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u/Hamilton_Meathouse · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I would advise a Bahco socket set over the Halfords offering. I have this one, much better quality in my opinion, less stuff you'll never use and 6 sided sockets rather than 12.

Buy some paraffin for chain cleaning- i use a garden spray bottle to apply and a rag to clean the chain off. I've tried toothbrushes but they only seem to move the shit around rather than removing it.
80w90 gear oil is good for lube, I also like the Wurth stuff.

Enjoy your 125 and best of luck with the DAS.

u/namtabmai · 1 pointr/MotoUK

Bare in mind I've only done the ERS and an evaluation ride for IAM, so maybe someone who has been on these courses can give a better answer, but...

A little above ERS, but below IAM/RoSPA.

ERS to me was like an extra after passing, Pass Plus style. I enjoyed it and learnt from it, but it did feel like hooning around the countryside with mate a times ( not saying that's a bad thing, but if you are paying for a course you might think so ).

The thing with ERS, is it's being done by police riders who you'd like to hope are expect to have some of the highest standard of riding.

Bike Safe, IAM and RoSPA all seem to have their grounding in "THE SYSTEM" ( say it like you are in a cold war thriller ). Which comes from the Police Rider's Handbook, which basically lays a ground work of how you should be riding when it comes to reading the road, hazards, etc ( IPSGA )

For me, at £45 it's worth a punt. I know it won't make my insurance cheaper (fucking Hastings Direct), but if I can come away with a little more knowledge then it's all good.

( updated link )

u/mittermayr · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I have three locks, and a tracker, and living here in the UK I know if they want to take it, they'll take it regardless. Do yourself a favour and get a cheap tracker at the very least. They are barely 40 quid, no monthly fees and will do the job just fine. If you have more money, get a subscription and they'll help you track the bike, but AT THE VERY VERY LEAST, invest those 40 pounds into a cheap one like this — make sure you get an O2 sim card (2g only!), top up with 10 quid, that's it. Haven't topped up since (bought well over a year ago). No installation, no connection to battery, nothing. You charge that thing at home, and just hide it underneath the seat. It's not a guarantee, but it'll be one more chance to get the bike back. Needs re-charging every once in a while, ti says 3 months, but mine is about one a month over night (you can also wire a USB cable 12V/5V buck converter to the ignition and it self-charges continuously when the bike is being operated). There are similar ones out there, but that's the one I was most happy with (no battery drain, no installation, small and very cheap).

Edit: plus, you can enable it (I have it on by default) to track your route (not metre by metre, unless you want to drain the battery), which I did on my recent trip to France and Spain. Tracked every stop, every major waypoint and cafe, and the online service it comes with costs nothing. Plus, I exported everything into Excel. I should make a video of this, it's that good.

u/tenkasen · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I totally agree with Chilton_squid about ear protection but if you're struggling for cash I'd recommend getting some of these to start with:

£3 for 20 pairs, and providing that you get them seated right they fit well enough to protect your ears until you find the earphones or plugs that you want.

I've no clue about bluetooth earphones, I'd love a set of ear-buds without the wire but all the wireless ones I've seen sofar have been massively expensive and the stick out of your ear too far (with the LiFePo battery and bluetooth gear on top of the driver) for using under a helmet.

I currently use a pair of SkullCandy Titans ( whilst riding, they're compact enough to fit under the helmet, they have a single button remote on the left earbud wire that can stop / start music on my android phone, and they deaden the wind noise enough for me also. They're fairly cheap but don't expect them to last more than 18 months.

u/Bassetts · 1 pointr/MotoUK

To be honest I bought it because it was the better looking one in the shop at the time. I quite like the fact I can lock my chain to my rear disc with it, though I am worried about how solid it actually is. My plan was always if it does break I will just go for a Abus one like my friend has, if not I will wait until I have some spare cash and upgrade then :)

u/King-bobby-b · 1 pointr/MotoUK

> Is there a particular crash bar or bung that is considered better than another? (I know this will vary from one bike to another but any recommendations?)

I tend to favour bars over bungs.

Reason being is that they tend to protrude more, they're a little more ugly depending on who you ask but who cares if it's all about safety and keeping the bills low?

> any recommendations for cleaning and maintenance products?

I like "muc-off", personally as far as cleaning goes. You just spray this stuff on, leave it 5 minutes and rinse off.

For cleaning your chain I recommend the good old toothbrush and some chain cleaner.

For chain lube, I think the general go-to is dry lube.

> I'd actually live to make a bike maintenance product and timescale recommendation superthread if that's allowed?

I'm not sure - but there is a motouk subreddit wiki.

u/deepburple · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

It would probably be cheaper to think about the tools you're going to definitely need and buy them individually as cheap as you can or in smaller sets.

90% of the tools i've used to do a lot of work on multiple bikes is with this £9 box of sockets and this £9 set of spanners.. The socket set has been amazing with its ratchet and spanner that clips into each other. So useful.

