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u/SoaDMTGguy · 2 pointsr/Metallica

Alright, here's what I've put together for you:

  1. Turntable: Rega P1 ~$450

  2. Speakers: JBL LSR308 - $500

  3. Phono Preamp: Pyle-Pro PP444 - $10.49

  4. Passive Preamp (volume control): Schiit Sys - $49

  5. RCA-to-XLR cable (to connect speakers) 10' - $9.50

    Total: $1,018.99



    Rega turntables are some of the best in the world, and their quality extends all the way down the line. I have the step-up mode, the P3, and love it. $400 is roughly the entry point for a "good" turntable, which I think is a solid investment given your budget.


    The JBL LSR series is very well regarded on r/audiophile. They are generally considered to be the best powered monitors on the market. Being powered means you don't have to buy a separate amplifier, saving money. If you want to save some money, you can drop down to the LSR305, which has a smaller woofer. It will not have as much bass power as the 308, but it costs $200 less for the pair (NOTE: The Amazon link is for a single speaker, not a pair)

    Phono Preamp

    You'll need one of these, because the signal coming out of the tone arm on the turntable is very low voltage. The phono preamp brings it up to a level that is powerful enough to be amplified further by the speakers. You can spend more, but you don't need more than the Pyle (I have one at home that I'd honestly mail to you, but Amazon Prime is probably cheaper than the cost of shipping for me :P)

    Passive Preamp

    This is a volume knob and a input switch. That's all. Volume knob because the speakers have the volume knob on the back, and have separate knobs per speaker. Didn't think you'd want to mess with that. Two inputs so you can hook up your turntable and your computer, or your phone, etc.

    RCA-to-XLR cable

    Because the JBL monitors are targeted at pro recording studios, they use "balanced" XLR cables instead of traditional RCA. The reasons for doing so are irrelevant, but you will need an adapter cable.

    If that's too much money

    As I said earlier, you could drop down to the JBL LSR305 (again, link is a single speaker, not a pair). That would bring the total down to $818.99. If you wanted to save money, this is where I would do it.

    Another option is to switch turntables to the U-Turn Orbit. It starts at $179, but I'd definitely add the cue lever for $40. I wouldn't spend more on other options though, not worth the money. If you go this route, treat this turntable as your starter, then replace it later.

    If you tell me your local craigslist, I can look around and see if there are any good deals, but the above is going to be pretty hard to beat.

    By all means, feel free to ask me any and all questions. I love doing this kind of research for people, so it's no skin off my back. I want to make sure you enjoy Ride the Lightning in all it's rifftastic glory :D
u/Vanin1994 · 2 pointsr/Metallica

https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT-LP60BK-USB-Automatic-Belt-Drive-USB/dp/B016YYFZS2/ref=mp_s_a_1_8?keywords=audiotechnica+record+player&qid=1568268679&sprefix=audiote&sr=8-8 this is a great starting point for vinyl (stay away from the "vintage" ones at your local target). As for CDs, any Walmart will have CD players for next to nothing. I started collecting CDs at a young age and have thousands now. Started my vinyl collection a few years ago and am slowly reaching 200 classic, decent condition records. If you do decide to start collecting, just remember to keep it in moderation, as it can get pricey, more for vinyl than CDs. Good luck! I hope you get inspired to go down the rabbit hole!

u/19781984 · 4 pointsr/Metallica

I'm curious what got you into the band? What age group are you in? I'm in my 40's and have been listening to them for as long as I can remember. I'm always curious what the perspective is from a new fan just discovering them. How? Why?

Oh, and to answer your question, 'To live is to Die' is a great book exploring Cliff's time in the band.



u/Bwuhbwuh · 1 pointr/Metallica

There's an entire book about the philosophy of the band and their songs: Available on Amazon too

Got it on my shelf, I really recommend it.

u/serosis · 6 pointsr/Metallica

Orgullo, Pasion y Gloria: Tres Noches en Mexico

Quebec Magnetic

Francais Pour Une Nuit

The Big 4 Metallica Slayer Megadeth Anthrax: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria

Freeze 'Em All

Those five don't do it for ya?

Though you may be in for a treat if they decide to do a pro-shot of S&M².

EDIT: Scratch "Freeze 'Em All" not exactly your definition of "pro-shot". It's all handheld cameras.

u/skyburrito · 3 pointsr/Metallica

I think it's just the stock acoustic like THIS

u/Intrepidatious · 1 pointr/Metallica

Was a VHS they sold that had two versions of the video and commentary by Lars.

Here it is on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/METALLICA-One-The-ONE-Videos/dp/6302372690

u/TheKobayashiMoron · 1 pointr/Metallica

Hetfield’s are 1.14mm so it would actually be these
that you want.

Dunlop 488P1.14 Tortex Pitch Black, 1.14mm, 12/Player's Pack

u/tbonanno · 3 pointsr/Metallica

CDs can have 1 or 2 sides writeable: see this

u/DoylePTB · 1 pointr/Metallica

That depends on where you are. If you're in Europe, check this price checker for Amazon