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u/chucklenut33 · 5 pointsr/MiddleEarthMiniatures
    That link covers how you build armies to some degree. There are rules for what can go in. Each faction has both allowed units and units of various tiers of alliance. The link also covers army bonuses and alliances. To get the real details, you'll need either Armies of Lord of the Rings or Armies of the Hobbit. There's also a new Gondor at War book that I believe has some additional army information in it, but I haven't picked it up yet.

  2. Battle companies are smaller forces. Instead of the battle of Pellenor Fields scale, more like 8-10 models per side. You can do a campaign with them and "level" the models up, kind of like a RPG, or like Necromunda or Mordheim, if you've played or read about those games. Games of this size are often referred to as "skirmish sized" games, though I don't know if that's a term used in the SBG community.

  3. For rules basics, check out STF Wargaming Studio
    They have a lot of battle reports out there. If you have an hour, is a "how to play video." A shorter video (28 minutes) is which is a few years old, but much of the play sequence is the same. GBHL (Great British Hobbit League, can search GBHL on youtube) and STF both discuss things.

  4. As far as paints go, that's a tough one. A couple browns, some greens, silver (can't go wrong with Citadel Leadbelcher no matter your army imo), gold. Don't go overboard. Something like this might be a good start. As far as brushes, there's no need to go crazy. I order something like this from time to time and don't worry too much about the care of those brushes. I also have some Citadel brushes that I do take care of. There are plenty of painting tutorials on youtube, find a youtuber you like and go to town :) This guy is pretty good.

    Best of luck and welcome to the community!
u/Borken2 · 1 pointr/MiddleEarthMiniatures

Definitely not a cheap alternative, but for a long lasting and high quality alternative I would always recommend Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. The size 1 is a good all rounder, and the brush I use the most. It strikes a good balance of being thin enough to do details, but large enough so the paint doesn't dry out on the tip straight away.


You could likely do everything you want to do with just a size 1 W&N brush, and one other cheaper, bigger brush for basing (for example the citadel large base brush).


Raphael also make good brushes, but I find the belly of the bristles to be a bit too fat for my liking.


If you are going to buy a more expensive brush, I also recommend picking up some brush cleaner. It really helps to extend the life of your brushes.

u/wonderboy2402 · 1 pointr/MiddleEarthMiniatures

If you need suggestions on Glue, I like using [Cyanoarcylate glue] ( This will work on both plastic and metal miniatures. Most hobby stores will have this with a different store label. You don't need much to glue and it dries really quickly (10-15 seconds)

You could also try using a more advanced glue: Tamiya Extra thin cement. But be advised, this may slightly melt plastics, which is why it is great on large models. I did this with my troll and it worked really well. I wouldn't really use it on small figured if you are novice to miniature assembly. It tends to flow into spaces and basically melts plastic together nearly seamlessly... but take care with it. It dries rather slowly, so I will use a bit of the Cyan glue and then use the Tamiya glue elsewhere on the model. So the cyan will hold quickly which will then allow the Tamiya time to dry and meld the plastic.

I would recommend some snips for removing the miniatures from the plastic spues, a sharp hobby knife, and maybe some hobby files. The snips from Games workshop and the scraping tool are nice, but cost ALOT. You probably get away with just a hobby knife for like 8 bucks... but with as many miniatures you are assembling it is work considering your hands and fingers. =]

A hobby mat / cutting board could also be good to work on but not necessary.

u/Anon_Gat_Accnt · 1 pointr/MiddleEarthMiniatures

I just used this:

I base it standard mechanicus grey, then nuln oil wash, then drybrush terminatus stone. Then PVA glue some static grass, quick and easy and looks great

u/SirBleek · 3 pointsr/MiddleEarthMiniatures

I just bought some of these from eBay citadel Wood

Saw them in a battle report and love the look- a bit like Mirkwood trees.

u/OldMetalShip · 2 pointsr/MiddleEarthMiniatures

It's possible, just very very difficult. If you want to take the easy approach, you can trace this image in Illustrator and then print it out on decal paper(

u/lockedupsafe · 2 pointsr/MiddleEarthMiniatures

Just clump foliage from Woodland Scenics:

Woodland Scenics Clump Foliage 57.7 Cubic Inches-Light Green

u/AndenMeizter · 1 pointr/MiddleEarthMiniatures

It is a proxxon hot wire cutter, and it is for example available here and it is in my mind not incredibly expensive (again, I thought of it as an investment).