10 Home, Intel Core i7-8550U, 14" LED-Lit Screen, Storage: 512 GB, RAM: 16 GB) Slate Grey

u/hamiltonkb · 2 pointsr/McMaster

One thing to keep in mind is that computer science is different than computer programming. Doing code academy is great for getting a taste of computer programming (though I recommend khan academy), but it may not be the best for computer science. If you wanted an overview of computer science, I'd recommend this book:

u/thodeman · 2 pointsr/McMaster

The lenovo flip 14 is a nice option people who need want a cheaper 2 in 1.

The vega 8 most likely will be enough for inventor. At 730 price tag, this is a great option if you also want to take notes using your laptop.

u/gooycz · 1 pointr/McMaster

Computer Science is a science, you’re learning more about the why rather than the how. Programming is just a part of the picture but there’s more to Computer Science than that, I know this might sound contradictory to what I said before, but CS is sort of like applied math. I’d maybe pick up a textbook over the break and give the python course on code academy a go, this is the textbook we use at Mac In all honestly, I wouldn’t go into Computer Science if you’re not 100% about and have never programmed, I have and sort of regret it. I’d apply for engineering and if you’re still interested you could declare software in second year or switch to CS if you’re so inclined.