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u/cpsmith58 · 5 pointsr/moto

You can get a used Concours 1000cc for 3k. Not a cool bike and won't keep up with your crotch rocket friends but has tons of storage and a great fairing.

Next step up is a Gen 1 Concours 1400, pre 2010. Try cycletrader and set a filter to concours and 2008-2010.

I tour a lot and I plan my routes well in advance. I use a program called TyreToTravel (google it) and create .gpx files and download them to my GPS, which does 'multipoint navigation', i.e it will follow a specific route, not just straightest/quickest between X and Y.

Also, I cut out atlas maps of states I will travel to and laminate them to fit in the map pouch of my tank bag. I face them front to back so both sides have info on them, if that makes sense. Phone as GPS is meh, better than nothing.

I also recommend having a cell phone battery charger, very handy. Can charge a cell phone 5x on a one charge of it.

u/huzzaboot · 2 pointsr/moto

Any IWB holster should work just fine.

I'd also consider a pouch w/ holster like this: