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u/Hammiams · 2 pointsr/Metallica

As far as merch goes, your typical shirts, hats, a bag (looked dumb), and some few other things. I got a shirt from some fellow outside after the concert, because $50 for a shirt, hahaha fuck that.

Now as far as earplugs go, I'd recommend Ety Plugs saw them as a recommendation here on the subreddit a few months ago, and they fucking work. I put them in before Metallica came on, sounded great, but to see if they were really working I took them out for a few seconds mid show, sounded exactly the same except a lot louder. The difference in noise level was staggering, to say the least. When I had them in, I felt like I was just listening to music in my car and I don't keep the volume very loud, with them out? Felt like a megaphone up to my ear. I'd highly recommend these plugs to anyone.

u/evan24742 · 2 pointsr/Metallica

Here is the link if your interested.

I’ll still rush to buy the justice box set though I need that Seattle 89 cd

Ride the lighting is also on there as well and in stock

u/19781984 · 4 pointsr/Metallica

I'm curious what got you into the band? What age group are you in? I'm in my 40's and have been listening to them for as long as I can remember. I'm always curious what the perspective is from a new fan just discovering them. How? Why?

Oh, and to answer your question, 'To live is to Die' is a great book exploring Cliff's time in the band.


u/kevonicus · 5 pointsr/Metallica

Get something like this. They protect you but still allow sound in. Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs, ER20 ETY-Plugs, Standard Fit Blue Tip, 1 pair

u/Bwuhbwuh · 1 pointr/Metallica

There's an entire book about the philosophy of the band and their songs: Available on Amazon too

Got it on my shelf, I really recommend it.

u/serosis · 6 pointsr/Metallica

Orgullo, Pasion y Gloria: Tres Noches en Mexico

Quebec Magnetic

Francais Pour Une Nuit

The Big 4 Metallica Slayer Megadeth Anthrax: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria

Freeze 'Em All

Those five don't do it for ya?

Though you may be in for a treat if they decide to do a pro-shot of S&M².

EDIT: Scratch "Freeze 'Em All" not exactly your definition of "pro-shot". It's all handheld cameras.

u/skyburrito · 3 pointsr/Metallica

I think it's just the stock acoustic like THIS

u/Lone_Wanderer78 · 1 pointr/Metallica

The FULL set is now on Amazon for $139.08.

The only thing with Amazon is that they tend to sometimes run out of stock and your preorder can go to a backorder. That happened with my HWTSD cd. However, it was just recently listed so hopefully it won't be an issue (but it could be)

I'm cancelling mine on the MetStore and ordering from Amazon. $50 savings (free ship from Amazon) is too much to pass up.

EDIT: You can also get it @ Soundstagedirect for $140 with the Labor day promo code (won't last long)

u/Intrepidatious · 1 pointr/Metallica

Was a VHS they sold that had two versions of the video and commentary by Lars.

Here it is on Amazon:

u/TheKobayashiMoron · 1 pointr/Metallica

Hetfield’s are 1.14mm so it would actually be these
that you want.

Dunlop 488P1.14 Tortex Pitch Black, 1.14mm, 12/Player's Pack

u/SkipperJen · 1 pointr/Metallica

Qaccf 80s Wigs Halloween Costumes Male Wig Long Culry Punk Heavy Metal Mullet Wig (Brown with Highlights)

u/tbonanno · 3 pointsr/Metallica

CDs can have 1 or 2 sides writeable: see this

u/InvertedSpork · 1 pointr/Metallica

I recommend getting these! I’ve been using them since Chicago’s stadium gig last year and they work really well. They block just enough sound to protect your hearing but never to the point where it makes it difficult to hear the lyrics and or instruments.