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u/JimmJardashian · 5 pointsr/NFA

Since you didn’t purchase through SilencerShop, disregard them and anything you did through them.

So you purchased your can and it’s at your dealer or on its way. When it arrives, get the Serial Number and use this Form 4 guide. It might help if you get your FFL/SOT’s info. If you don’t have it, fill out all the info you can on the Form 4 generator.

Filing as a trust? If you have have a Trust, make a copy. If not, I recommend purchasing one from National Gun Trusts. Familiarize yourself with it and get it notarized. Ask questions! Their customer service is very helpful. Make a copy of your notarized trust.

Get two passport photos. You can go to Walgreens. It might behoove you scan a copy on your computer for e-files/SilencerShop purchases and if you have a color printer, making your own copies. If you have other people in your Trust, two copies of their photos.

If filing as a trust, you’ll need to fill out the 5320.23 for yourself and anybody on the trust.

Fingerprints cards: two for you and two for each person on your trust. I recommend ordering some from here, for free. As well as an ink pad from here. The first link has a guide for completing the cards.

National Gun Trusts is my go to for completing any ATF forms and applications.

u/brownsemen · 7 pointsr/NFA

This is a bit big for a pistol suppressor, but it might give you some ideas.

Me and a friend spent quite a bit of time looking for off the shelf parts to use in a form 1 can and stumbled upon something quite remarkable. A 3/4 oz. jigger is an almost perfect fit in a NAPA 4003 fuel filter. Simply split it from the other end of the jigger, mount it in the chuck and bore a hole in the center. Then turn down a tube of 1.5" ID aluminum to fit inside and cut into sections for spacers. We have completed them and they have held up to 5.56 NATO and full power 300 Blackout without any problems. Oh, they work quite well too! Very quiet with subsonic 300 Blackout. I hope to make a DIY thread soon. This will have to do until I get some of the lathe pics.

Edit: Get can here

Get jiggers here

Split jiggers

Here's the jiggers after being separated.

Front and back of baffle and spacer.

Detail showing machining inside spacer to allow baffle to seat properly.

Two baffle stacks stacked.

First coat of paint! Here you can see we faced the end cap and knurled it. I also drilled two holes in the front of the cap so I could use a spanner wrench in case it gets stuck.

On one of the hosts. 300 Blackout pistol.

Tear down after a day at the range. Here you can see we milled the blast baffle to reduce weight. I hope to mill the spacers to further reduce weight. It is especially dirty because I used wire pulling gel on some subsonic ammo to see just how quiet it could get. Very impressive performance for the money spent.

u/default-gateway · 1 pointr/NFA

The only time I've gotten printed by LEO's was for some of my non-resident CCW's. Florida for example requires that the prints are taken by a LEO. The ATF don't give a shit. Like I said follow that link and the ATF will send you as many FP cards as you want for free. They even cover the shipping. Amazon has great ink pads, I'll link below. I can do 2 cards in about 10 min or so now and they come out better than when the LEO's do them. It's not rocket surgery.

I'm beginning to think it's getting too easy for me and I'll have a stamp collection in no time. I efiled a form 1 for a 22lr can I'm building and did my own prints this past saturday in the time it took me to go through 2 beers. Hopefully this one come back as fast as the last which was for an SBR, took 11 days from the day i sent my prints in to get the approval email. My credit card hates me now.

FP pad

u/Spys0ldier · 3 pointsr/NFA

I did my own prints recently for a form 1 and was approved. I bought this Lee Inkless FingerPrint Pad (S03027) It works well and you just need to practice on some blank paper before you do it on the actual cards. Make sure not to smudge and good luck!

u/tempmj · 2 pointsr/NFA

Thanks for the info! I’ll grab a pad (already got a stack of cards from ATF).

Do you think it’s worthwhile using a card holder like this if you are doing yourself? Identicator Fingerprint Cardholder

Would you suggest having someone assist rolling the prints? I’ve heard before that it comes out better if you are not pressing your own fingers on the card, but i assume with a few rest runs it’s easy enough solo?

u/RC-1207Sev · 4 pointsr/NFA

You should be able to buy all the rockset that Silencershop mentioned here or here. I used it on my AAC FH and brakes. Best of luck!

u/MachiavelliV · 3 pointsr/NFA

Throw a piece of high temp tape over the opening. It'll help quite a bit.

Like this:

Buy one of these too to make nice little ends:
I guess, since it's .22, you can probably start with some masking tape and see if that smokes eventually.

u/TwoWheeledTraveler · 2 pointsr/NFA

If you don't take out the booster assembly on a regular basis, a drop or two of rocksett on those threads will keep it from backing out on you. Also, when you tighten the can on to the host, be aware that on a LH threaded barrel like your SIG, you want to make sure you "snap" the can tight and then leave it, because if you sit there and bear down on the thing to tighten it more you're then applying torque that will loosen the threads between the booster assembly and the tube.

Since you're using a SIG factory barrel, the piston will index on the muzzle face, and not on the thread shoulder. You can run a small viton O-ring at the rear of the threads which will hold the can in place and keep it from un-threading. The thread spec on those barrels is designed for this purpose. IIRC an M1x12 will fit properly, like these:

u/heckofagator · 3 pointsr/NFA

Got this

And then of course the free cards from the ATF.

Practiced on another piece of paper a few times and then rolled out 2 cards.