Also get a large torque wrench. I got this one which has been great:

All that is less than £40 and will cover almost everything the average person is going to do with a bike.

u/notmentat · 3 pointsr/MotoUK

I splashed out on a pair of moulded ear plugs and was really happy for about 18 months, after which they stopped fitting properly and started 'popping out' part way through a ride, thus deafening me. I now just buy a job lot of these which do the job perfectly for me, not to mention seem to fit my ear nicely, making them easy to insert.

u/MechanicalGambit · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I would advice you take some time to practice in a quiet car park, get as familiar as possible with the controls and how to control the bike at slow speed, make sure you are 100% confident
In the meantime make sure you know the highway code to a good level, this is a good book to read, look for youtube videos explaining good roadcraft, check out rnickeymouse's channel and learn the common reasons people crash on corners, treat every other driver as a complete idiot who is trying to kill you, stay relaxed, dont tense up especially not your arms and upper body, learn from your mistakes before your run out of luck and you should be fine

u/reelmonkey · 3 pointsr/MotoUK

I got this set for Christmas. So far they have been all I have needed. But I have not done anything big to my bike yet.

They have a lifetime guarantee.

Also handy to have from your local Aldi is a set of these.
They Re currently in stock. You might have to buy a 12mm spanner off eBay but it's a good starter set.

Also a breaker bar is a great idea. I got one from Halfords. Bit expensive but some of those bolts won't move with just a ratchet.

Also a torque wrench.

u/stray_r · 1 pointr/MotoUK

Plus Gas is vastly better than WD40 for dealing with rusted/siezed bolts. Try this before getting drastic.

Also, a ph1 screwdriver is likely a bit fine, those heads look like ph2 or ph3. Using the right screwdriver tip will help immensely. the screwdriver tip should fit tight into the screw head and not wobble.

u/xpurplexamyx · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

It's definitely worth pursuing.

I can totally recommend investing in a copy of the Police Riders Handbook (not the new edition, it's terrible and a waste of money), and also the Police Drivers Handbook.

They are dry as hell to read, but it is definitely possible to teach yourself at least the basics of the system and begin to apply it, without ever needing to pay quantities of money to IAM or Rospa. Then, once you're back in the black so to speak, you'll have a baseline to work from and a decent knowledge of what is expected.

Bikesafe actually threw in a goodiebag for us that contained an IAM book that gives you a good foundation.

Beyond that, Nick Ienatsch's book is a great read too for sportier riding.

u/stepdown · 1 pointr/MotoUK

I've also got an alarmed Abus on the rear, would definitely recommend. Only thing I'd say is might be worth checking it'll fit as mine's a pretty tight squeeze.

u/londonskater · 1 pointr/MotoUK

The MotoGP was great! Try Audiclean in the shower - far better than olive oil and all that. And grab one of these for the shower too:

u/MotoTrackr · 5 pointsr/MotoUK

I can't give a recommendation on a specific case, I don't have any experience with the OnePlus 3. but from personal experience I'd say you definitely want to go with a case that has a 'hard' plastic front, rather than something flimsy like this. What you might find is that in any amount of sun or sun/water combo can sometimes make it really hard to see through, because of the light reflecting from the different angles.

u/machesti · 1 pointr/MotoUK

They generally won't do it unless you've been using drops/oil for a few days to help soften it anyway, resulting in a return appointment.

Although the Dr recommended me one of these which I use instead and it works a treat.

u/GlockWan · 1 pointr/MotoUK

these ones are good, /u/chilton_squid saved me when I was stranded with a puncture using one of these. Would have been so much easier if I just kept one on me

u/EroThraX · 1 pointr/MotoUK

Very nice size has a couple of different connectors, can go straight on battery terminals etc.

u/fucknozzle · 4 pointsr/MotoUK

I know it's too late now, but I always carry one of these for those situations.

Well done on managing the clutchless ride though. When I was a skint student, I spent 4 months on a bike with no clutch cable. Fun times . . .!

You might also grab one of these, for obvious reasons. Driving on a flat isn't nearly as easy.

u/KJS123 · 5 pointsr/MotoUK

Get a hardwired alarm instead. Amazon do them for about £20. They're easily worth 100.

EDIT: I got this one last year and it hasn't let me down .

u/Jubeii · 3 pointsr/MotoUK

First of all, congratulations -- love it in red.

I had an Yamaha MT-125 until very recently, it's a brother bike to yours, so same dimensions basically.
I bought a JDC waterproof cover (not sure if Rain or Ultimate Rain though) -- very decent and sturdy, definitely waterproof and has holes either end to loop a chain/disk lock through.

I got a Givi phone mount, on the more expensive side, but definitely not flimsy, overall quality is what you pay for here. The only somewhat annoying thing to mention is that to get it absolutely waterproof, they include a kind of an additional sheath you have to slide over the holder when it's really pissing it down -- normally it'll probably be water-resistant. But hey ho, should have no issue carrying it around with you.

I used a pretty cheapy alarm from these guys, but on a lower sensitivity setting it does the job really well.

u/RyuKenTurbo · 4 pointsr/MotoUK

I dont know. But this...

... is #1 best seller in the category. Its cheaper and it goes up to 210Nm.

I dont know if thats good or bad because the lower range is also higher.

