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u/timn8r · 2 pointsr/Mistborn

E-paper is a type of display where rather than using a lcd monitor (light emitting), it electronically moves and displays ink to emulate the look of ink on paper (light reflecting). I find e-paper to be pretty indistinguishable from paper as far as glare/eyestrain is concerned. Most e-readers, such as nook or kindle use it. Things like the kindle fire or the nook color/hd are the exceptions. Personally I use the nook.

This is the one I have and it continues to serve me well. It seems to have been replaced by this newer model however. If you want the kindle equivalent, this is what you want with and without backlight.

Wow... I honestly didn't mean for this to become a sales pitch, but those are examples of e-paper based devices. Personally, as a poor college student, I prefer digital just to save space but, it doesn't have to come at the cost of eyestrain. I hope you enjoy the book, however you read it :).

u/foomy45 · 20 pointsr/Mistborn

Arcanum Unbounded

It's a wild ride, one of my favorite Cosmere stories by far, have fun!

u/jofwu · 1 pointr/Mistborn

November 22, in America. Amazon link

Amazon UK has it for Nov 10, apparently.

I think I heard... January... for somewhere in Europe that needs translating? Poland maybe?


This is probably a better link. Pick your country. Looks like it's Nov 22 some places and Nov 10 others. Don't see a correlation.

u/marethyu316 · 24 pointsr/Mistborn
  1. The french translation appears to leave her name as Vin. Really though, it isn't that big of a deal as we have names in English that are also common nouns words (e.g. Rose, Bill), but we can tell the difference from context.
  2. Given that the Mistborn books are supposed to be translated from the original language of Scadrial to English and English has thousands of loan words from French, it's possible that Brandon intended that connection. Perhaps her name meant "wine" in the Scadrian language and he maintained that meaning by calling her Vin. I would guess it's probably just a coincidence, but it would be interesting to ask him.
u/crocsandcargos · 4 pointsr/Mistborn

Others have already explained the Cosmere, but it should be mentioned that all of the Cosmere short stories and novellas plus maps and in-cosmere essays on each star system can be found in Arcanumn Unbounded.

>“The Hope of Elantris” (Sel, Elantris 1.01)

>“The Eleventh Metal” (Mistborn preTFE)

>“The Emperor's Soul” (Sel)

>“Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes 28 through 30” (Mistborn post-AoL)

>“White Sand" (excerpt; Taldain)

>"Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell” (Threnody)

>“Sixth of Dusk” (First of the Sun)

>“Mistborn: Secret History” (Mistborn postHoA, read after BoM)

>"Edgedancer" (Stormlight 2.5)

u/DataLoreHD · 5 pointsr/Mistborn

And now you can pre-order the physical hardcover book on Amazon, which collects all Cosmere novellas and short stories published before and more, including Emperor's Soul, Secret History, and 1 or 2 Stormlight stories.

u/Amakaphobie · 7 pointsr/Mistborn

its inside this collection. But beware there are stories in there that spoil other cosmere stories you might want to read in the future.

afaik there is also a secret history as stand alone but iirc that is more expensive than the collection (and later you will want to buy it anyway)

u/thecountvon · 8 pointsr/Mistborn

> gillie suit

Ok that's just hilarious. I know you don't mean like this, but I just pictured Vin in one of these flying about and it's so ridiculous. I love it.