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u/8head · 2 pointsr/MrRobotARG

What I like about the DEFCON post is that it is about methodology and goes into detail about the thought process in solving it. Breaks the puzzle into the steps needed to solve.

Maybe that is too much work for something here, but it was a really fun to read and think about both the creator of the puzzle and the person hunting for a solution. Solving the mystery is the most interesting part and what you learn along they way.

Made me think of this book called

"The Pleasure of Finding Things Out" by Richard Feynman

Here is a timeline that was posted in r/mrrobot that someone put a lot of work into :

*also I think it is helpful for all who want to participate in the game to keep that master list of what was solved as a sticky at the top so as more people come in they have a better idea where to start.

**also also u/u_can_AMA is fantastic at organizing information. You should take a look at his/her posts or maybe enlist in your efforts

u/Im1Guy · 7 pointsr/MrRobotARG The title is similar to Colby's book. The suicide from season one was based on Budd Dwyer.

u/brandnew87 · 7 pointsr/MrRobotARG

Here's something I just tried. It's real dumb and I really doubt it's anything, but I'll document it here anyway.

I took out everything except the lines with the books:

102 "Pink Shirt Book"
66 "Ugly Red Book"
1 "Blue Book"
15 "Green Book"
19 "Tan Book"

Four of these books can be found in the "rainbow" list, the fifth one is referenced in the movie hackers, and that movie is where the "ugly" in ugly red book comes from as well. The Pink Shirt Book is The Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC.

So I added the ISBN(for the pink shirt book) or the document ID (for the rainbow books) to each line:

102 "Pink Shirt Book" 0914845462
66 "Ugly Red Book" NCSC-TG-011
1 "Blue Book" NCSC-TG-019
15 "Green Book" CSC-STD-002-85
19 "Tan Book" NCSC-TG-001

Then put all the numbers in one string ("1020914845462660111019150028519001"), and tried decoding it as base64, converting from hex, etc and got nothing. But when I removed the leading zero from the ISBN ("102914845462660111019150028519001"), it decodes from base 64 to


Which to me, kind of looks like a chess move. Maybe an opening move, as M8 is a starting pawn position. The Chinese characters apparently mean "language and culture" according to google translate.

That's all I've got.