I really need to buy one too though so id like to see what more experienced people have to say

u/MisterGrip · 0 pointsr/MotoUK

Better one for the money, 6 sided sockets, flare wrenches, more 1/4" stuff. Bahco are used in industry a lot, basically bluepoint quality without the pricetag

Used to borrow a Halfords pro set before I bought my own but went bahco because the 12 sided sockets are just wank.

u/Stooby2 · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

Sorry for the delay - just got back home.

I've got the one in the link below and used it twice now. The CB650 got a big puncture and this sealed it perfectly. You can get extra cannisters on eBay. I got it cheaper than the price shown though. Any of that kind the job.

I've also got an Airhawk Pro tyre inflator as the little cannisters barely get any pressure into the tyre.

Gear Gremlin GG170 Tyre Repair Kit

u/_j3z · 1 pointr/MotoUK

It's my Sat Nav, not phone and I live in Gloucestershire, South West England.

u/po2gdHaeKaYk · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

Hey, I did have a look at the 12V compressors --- did you have any recommendations? Stop-n-go have a compressor kit but it's quite overpriced compared to the US prices...probably because it's imported from the US.

u/BigRedS · 1 pointr/MotoUK

Yeah, I've got one of these:

which looks identical to the one in that Stop and Go kit.

u/username_for_redit · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

Motorcycle roadcraft: the police rider's handbook

^ I think that book has all the answers.

u/Asoxus · 1 pointr/MotoUK

Get a spray bottle of muc-off and have at it. Leave it to soak in and spray off. Repeat if necessary.

u/otterdroppings · 1 pointr/MotoUK

This is the one I use: Im not a fan of C02 canisters. Cheaper versions of the kit have C02's.

u/110691 · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I have a Sealey one for the lower digits and a Silverline for the higher digits and found them both to be accurate and reliable and you can get them both for around £50 at the moment

u/itsmoirob · 1 pointr/MotoUK

This is the one I currently have

I should really look up on youtube how to use it in case something happens while I have no phone reception.

u/dylagnoise · 2 pointsr/MotoUK


Cheap, fit well and look cool.

YMMV but I wouldn't bother with getting custom made plugs, You helmet may pull you ear canal/ear holes out of shape which means you're ears aren't plugged fully! They're pretty expensive if you lose the fuckers an' all!

u/UnashamedAccompanist · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I have one of these

Pros: Very simple to install and use, just shove a SIM card in and ring it, it sends you a text with a google maps link with very precise location (and speed). It’s also insanely cheap compared to the competition!

Cons: Easy for a thief to locate and remove (you have to be sneaky and hide it), has a tendency to drain your battery so I would only get it if you’re a daily or near-daily rider.

u/polhemic · 1 pointr/MotoUK

I don't currently ride with earphones in, but I've currently got it on my projects-to-do list.

I'm planning on assembling some home-made custom moulded earplugs/headphones using some [cheap headphones] ( and proguard mold-your-own earplugs. You can see the instructions here.

Has anyone tried this? Do you get enough noise isolation ?

u/EndlessDelusion · 1 pointr/MotoUK

If you still don't trust the marking, they make chain alignment tools but you might have to temporarily remove the chain guard.

As said though, the swing arm markings will be fine though. Maybe use a metal ruler to make sure the adjuster blocks are equal distances from the end of the swing arm. There is a risk that you will in fact be less accurate with your method because you'll have to distort the tape measure and judge where the center of the bolts and nuts are.

u/Revantwut · 1 pointr/MotoUK

I bought one of these a few days ago, early days thus far but the missus touched my bike earlier today and she said it was so loud, all the neighbours came out to check wtf was going on.

I use that along side my current chain/disclock/anchor setup.

u/_legranderouge_ · 3 pointsr/MotoUK

TKSTAR Mini Waterproof Tracking Device with Powerful Magnet Long Standby GPS Tracker Locator for Kids Seniors Pets Cars PS110

This is what I use. Recommended by someone else here. Cheap and cheerful. Tracking is generally good. Gets a bit confused sometimes but I reckon I'd have no issues in case I needed to use it in anger.

Vibration alarm is pretty damn sensitive. Where I used to park on the street it got set off by passing lorries a few times.

Put £20 on a PAYG sim in October and haven't topped it up yet.

u/swedglish · 1 pointr/MotoUK

Is your bike covered? Get a strap so you can tie it down. Less surface area for wind to set off your alarm.

I had a Xena, that thing went off ALL THE DAMN TIME. I ended up taking the battery out.

I have one of these now:

False alarms are very infrequent. Chuffed!

u/addy8 · 5 pointsr/MotoUK

I'm using the Abus 8077 and from what I've seen it's one of the strongest disk locks on the market plus it has an alarm. The alarm isn't as loud the the Xena disk locks but I avoided those due to the excessive comments of false alarms, broken alarms and poor customer service from xena.

The abus lock feels seriously solid and it's the perfect size to fit under my seat (yamaha mt-07).

If you also want a high quality chain to carry with you that's not too heavy check out the Pragmasis 13 or 11mm chains.