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u/two__sheds · 8 pointsr/MyPeopleNeedMe

Adhesive bra, not strapless. If it was just strapless the whole thing would have come down, not a single boob. Probably something like this.

u/voice_in_the_woods · 3 pointsr/MyPeopleNeedMe

From the appearance of the weight of it falling it may have even been a silicone adhesive pad like this.

u/ExiledLife · 5 pointsr/MyPeopleNeedMe

I live in a studio apartment and it didn't have a washer so I boughy one after too many times not washing the dishes.

Here is the one I bought:

u/American_Shoebie · 5 pointsr/MyPeopleNeedMe

All of that to deliver the “Cookin’ with Coolio” book I ordered on prime