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u/jarz252 · 4 pointsr/Monstercat

What do you plan on using the headphones for? Music production or just general listening? Also, what source do you plan on using for your headphones? (like your phone, or a DAC/Amp combo? DACs are like the sound cards in your computer that decrease/eliminate electrical interference with the other components which can cause hissing or distortion when you're listening to music/audio short summary of it here) (also don't take my word as 100% accurate because I know some stuff about this but I'm probably not that good as experts who own multiple headphones and equipment)


I have the ATH-MSR7 and I like them quite a lot, sound signature is kind of based on your preference so maybe you could go in a store and test them out first? The MSR7 is definitely neutral with just enough bass to keep things fun and enjoyable to listen to and the clarity is pretty good, however these aren't very good for noise isolation because they're semi open, so if you're planning to use them on a train or in a bus (in moderate volume places like maybe a park or a quiet starbucks you should be fine too), you probably have to turn up the volume quite a bit (which can be bad for your ears). But if you're planning on using them at home it's totally fine. You can definitely use your phone for these because the impedance is only 30-35 ohms so your phone can power this just fine. These should be fine for both listening and music production(albeit the DT 770 Pro being better for music production).
Quick edit: they also come with a 3 detachable cables (1.2m/3m audio only cable and a 1.2m audio + mic cable)


Another option to look at is the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, I'm not really sure how the sound signature is but it should be bright(or at least brighter than the other headphones). Dependent on the impedance of the DT770s you pick, you might need an amp to go along with it. It's an open back headphone so it's definitely not for bringing it out and listening to in loud environments. They're closed back. These are pretty good for music production. You probably can't use this with your phone unless it has an amp or if you have one already. (LG V20 should be able to run it if it's 80 ohms but don't take my word for it)


The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 are fun and won't be harsh on your sources, meaning even if you run it on your phone without a proper DAC or amp or whatever, it will still sound pretty good and there probably won't be much discernible distortion but maybe/probably won't be as detailed if you were to use a DAC/amp with it (Same story for the MSR7/DT770/most headphones at this price or higher). The momentum 2.0s are great for listening to music but probably shouldn't be used for music production.


I'd very much recommend not only researching the products you wanna buy, but also testing them out in a store if possible in order to find which headphones suits you the best. Cheers!

u/Nintendocore_ · 4 pointsr/Monstercat

Alright, so to make these you need

  • Beads, of course.

    I use Hama Beads, they're from Denmark and generally harder to find in the US, but the "standard" ones are Perler Beads. They're a bit smaller than Hama's. I haven't used these but the reviews are good, so you can use them too :D Hama has a bit more colors, but that shouldn't be a problem.

  • Pegboards. ^^kek

    These are the plates where you put your beads on to create a nice piece. A normal Pegboard is 29x29, so it can fit 841 beads on it. You can stick the plates together for making a larger piece (i.E. for the Ephixa one I used 3x3 plates, so I had a field of 87x87). These are for Perler and these for Hama.

  • Parchment paper

  • a clothing iron

    If you have all of that, you

  1. Look for something you wanna create/remake, there a plenty of pictures if you search for "xxx perler bead" on google, or you can look at /r/beadsprites for ideas. If there aren't any available you can convert a photo into a pixelated pattern with some websites or programs, I use this one.

  2. Create the image by placing the beads on the boards by hand.

  3. The usual method is to now put the parchment paper on the board and iron it, but this has many disadvantages with larger pieces, so I use this method. It's a lot more convenient and it protects your pegboards.

  4. When you either have it on the pegboard or now on your tape you put parchment paper over it and start to iron it, simply go in circles and take a look after a few seconds, the duration depends on the size of the piece you made.

  5. When you ironed it you put some heavy stuff, like books, on the piece to prevent it from wrapping when it cools down.

    Thats basically the progress, looks veeeery heavy but it's easy after you've made your first 1-2 pieces, so if you want to try it out the bitbird logo would be the perfect start, you only need 2 colors and 1 plate. I hope I didn't explain it bad, here are some useful links to help you :)

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

    E: If there are any language mistakes I apologize, as I stated I'm from Germany and explaining stuff is kinda hard sometimes lmao
u/Eddisern · 7 pointsr/Monstercat

Definitely thinking myself the hands in this video is Throttle's. Would be an amazing comeback for him, and I am sitting here with my jaw dropped - I have missed him so much and now maybe he is back!

EDIT: okay, so apparently it isn't Throttle because of this, but oh well - Didrick is cool to have too!

u/swordstoo · 1 pointr/Monstercat

They area pair of Sony's discontinued XB1000's, and you can get a pair of these monsters yourself! Amazon. Careful, they're considered "rare" in the U.S. because Sony stopped making them very quickly. You most likely have to buy them from China/Japan/Korea as that's where the only ones left are.

As of 2010 they are the worlds largest headphones, sporting a 70mm bass driver and 100mm cups the entire padding fits over the top and around your ears. Creating extremely deep bass and ow boy does it sound amazing. Just having these things around your neck allows you to feel the bass emitting from them.

Did I mention you can use them as a neck pillow? So comfy :3

u/Juankestein · 2 pointsr/Monstercat

I used a Lumix G3, AWESOME camera! (16mp)
Amazon link

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/Monstercat

Thanks for linking the amazon image.

June 10th, everybody! :D
also i was totally correct on the release date so yeah goml

EDIT: So apparently Catalyst from Project 46's EP WILL be on 013, instead of L'esprit Noir.

u/Bitsir · 1 pointr/Monstercat

Audioengine D1 $169

AudioQuest Dragonfly $130
I recommend the Dragonfly, it is the cheaper of the two because it doesn't have as much power output, but you don't need much since the m40x are easily driven.

u/Afellownoscoper · 1 pointr/Monstercat

I've been using a pair of Sennheiser HD 280s for 3 years now and I'm still very satisfied with them. The one thing I've noticed is they don't have very strong bass. Which is fine for me because it lets the rest of the song stand out instead of drowning in bass.

u/iamthelucky1 · 1 pointr/Monstercat

The image, if you don't already know, comes from the season 2 promotion of Game Of Thrones. Watch them all, but I hope you're not easily queasy or offended.

u/IAmPsychoWalrus · 1 pointr/Monstercat

It's Future Bass, confirmed. It's by Kasbo and it's called Kaleidoscope

u/Uno11011 · 31 pointsr/Monstercat

I bet it's the Pegboard Nerds & Excision collab.

Edit: Either that or a new genre color as everyone else is suggesting.

Edit 2: Yep it's a new genre color and the artist is confirmed. Hyped for Wenesday.

u/JaXXup · 1 pointr/Monstercat

Hm, the album listing has been leaked here here.
All the EPs have a track featured on 013, so you no matter what you buy, you will get an extra of it on the compilation.