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u/JZA1 · 3 pointsr/NYCC

You’re going to want one of these instead of a tripod stool: MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair, Portable Compact for Outdoor Camp, Travel, Beach, Picnic, Festival, Hiking, Lightweight Backpacking (Bright Blue)

The back support makes a huge difference, plus this is actually lighter than my tripod stool.

u/EPICurism · 4 pointsr/NYCC

I got this one:

Comfortable enough, small enough (mostly fit in my backpack; I added a carabiner to keep it secure), and sturdy enough for ~270 lbs

u/forfeitreality · 1 pointr/NYCC

You know those small LED lights that are about 3-4" in diameter and turn on and off just by pushing on it? They sell them at housewares stores for a few dollars each. Maybe one of those will work? Like

Or you could use a group of the kinds of single LED lights that twist to turn on like . They come in different colors too if you're still looking for gauntlet lights (but may be too bulky for that purpose).

u/jessjess87 · 1 pointr/NYCC

I plan on bringing the same portfolio! Do you mind me asking how you plan to carry it around? I bought this to give it sort of a handle for carrying:


But now that I have it, it doesn't seem to have much wiggle room I worry once I put prints in it, it'll expand and no longer fit. Was wondering how you planned on carrying it around all day at the con. Thanks!

u/protogenxl · 1 pointr/NYCC

In my experience it depends on the rent-a-cop, for example I always have paramedic sheares in the webbing of my backpack and have done so for the last 4 years both at con and out of con. Until Sunday last year when I not only had to explain what a camelbak was, he wanted to check the scissors that actually had a little bit of dust on them. I could not stop myself from laughing in his face. I composed myself enough to say keep them and walked in......

u/Nitro-Nito · 2 pointsr/NYCC

A friend of mine was doing a Star Lord cosplay this year and picked up this jacket from Amazon. It's listed a couple times so you may be able to find better prices, but here's a link

u/Tap-Dat-Ash · 3 pointsr/NYCC

has a $1 off coupon and 1 day shipping if you have prime :)

u/melisslo · 2 pointsr/NYCC

I've only gone twice so far but from my experience it seems they start letting people in the queue hall around 8ish. My first year I showed up really early and got on that long line. I decided I never wanted to do that again so last year I made sure I got there a little after 8. When I arrived at the convention the line was making it's way in so I just walked in with the line. When I got inside and lined up for the show floor I was pretty much at the same point in the line I was the year before so getting there early or getting there at 8 really didn't make a difference. If I remember how the show floor line is set up I was in the third shoot towards the front, which really isn't a bad spot so 8 is a pretty good time to show up if you just want to walk in.

Obviously you still have to wait in the queue hall a little bit until the convention actually starts but I brought some chairs with me last year, which helped a lot. I used these ones. Total life saver. I have a bad ankle and the person who came with me has a bad knee so by the end of our first year we were hurting real bad. These made a heck of a difference. I honestly didn't care all that much about the wait the second time.