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u/TonyBagels · 22 pointsr/MovieDetails

I learned about the significance of the pin while reading "The Nazi Officer's Wife", a book about a Jewish woman in Austria who survived the Holocaust.

She had a friend who was an original Nazi Party member with the special pin who used her influence to help the woman escape Austria with a new, non-Jewish identity.

It's a really good book with a crazy story: https://www.amazon.com/dp/068817776X

u/rambopandabear · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

Would this be the one you mean? I'd like to read these, but yeah definitely don't want to try to hunt down individual issues, and prefer physical for my reading media. Thanks for the help!

u/MeltedGalaxy · 2 pointsr/MovieDetails

Richard Williams is amazing, he wrote the book on animation, literally. The animators survival kit is pretty much the go to for anyone who wants to lean how to animate. And I highly recommend it if you want to learn about how good animation is done.

u/itsgallus · 11 pointsr/MovieDetails

Haha, yeah I agree! In fact, Burtt and Lucas did go through each script and wrote actual lines for R2. Then Burtt crawled into a corner with his recorder and whimpered in the approriate tone for each line, then later combined it with a synth (something along those lines). I wouldn't be surprised if that was R2's actual line.

Source: This book, highly recommended.

u/dippitydoo2 · 2 pointsr/MovieDetails

And don't forget that Disney didn't acquire Pixar until 2006. They had a partnership for distribution but Pixar was well-established before being owned by them.

BTW, the origins and methodology of Pixar are fascinating, everyone should read Creativity Inc if they get a chance.

u/Black6x · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

It was like it's own series of 33 issues. You can buy the three volume set on Amazon.

Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3

Howeverm if you are not in a huge hurry, they are releasing it as a 2 volume set, and you can preorder the first one which comes out in May.

Getting the 2 volume one will save you a lot because it costs more for the 3 separately anyway, and somehow it's hard to find Volume 2 (of the 3 set), so the price is higher.

u/AerThreepwood · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

Truth. I got this for my birthday from my ex a couple years ago and it's one of my favorite things. If you haven't, check out August Derleth's stuff on the Cthulhu Mythos, as well.

u/rhuguenel · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

But there was a TV program that was 1-2 hours well that stemmed from this book. It may be what you’re talking about but I don’t remember this particular program being in the bonus features.

u/Pagedpuddle65 · 44 pointsr/MovieDetails

Yeah, it actually shows him doing exactly that except he uses an Albanian-English dictionary to look up each of the words, which was the same one I used when learning Albanian. https://www.amazon.com/Albanian-English-English-Albanian-Practical-Dictionary-Hippocrene/dp/0781804191

I obviously loved Taken way more than I should have because of these little details.

u/blacklab · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

Sure, I don't have a live link, but it was in this book I read in the early 90's: https://www.amazon.com/Arnold-Unauthorized-Biography-Wendy-Leigh/dp/0865532168

Looks like it's out of print.

u/Spider__Jerusalem · 5 pointsr/MovieDetails

No, but I'm familiar with the idea.

Another good one is Two Gentlemen of Lebowski.

u/thegreatestjose · 2 pointsr/MovieDetails

Are you referring to the House of M listed here on amazon? Is there more to the anthology or is this a good compilation of the storyline?

u/brogrammableben · 7 pointsr/MovieDetails

That book is definitely not about loving your neighbor. It’s about the Balkan wars. I highly recommend it though.


u/bretton-woods · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

Check out Disneywar by James B. Stewart which is about Eisner's rise and downfall at Disney.

u/MS-Dostoyevsky · 26 pointsr/MovieDetails

This book was a real eye opener for me, I got it for a Film class in college, but didn't read it till after I graduated. I'm not a filmmaker, but it helped me to understand what film is and the visual language it uses to tell stories:


u/TheHYPO · 20 pointsr/MovieDetails

He doesn't "talk shit" as in insult people or put people down, but he frequently "talks shit" as in makes up complete bullshit lies to explain explain things or rewrite history. It's not to insult people, but it feels to me to be a form of insecurity that he is unwilling or unable to admit that anything was a "mistake" or that he changed his mind ever.

A fantastic book about the history of the franchise that provides all sorts of citations demonstrates how Lucas's favourite phrase is "I always intended..." (as South Park famously parodied).

Star Wars was originally (or at least very early) conceived as a Flash Gordon serial of a dozen films - but like James Bond with completely independent stories set around the same characters/universe, with Lucas directing the first, and handing the reins to other directors for each subsequent film.

At some point it becomes more of a saga... then you get the trilogy... the prequels... the sequels... in the interviews preceding the mid-90s special edition VHS tapes he alleges to have always planned a 9-part story with 4-5-6 being the middle, and having plans for the stories for the other two trilogies. Later he claimed he never actually had anything planned for the sequel trilogy beyond a brief outline, and I think even later still he denied ever planning a sequel trilogy when he realized that he was going to make the series about the rise and fall of Vader (who was dead after ep.6) which would make a sequel trilogy out of place.

That's just one example. He claims to have always planned the stories as they were, even though it's clear that Vader wasn't written as Luke's father until a revised draft of Empire (Vader is more of a henchman to Tarkin than a central villain in Ep. 4 - he didn't become the menacing figurehead leader of the empire until Ep. 4) Various lines in Ep4 have to be twisted to fit the father narrative - most famously Obiwan's "true... from a certain point of view" line.