My local PD will print them for $10 each but this is much more convenient and of course cost effective

u/Semper1371 · 3 pointsr/NFA

Not OP, but this is the one I ordered and I have been approved by ATF with prints sent using this ink. It’s small so you can only do one finger at a time so the last “all finger” boxes can be tricky if you’re slow as molasses.

Also order your FD258s from the ATF. Order a few dozen to practice with and ensure you’re getting something out of that $200 infringement tax stamp.

u/stimpdevelopment · 1 pointr/NFA

I used M35 grade cobalt steel. and . I don't know anything about drilling metal, so maybe carbide would have been better.

For the drill press, I used , which is a 10 inch .6 horse power drill press that goes down to 300 RPM. It was still underpowered at 300 RPM, so it got stuck sometimes. I worked around that.

For each cone I started at either 3/32 or 7/64 (I don't remember) and worked my way up, sometimes skipping one or two of the smaller drill bits.

I would recommend picking up a cone holder. I clamped the cone between two pieces of oak, which sort of worked. A correctly sized cone holder would have made it easier, though.

u/bcphotog · 1 pointr/NFA

I got this pack of 100 off Amazon Prime.

Size 013, 75A Durometer, 7/16" ID, 9/16" OD, 1/16" Width.

Using them in my Octane 45K, Omega 9K, and Osprey 45, perfect replacement for the o-ring in the retaining cap.

The reviews on that page have info on other sizes for other suppressors/uses.

u/Ansiremhunter · 2 pointsr/NFA

If your cheap you can just do one of these

works well.
I use it for taking off suppressor when its hot and storing it in there.
It would easily slip over your suppressor while in a case even while attached to your rifle

u/scul86 · 8 pointsr/NFA


Buy an 'inkless pad' and (optional) card holder on Amazon, get free cards directly from the ATF, and do your own cards quickly and cheaply.

source: done this for my last 4 approved stamps.

u/SBR_AK_is_best_AK · 16 pointsr/NFA

I posted these a while back, and have been using them for 5-6 months. Love it, I can do mag dumps with the AK, and hot can straight into the pouch and into my pack.

u/some_kid6 · 2 pointsr/NFA

I just did them myself for like 40 cents each.


u/brzcory · 1 pointr/NFA

It's $10 on amazon:

Or just wait till you put in a bigger order to save on shipping. I didn't find it locally anywhere, but check your LGS.

u/richalex2010 · 2 pointsr/NFA

This pad works well. Keep your fingers clean after printing and order spare cards though, I messed one or two up by forgetting that my fingers were still "inky" when I moved the card. The cards are free from ATF though, so order a bunch and keep them around for later stamps.

funded with the taxes you're paying anyways

u/gwhunter280 · 2 pointsr/NFA

It says viton and buna n in the title, so which one is it? They aren't the same thing. Here are the ones I got.

u/Socially8roken · 1 pointr/NFA

here. I got my D tube from SDTactical. I have this muzzle break. I went to AutoZone but they wanted $2 for just one and they had only one in store.

u/30ftFALL · 1 pointr/NFA

Spritz it. Water bottle.

I use one of these, too.

u/Murcielago311 · 1 pointr/NFA

I just bought this on recommendation from this sub. Haven't used it yet but it's a cheap option to try.

u/Brocko103 · 3 pointsr/NFA

I'm thinking about getting a pair of non marring pliers and throwing them in my range bag.

u/guzman_hemi · 5 pointsr/NFA

Eh for that price I’ll get a Plano case off amazon for $75 Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch (Previous Generation)

u/Ixliam · 3 pointsr/NFA is what I used. Add on for $6.98.
I did use the fingerprint card holder here which made a world of difference to keep it still and isolate each group.

u/Yumago · 5 pointsr/NFA

I bought one of these for each can. I take it off and put it inside the sleeve or keep it on my gun and just put it over the suppressor.

u/NFA_Throwaway_300blk · 4 pointsr/NFA

I have a chamber cooler that cools the suppressor surprisingly fast and so far it is all I have needed.

I also keep with me a dry HydroFlask. In case of emergency, I can throw the hydroflask over the suppressor that is still attached to my gun so I can get the gun back into my car without causing fires.

u/Klatchco · 4 pointsr/NFA

Use the Hi-Temp Rocksett but on Hybrids & Omegas use it sparingly & where the tube meets the KeyMo mount. The Serial # is midway up the tube. If the can has to be sent back for repairs and the tube is hermetically sealed to the body, that could cause problems (i.e., a baffle strike near the front of the can and Silencerco wants to cut off the front half & re-solder new baffle replacements would be tripped up b/c they can't remove the Serial # stamped tube from the body).

Edit: at the base of the suppressor, near where the tube meets the KeyMo mount. Gluing the sleeve to the mount would be silly.

u/ccosby · 2 pointsr/NFA

Seems almost wrong to post one without the star gate patches to go with it.


Anyway enjoy the gun. I will give two hints that can help others that want to try it.

First is you can buy the thin wrenches if you want. I have these.

Something like this should work as well.


As far as getting the stupid blind pin out. Most people are going to mess up the shroud anyway so if you are going to cut down the barrel just bandsaw it right behind the pin. I had brought my ps90 to tsc to do the engraving before I form 1'd it. Mike asked if he was doing the barrel work and said he had the stuff to thread it right. I told him to just sbr it and transfer it back to me, he walked over and just the shroud and had it apart in seconds. He then took measurements and cut it down and threaded it correctly for the p90 bilug flash hider I was going to use.